DREAMS 1st Series - THE PATH

** NOTE: I am no prophet, or self-proclaimed prophet. I am a seer and a scribe; a reporter. I am not a scholar, nothing special to deserve this gift but, I am doing my best with the help of others to discern the Message that the Lord seems to have in Them! Please if these offend you, go the other way, do not look back and dismiss them. If these have some Merit please use discernment and Go to the Word of Truth, our Bibles and Ask the Holy Spirit for Guidance in discerning the message. I do my best to not go ahead of God, as I understand the ramifications of being a Changer of His Word for Personal Gain. I also understand the ramifications if I were to Cause any of His Children to Stumble, I pray that I do not and I pray that the Lord God speak to you Himself through these!! Be careful not to curse each other but in all things LOVE each other. Most of ALL LOVE the Lord GOD Almighty with all of Your Heart, Soul, and Strength!

Love and Blessings…………Sparrowcloud9

This the first series of SparrowCloud9's Dreams which began in October 2012 and continued almost nightly through December 21st 2012.

This webpage contains Sparrow's short Biography and then Dreams I thru XXXIII in proper sequence.

The Dreams: A background Bio

November 21st of 2004, my heart stopped during a routine operation at the hospital. I am allergic to most anesthesia’s and pain medications so I opted to be awake during this procedure. I was talking with the staff, I was in severe pain and the last thing I heard was, “Erin hang in there just a couple more…. we’re losing her” then___________.

During this NDE, the Lord took me to the base of a mountain and told me that I was going to go through one of the darkest seasons in my life – and I did for seven years. 

After this first event, for some reason this heart issue began to worsen; sometimes I would pass out not knowing what was happening and wake up in strange positions on the floor or hunched over with my body flopped forward. During these episodes that were “non-registered events”, I would have visits to the Golden City. Doctors had no idea what was going on but, they diagnosed my condition as “Broken Heart Syndrome”. Essentially, when I would feel pain of any kind, emotional or physical, I would hear the sound of a locomotive going from one ear to the next, I would begin to sweat, my heart would slow to a stop…. and then I would visit Heaven. 

On Good Friday 2008, I died during a meeting at work in front of clients, an architect and my co-workers. In this NDE, A deer took me up some cliffs to show me my sword room in Heaven and an Angel of the Lord told me that I mattered to God. I can barely type this, because it was so vivid and now with everything I have seen of the Heavenly battles I am overwhelmed and so humbled by these swords. Shortly after this “registered event”, I received a diagnosis. I had an unusual heart Arrhythmia and had no choice but to get a pacemaker or risk death.

After these NDE's --I had others but, because they weren't “registered events” I have called them visions. During these, I saw Heaven. 

When I had surgery, I didn’t have the visits anymore. I went through a desert period where I didn’t hear from the Lord for two years. Then just a year ago, He began to speak again after I petitioned on my knees every day. I reminded Him of the promises He gave me and I wasn’t going to let up on Him until I He granted them. Well, I think I wore Him out…..I remember Him chuckling about this in one of my dreams. He finally began to work supernaturally in my life again! 

This is how the Lord grants me these dreams:

 When these first started a few months ago, I was hesitant. I would avoid them. This is why in the first few, they were not as detailed. I was not allowing the Holy Spirit to direct the dreams.

This is what I experience when I am granted more of Him: I have the dream at night. I wake up take communion, pray. When I sit to write the dream in my journal, He gives me an open vision of the dream so clear that I can turn 360 degrees, and then I write as I relive the dream. If I begin to write something different than the Holy Spirit is requesting, the vision goes immediately and I stop writing....going blank. Then I pray, stop, and He begins to download again. 

I was told that this is how scripture was given via the Holy Spirit centuries ago. I imagine this is how many others have experienced these events also throughout History. This is wonderful because I am given a 3-fold check to everything and the detail is so incredible and God inspired!!

3-Holy Spirit Writes or Witnesses
Me ---just a reporter.

I hope this explanation will shed light on the details of the dreams. As I experience these, I actually learn from the Lord as I go, in 3-D –live! The downside of the dreams is, I experience the dark events in 3-D –live! Every few months, I get a registered print-out of my Heart events from my pacemaker. They register like a seismograph. I have about 30 events per day on record. I am curious to see if the events I am experiencing in Heaven are registered in my pacemaker event log….

I will keep you posted except I am praying that we will be Home soon and I won’t need to get the event log!!

Love and Blessings………..Sparrow!

DREAM I - The Beginning...

A Word from Jesus Today

After severe trials over the last 6 weeks, heavy spiritual warfare unlike anything I had encountered in my walk, I was emptied. I started to get downloads of scriptures, - Psalm 91, Jeremiah 29:10-12, Psalm 29, and Finally Isaiah 54. I wrote these down but, did not review them until after I received this word. 

I simply said, "Help Jesus". This was HIS answer!

Jesus: "Child I recognize all that you are going through, I see it. There is nothing for you to do but, hold fast and wait on me! I am in this; there will be a breaking of the dawn!"
"These things have come against you and you have done nothing to bring these about." "I know you are upset and discouraged." “I fashion the tools that the Blacksmith uses. All these things and the events have a purpose! "

"Wait and pray, focus on Me, let Me carry You! Can the wounded in battle carry them selves to safety?" “I require nothing of you except your continued love and hope of Me." "Your watching brings so much joy to me! It makes me so happy to know that in all of the darkness here my watchers shine like beacons in the storm! Every watcher shines a light, like a lantern. If only more lamps were shining, but many have gone to sleep!" "I know the special hearts of those who look for Me! Those with special Hope, I will pour my blessing of Breakthrough Angels over all of you! There will be an outpouring of peace and a barrier that will keep you safe. There will be no more doubt. There will be nothing you can do at this point but wait and see what I will do!" "For I am about to do something in your days that you would not even imagine even if you were told!"
"Even the elect of the destroyer has declared that I am coming! I will not delay, but will come as promised in my own Perfect Timing. ""I will not allow the one who seeks to destroy my creation to dictate or mandate my timing! My word contains knowledge, the Holy Spirit will be your messenger and the destroyer cannot squelch Him!"
"Seek Me and you will be found by Me. Create time in the chaos to hear my still voice. When you quiet yourselves, I will roar with clarity!
"Further, do not be dismayed - I will not allow my precious bride to be stained! Take Heart!"
"Keep Watching for Me"!
"See what I am about to do"!
"You are my Joy!"
"My Spirit is Within You"
"I Love those who Love ME!"
"You are my children!"


I woke up this morning from a very clear dream. I believe this is a message but, it is for you to discern. This seemed very direct.

Dream begins...

I saw a ladder leading up to the sky. It was in a wheat field. I climbed the ladder; it seemed to go on forever. An angel helped me at the top by grabbing my arm. I was in a different landscape beautiful.
He then turned me around and showed me the five angels that He has appointed me. All five were kneeling before Him. Each one had a box in front of them. I asked Him what this meant.

BOX #1 - A large Unfaceted Beryl Stone about 12" long and 6" in diameter. He picked it up and He held it and within a blink of an eye He faceted the stone into a perfect Emerald. He said "this is what I have completed in your life and your quest for me!" I wept and thanked Him!

BOX #2 - He showed me a very large Heart - it was gold and Huge. He said, "This represents your heart and Mine together, My heart is within you". I thanked him and wept. I was overwhelmed.

BOX #3 - He showed me a satchel of pure gold. He said, "You are broke now, but you will receive the wealth of nations in eternity along with my other followers". I wept and thanked him again!

BOX #4 - There was a Dove with Glistening Gold and Silver wings - I recognized this from Psalm 68. He said, "This represents special gifts that I have for you to be uncovered here, when you are home"! Okay, this one made me a blubbering weeping baby. I could barely get thank you out of my mouth.

BOX #5 - There was a beautiful Jasmine Flower - the smell was so wonderful and the blossom was absolutely beautiful. He said, "Your fragrance is pleasing to me, I am proud of you, so very proud" I just cried.

Then He said, "this is your Jubilee Year, I declared it on your birthday." "All of your debts will be forgiven and I will bless you with Autumn Rains." "There is no dowry needed for the wedding ceremony". "I paid the price for you!" "I am coming". As I wept....He said, "Please remain joyful in your short time here. Seek me everyday, as in my word, I will be found by you. You are being prepared for your journey." "Take Heart"!

I asked Him, "Father, why can't I know the date of your coming?"

Then I heard very sternly but very lovingly...I was afraid that I had angered Him...He felt that and held me with love as He spoke. "This is out of love for you. If I were to tell you, you would be subject to severe persecution." He shook His head, "Too many would fall away, and you would stop living." He saw what could be, I could tell, "Your joy would be gone and you would come to me battered." Then He lifted me off of His lap and grabbed both of my arms on His lap and instructed me, "This is the way I have chosen." "This is best for the elect." "Continue watching Israel, be in my word". "Be Patient, I will not delay but will come at the appointed time." "You will read the signs and will be prompted by the Holy Spirit, the Messenger - it will be made clear at the appointed time"! "Further, do not be dismayed, Take Courage, I am coming for my Bride and will not Tarry".
He said, "I love you" "You will soon understand how much I love you dear ones"!!
He then waved the angels to escort me. Two going before me down the portal and three after me...then I woke up.


Dream begins...

Again, I was in a wheat field. There was a ladder going up to a portal. I was really excited this time because I was anticipating my visit with the Lord! This time the wheat field had changed. 

The wheat was cut and in rows, the stalks were gone and there was dirt everywhere. I saw workers loading the rolls of wheat onto trucks. I heard one say, "When does the burning begin?" the other said, "As soon as we get word and the wind dies down".
I began to climb the ladder. This time, I looked out; I saw a film of soot in the sky hovering over a small city....like a cloak...maybe smoke. Anyway, at the top of the portal two angels greeted me by name and smiled. They were beautiful. There I saw my Lord, Jesus again sitting with His arms stretched out as if He had been expecting me. I began to have tears in my eyes (I am crying as I type this). I realized again, that I was very small...like a toddler about 30" as I walked toward Him my legs were beginning to give out like I was just learning to walk and lost my balance. I began to weep! 

He gathered me up in His muscular arms... He laughed when I went to grab His muscles to see if He was strong!! He was! He held me and I cried... I said, "Hayah (pronounced I-yah) when, Hayay"? (I have no idea why I called Him this, or what this is from, it was either Father or Jesus) 

This is what HE said: "Remember what I told you before?" "Continue to watch" (pause) "Signs are in place this is the close of the Harvest"! He sensed that I wanted to urgently do something to get more people to be saved, He read my thoughts. "There is nothing more to do child". (pause) "Now Live!" He said "Be in Fellowship with each other! Be in Joy and Laughter! Become contagious in love!

Then He asked me a question:
"If you knew which day I was to come, and you knew that the Harvest was over, the wheat would be winnowed and prepared to make bread, (pause) the wine would finally be in blossom to drink, (pause) then If you knew all things were ready and in place for the celebration and the only thing that was required of you was to be willing to partake (pause) how would you spend the time?" (whoa)

I said, "I guess I would relax and look forward in anticipation to the big event". He smiled and nodded approvingly "Yes, that is right", He said.

Then He continued with Instructions...sternly reminding me that it was all under His control! "Spend time in Worship, Praise, and Love!" "Spend time in Fellowship!" "Love your neighbors!" "Love those who hate you for my sake"! "This way when the day comes, you will enjoy it with peace knowing that I am the Groom, My Father has sent me to come for my Bride! The wedding will take place and is on Schedule!"

Then, HE took my arms in front of Him again, and said, "Heaven is Ready"! "My Father has prepared all of the festivities and you are to take nothing for the journey, I require no dowry, remember?" "Just your hearts that I have prepared in advance for this Day"!

I cried...wept forever it seemed, while He held me. I watched for details, all was the same as I remember Him! I didn't want to leave.

He waived, to my angel escorts, He gave me a big long hug and told me He love us!

As I was leaving again, I looked back, He said, "Watch Israel and Pray for Israel". "I have something for you in Psalm 29 and Isaiah 54---look for it"!! I waived.

Just as I was being helped down the ladder again, it was if I went through the portal and immediately woke up out of my sleep!!


Dream begins...

Again, the harvested wheat field, the ladder, the angels at the top all the same as before. Jesus was there again - almost giddy to see me, what? I was limping in pain and crying. He picked me up (again I am about 30" tall) and he put me on His lap! He seemed different, like He wasn't as burden as He seemed to be before. He said, "What's wrong?" Like He didn't know. I said, "Lord, you know what has been happening, can't you remove it?" then I whined, "You have showed me these gifts that You promised, sent angels and you have told me that You have granted me victory, yet I am still being attacked. 

Lord, show me how to receive so I may live in victory and blessing until you return for us".
He then showed me a large boulder, I could see through the boulder into the soil where there was a seed was planted under it. The only way the sprout could come-up to the light was to go around the boulder to push through and receive life or light and grow.
So I said, "So if I'm understanding the obstacle is the problem that is keeping me from living in this light"? Yes??? His answer, "Yes"!
"So, I ask, how can a weak sprout move the boulder on my own?" He says, "You can't silly!" "I can"!
Me: "So I ask you to remove it in Jesus name, since you are Jesus and everything"! He started busting up laughing and we both laughed until I cried. Then He became serious, "Give me the rock, I will remove it!" He physically gave me the boulder (now very small) and I handed it to Him. He threw it over His right shoulder and said, "Done!" "Erin, do you believe that I threw it?" “Yes, Lord I saw you throw it"! Then He looked at me with those beautiful jasper blue crystal eyes and I could see myself in His eyes and a cloud being lifted off of me, like a veil. He knew I could see it. I told Him I loved Him! He then told me, "Believe that You have Received!"
Me: "Lord I don't feel worthy, I am not perfect, I still sin"! He then looked right at me and said, "Erin name one perfect earthly being, just one, can you?"
Me: I was thinking really hard… there were some I thought pretty close, and then He stopped my processing and said "You won't find one, stop!"
OOPS! He could also tell I was about to ask Him again how long until He comes for us....immediately He grabbed my hands with instruction.
His Word: "Find Joy and Laughter be at peace knowing I will be there soon!"
"You are my lambs; you are being called in from your pastures by the Shepherd"! "It is time to come into the fold." "Come to me those who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest." "The devour-er will not remove any of you - will I not leave to find even one lost sheep and gather that lamb to me?" "I will not rest until my word is fulfilled!" "Allow me to carry you"! "Though 10,000 may fall at your side, I will protect all of you!" "Your children I will protect!" "My only command for my sheep is to love one another, be at peace with one another, and know how much the Shepherd loves His Sheep!"
"Together comfort each other, encourage, out of love for me, do not fight amongst yourselves, do not quarrel over foolishness, no pointing of fingers, but in all things forgive as I have forgiven you ---Forgive!"
"Again, the prophecies are being fulfilled quickly!" "My word is my word!" "I do not tarry but, will come at the appointed time, there are no delays!"
Finally, He seemed to change and His words became softer, as He knew I was suddenly worried I upset Him.
He continued: "Find Joy, while it may be found here on this earth. Spread love in my name; help others, so when you are all gone you will be missed!" He kind of chuckled as if He knew we would be.
He began to set me on the ground to send me off. He said one final word: "Your witness is the letter I have written on your hearts. Keep your Lanterns Burning - Do not let the flames go out! - Ready your house!" "I see all things and my Angels are on duty at all times!" "there is nothing hidden - all is exposed." "There is nothing more for you to do - just what I require of you until I come soon." "Love through forgiveness!"" Love in All things!"


Dream begins...

Today, no ladder, I was up at Jesus' feet. I was crying, interceding for the lost, begging! I thanked Him for everything that I have been through. I thanked Him for my afflictions, yes my afflictions...I was opened and raw.
I said, "Lord I am afraid"!
He said, "Don't Be"
I said, "Lord, I don't have understanding. I seek to know your business, so that I might have peace."
He said, "There is no peace in my business for you or anyone of the Lord's children" "Be assured that My Father knows all things!” He sent me with the keys to release those who are imprisoned and ensnared on this earth!" "If His word is not enough, and the signs are not enough, and the prophecies being fulfilled is not enough for those who are faithful, then what good would it do to expose the Father's business at this time?" "What good would it do if you were to know? To Ready you’re House? By Faith You were Redeemed! By My Blood Covenant you were made complete!" "Your paths have been made straight and your price has been paid - REJOICE! Then, do good until that day when truth is revealed! What a joyful day this will be!" "Know that your Groom is coming for His Bride. I will say it again!"

He seemed so serious and direct, I was in tears, afraid shaking and humbled, as the vast army of Angels was all around us. He then changed and realized that I needed comfort and reassurance! His eyes changed, He looked like there were tears in His Eyes.

He said, "One day the veil will be lifted off of my bride's eyes and you will see it. You will have knowledge of things that were hidden for your own protection." Pause "Do you as a parent reveal everything to your young children? Of course not, for they have not the full capacity to receive understanding! They drink Milk!" "Are you not glad the veil is there?"
I answered, "Yes Lord, I could not sit on His Seat and see all"!
He said, "Then be thankful!"
"Pray for His will to be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! Pray for His love, Israel! For this is perfection and love coming down NOW!"
"It is time for the storehouses of snow to be opened and the time of mourning to begin!" "My wish and my prayer and hope are that you find joy! Continue to love and laugh, encourage each other"! "Be Blessed!"
Me: "Aiyah, I am sorry if I have troubled You, we just need to have assurance that You are coming for us!"
He smiles and laughs, "Oh, I am coming! We are coming to the Valley of Decision! The Valleys of Achor, Bacca and Beracah and the Mountains will be laid Low!" "When you see these things, do not be afraid, take peace that we are here, my legions of Angels are coming to the Valley of Decision! Like Rain - Everyone will see it!" "I will ride on the clouds and come for my Bride. Everything from this point is Child's play, rehearsal for the big event"
Me: "Aiyah, is this to mean You are coming in Winter"?
He seemed bothered by my question and lack of understanding!
"Please have peace, take courage, be strong! Go to the word and read about all of the others who throughout History faced uncertainty, destruction, and death for the Father! Understand their road. Did they not endure out of Faith for the Father and the Son?"
"After affliction, Joy comes in the morning!" "For did I not say to the thief, 'today you will be with Me in Paradise?'" "So it will be with you"!
Me: "Lord, I am scared, I fear this day is very soon" He nodded in agreement.
"My Father will send a wave of peace over His Children -People will look and be amazed". "The lost will have understanding but, when it is too late." "The anger of the fallen will be amplified and revealed. People will not even see it. Their veil of darkness will hide truth. The Children of God held the truth and the light. The world will be void of truth. Truth will be gone. The Church will be gone!"
"You are my lanterns, you Watchers, you make the hearts of Heaven Glad! You give Joy to my heart! Oh, how I long to vindicate You! Oh how I long to be with You! You are My Love!"
"Nothing, not one worry, not one concern has the Father not known. He knows everything - He designed You!" "His spirit is in you!" "My heart is in your Heart".
"All of Heaven is complete and ready to receive the Bride"! "There will be festivities. There will be wedding gifts that the Father has prepared for each and every one of you!
"There are even special gifts for those who have been faithful in Watching and Waiting in Anticipation for this day!" "There will be so many caught off guard, but you who have eyes to see and ears to hear, who foretold, and fore sought my coming, who took ridicule for my sake will hold a special place!" “A special recompense will come straight from the Father"! "Just as those what are persecuted for my sake will hold special honor, and my elect will hold special honor, so will those who anticipate my coming hold special honor. All will see it!"
"All will be fair"! "All will be perfect"!
Me: "Lord, I am so excited. I am so tired, worn, my bones ache, my youth is fading, my heart....."
He stopped me,” I know"! "I love you"
I said, "Lord, can I bargain for the lost, for my mom?" "From what I see around me, You are coming....NOW! I'm afraid!"
"I have given you the keys of knowledge to unlock the doors of understanding. Read and find comfort there! Above all else, get Wisdom! What you ask for in My name, until my coming, You will be given!"
"We are in the final hours!" "We ready ourselves for the Final Command of the Father who sits on the Throne, The Creator of ALL Things, even the blacksmith!" "None of us knows the exact moment"!
(He grabbed my arms in front of me again and looked right at me)
His instructions:
"Read through your dreams and others, look at the speed and the elements, the quickness, the unfolding of the word!" "From this you can gauge, as we have, and the fallen have!" "Because of this late hour, the enemy has come out in full force to dishearten all"! "Even some of God's children will be deceived, as if this were possible"!
"Finally, ready yourselves, prepare your spiritual armor, the Word is Clear"!
"Cover your household, mark your threshold!"
"You have been redeemed!" "Not one lamb will be lost!" "The word will have new meaning! It will be fully illuminated with Greater understanding!"
"Scholars will say,’ why didn't I see that before, it is right there?" Yet the smallest of children will see it!
"I love you my bride!"
He hugged me and said, "Soon"!!


Dream begins...

There was the ladder, the atmosphere was freezing fog and frozen ground. Harvest was over. Circle of light illuminated the ground at the base of the ladder. Again two angels at the top, smaller than the ones from the last visit. Beautiful! I was told again, "The Lord is on the Bema seat today"! I saw Him in a distance and I ran - full sprint toward Him! His wings were still there but they were more spread out than before - -surreal. His hair shone like light gold - it was longer.

I cried out to Him. "Aiyah I am afraid for what is coming"! I cried like a little child. "Lord, stay here I don't want anything to happen to you - You are my Father, Stay here with me!" I pleaded. He smiled and chuckled and held me. "You know I must come"! "Nothing will happen to me"! "I know now how much you love me and it warms my heart'! I looked around and noticed that almost 1/3 of the army and the seven angels were gone - some of the unusual angels were gone too.
He could see I was searching. He said, "They have gone to war."

Me: "Lord, I thought the war had already begun?" I felt it!

He said: "Yes, you are correct, but now Heaven is coming down, the Lord of hosts is coming down!" "This next portion must occur first, and then I come along with the rest!" "The rest assist in bringing home the children of the Lord" "All is unfolding now!" "It will be a normal day for many, business as usual!" "For many it will be horrible. Yet, for my bride -Glorious!" Pause "Remember Israel!"

ME: "What of America - My Home?" "America isn't spoken of in the Word."

He said, "Oh yes, it is there!" "When the word was written did you think certain nations and continents would be ignored?" "Of course not!" "It is there in plain sight!" "The world is rebellious, as is this generation!" "This land was the Father's originally." "It was rededicated as a nation under my Father!" "It was, is still, and always will be HIS land"! (Then He changed and begun to speak in first person - as if He and God Where the same - I was then, shaking) "Israel is my special property, my house and my yard - in your terms!' "It has been robbed from my people that were my special possession!!" "It has shrunk, and the rebels are desecrating the Holy Grounds of the Lord because the land has been portioned out!" "The covenant was broken, and my land, the Father's land, was divided out of fairness to rebels and out of false peace!"
"The Father requested that the nation of America be His also, as it was created to protect and defend my land and the Jew!" "For a period, I had made England, a tiny nation very great, very powerful, but it too compromised." "I took the power from it"! "The Father removed Favor from the land and the land shrunk!" "This election, has forced my own children to compromise on either side!" "There is NO right way"! "Have the candidates not been pre-selected for a time as this??"

Me: "Aiyah, what is anyone to do then?"

He said, "Do what you must according to what you have decided and believe!" "It matters not in the great scheme!" "All is in place" "All elections have been decided"! "Does my Father not know all things in advance?" "Does HE not know "This or That" for His own purposes?"

Me: "Aiyah, you seem so different now; I pray I have not angered you by my ignorance and fear?"

He said...with comforting eyes and voice, "No, your questions are on the hearts of the multitudes!" "Take courage" "Remember that the Father is in compete control"! "There will be arguments amongst the brethren and further divisions as America is portioned out!” "Like Israel was portioned out." "Was this not foretold in the word?" "The world will look in horror at this once great nation!" "As once was its Mother Land, who originally gave birth to it!" "Watch Israel in the midst of the storm!" "The prophecies are being fulfilled, pray for her and you will be blessed!" "Pray for families, ready and equip your own households - the hour is nigh!" "Further, Do not be afraid, Take courage"! "In Joshua, is it not repeated by the Father, over and over because others in history have faced the same matters?" "Remember, you were all appointed for this special time!" "Pray and encourage on another!" "Shine like lights!" "Allow me to carry you"! "Do not be afraid you will not suffer shame!" "Do not be dismayed, you who are afflicted, I use others to show kindness to you" "I still continue to search and call to those I can give tender mercies to, even in this late hour!" "Those who chose not to help my afflicted children will be wiped from memory! Those who choose to show kindness, even the smallest portion, I will cover them during the storms!" "Lastly, lines have been drawn." "In the midst of this storm, cry out to me, I will answer in ways you never thought possible! Miraculous ways!" "You will not suffer harm!" "All of you take cover under my Wings!" "Pray and do not cease!" "These prayers are more important than you know!! "I love you!" "I love all of you!!

Me: "I love you too!" ...crying... the angel led me to the portal. The angel then said, these words, "Meditate on these for understanding in this time, there are many more, but these will be special: Joel, Hosea, Zechariah, Psalm 83, Psalm 45, Psalm 78, Psalm 34, Psalm 23. Re read Psalm 45 twice, and find joy! Love is coming down!"


Dream begins... 

Frozen Ground - Stripped - bare dirt. Five angels were at the base of the ladder forming a circle around the ladder. They helped me up the ladder. One climbing before me and one climbing behind. Two helped me up at the top!! I ran again to Him (again I am 30" high). Instead of bowing before Him I leaped up into Hi embrace. His hair was white, silky and wavy.

I cried to Him! 
Me: "Aiyah, what if people think I am crazy?" "What if this isn't you but some elaborate enemy scheme??" 

He gave me a big Hug! I noticed while I was looking over His shoulder those same beautiful wings. "Erin, look around you, LOOK!" My eyes saw vast armies of angels - as I scanned them in 360 degree mode, they waved at me and I waved at them! He said, "Not even the AC can be here and with His hoards like this, in a setting like this! You wouldn't be left alone with no discernment and you having God within you....evil is patient but, not like this." "His time is short, he'll use it were it counts most."

me: "Aiyah, why were there angels at the foot of the ladder today?"

HIM: " To protect your access!"

me: "What is happening?"

HIM: Then He began to speak in a beautiful harmonic voice, yet with heaviness "The multitudes have gathered in the Valley of Decision"! "Do you not know?"

me: "I think so?"

HIM: "My mightiest have gone to prepare for the day"

me: Scared and Sad I said, "Oh Aiyah.................!" I had no words to say.

HIM: "I prepared you!" "Did I not equip you?" "Did I not send Angels to help you?"
In this moment, I realized that the angels He sent were serving a different purpose than I thought....No necessarily to pour out gifts but instead, to protect!

Me: "Lord you are deepening my understanding of everything, it all makes more sense!!

HIM: "Yes, the veil is becoming more transparent."

I began to have thoughts of what people might think of my sharing dreams from this time with Him? What if I lose my children? He knew what I was thinking....

HIM: "Don't worry bout this now!" "People scoff, even the brethren, my special children are envious and divisive, it wears me out!" (GET THIS) "It is like you last night, when you were angry with your son for being so demanding!" "So, I get like this too!" (Yikes)

me: "Lord forgive my anger!" "I repent!"

HIM: He smiled and nodded! "I accept!" (We both laughed) "Even my bride can treat me as if I can be summoned - like I am a Genie in a Bottle!" He laughed. I paused and then laughed.

me: "Aiyah, I have done this to You!" "I do this all of the time, like everyday!"

Him: "Yes, (pause with laughter) I know!" "What is difficult for me is, by Faith my bride, asks in my name!" "Yet, from the Will, the Perfect Will of the Father, I do not always get what I ask for!" "Because my Father grants me understanding, then I submit to His Will! (Then, still kind of laughing but teaching), "Erin, do you know how many tables I have wanted to Flip over?" I laughed so Hard and He laughed too!

Him: "My Father has me, His Son, now to intercede". "I listen, I obey, I petition, I wait, I cry, I mourn, I anticipate!" "I do this with special patience...the patience that comes with peace, which surpasses your understanding." Further: "Know that I too, have felt just as you have." "And know that I hear but, I wait on my Father's will in the situation." "He does not waiver, nor is He weak!" "He is no longer the Father that once came down and walked with Adam and Eve nor who dwelt in the ARK amongst the Israelites!" "He has me now!" "I carry out His business and command the angels concerning Him!" "He is no longer the Father that once turned immediately in mercy on the humbling pleas of grain offerings!" "He no longer turns!" "He sees!" "He is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow but now, He sits on the throne in Majesty!" "He is not unfeeling!" "He loves His creation!" "He is not deaf to their cries!" But what kind of Father would we want Him to be; Wavering, Changing, out of Control?" "Everyone's prayers answered, here or there?" "Totally conflicting the prophecies written more than several thousand years ago?" "How confused and scared we would all be!"

Then, He chuckled and pointed also to Himself! I laughed. He was so sweet and it was a teaching moment that I will hold dear to my heart!

HIM: "Very soon, people will be angry and curse all of us collectively!" "It grieves Me when I think of it!" "If all the people knew how much my Father loves, then all would have understanding except those who were born for evil from the beginning!" (Then HE gets serious) "There are times coming!" "Times are coming!" "Love is coming in Full sight!"

me: "How, Aiyah!"

HIM: "Do you trust me?"

me: "Of course!"

HIM: "Do you see signs?"

me: "Yes!"

HIM: "Do you not know the Hour?"

me: I looked around...."Yes!"

HIM: "Then trust!" "There will be a time soon when there will be no access to each other!" "Bridges will have fallen!" "Remember to pray in advance!" "Hear and wait for instructions!" "Turn your ears!" "Ask in my name for understanding!"
(sternly) "Carry the word with you - keep it on your heart!" "It will be the life line with the Holy Spirit in the storm!"
(He could tell I was struggling to understand) "Things will make perfect sense to so many, yet even amongst the Brethren it will seem like a puzzle, but soon the Word will illuminate like never before!"

me: "Aiyah, come soon, we are tired!"

HIM: "I know, but again, have faith, take courage! Soon, Very Soon!

me: "Like before the end of the year or month?"

HIM: "Not even I know, but look around, compare from your last visit and the time before that!" "Read the Word!" "Watch Israel!" "Is there not a gauge?" "I love you, Take heart, Pray, Ready yourselves!" "Love has come down to the valleys!" "The mountains will shake at the coming!" (He hugged me and began to send me off!) "I love you!"

me: "No...I love you!" I made Him Laugh!

The angel escorting me said, "Words for you to put upon your heart until He sees you again, Psalm 91, Psalm 33, Isaiah 65-66,Psalm 46!"

I waived good bye! (oh, He will see me again...for a visit?) I woke up! Wrote it down quickly then off to work!


Five angels at the foot of the ladder in a circle. 

Everything was pitch black...in night time hours it must have been about 3:30 am - the sky had no stars. There was a complete circle of light just around the angels at the base of the ladder. They were united together in praise and prayers! It was strange because it was pitch black - cold and bitter! No snow. One angel went up ahead of me and one was closely behind! Three stayed at the base and they had large swords! The portal opened and closed quickly!!The same two angels were at the top to help me up! The angel that climbed with me stayed with the other at the portal. 
The angel said, "The Lord is on the Bema Seat today!"

me: "Aiyah!" I ran to Him again! This time, His hair was white as snow with diamond dust woven into it, like nothing I have ever seen.. .spun silk, intricate. He picked me up and Hugged me! It was the most amazing sight! I reached out to touch His hair, it was fine a soft, it felt like velvet and it was illuminated! His wings were partially spread as He sat! They were shimmering white, Bonze, Platinum, Silver, some light bluish tint and crushed diamond shimmer!!

me: "Oh Aiyah, You are so Beautiful!!" "To behold You is Breathtaking!" "You are like no painting I have ever seen!" When the Bible says "Behold Your Glory & Your Majesty it doesn't really describe it!" He smiled at me, His teeth were beautiful white, like pearl and Ivory! He was Glorious!

When He held me this time, it wasn't like the other times. I could barely contain it! A blanket or cocoon of pure radiant love covered me! I instantly felt different! Every stain in me and on me was suddenly washed away---like pure snow -- fresh snow! I was seeing what He saw in me and I realized that all of us were made for so much more than this dreary world!! All cares were gone with HIM!! How could anyone think that this was boring?? There is more!! I was in shock! I grabbed my arm and pinched it and I rubbed my eyes to make certain I wasn't delusional! I felt this time, I had come too far, like I wasn' coming back this time!! Or should I say.....I didn't want to!! He knew all of my thoughts!

HIM: "It's not time for You, Erin!" He knew that I was enjoying this Heavenly State - then, I was instantly reminded of my children and the reality was, this was a temporary visit... a respite from this dark world! I supernaturally knew... this is where I belonged! I soaked here for a time! I cried too! He held me the whole time!

me: "My kids need to have this too!"

HIM: "They will, do not worry!"

me: "Lord, are you taking flight, Your wings are spreading?"

He smiled and chuckled (here I go fishing for information) like I knew I wasn't going to get the answer! He just smiled - this time no answer. I began to look around me - this Vast Army of Heaven! They were closer to us but there was still bare ground where the rest of the army once stood.

me: "Are the others coming back?"

HIM: "Yes!" "No angels will take their place, they are appointed and special."

I noticed that there were things fluttering in the air all around us, like butterflies and fireflies were together! They were beautiful! He saw that I was fascinated by these.

HIM: "There are so many things waiting here for all of my children to partake in." "I have prepared a place for my Children!" "His throne is Here." "This is where you all belong! The fallen don't want anyone to know of the Glory that awaits them, the children of God!" "They are angry and jealous because the Father is a fair and Just Judge!" "He does not reverse His decision and it can not be revoked!" "They want access to the GLory Realm!" "There is a battle raging like none other before it and My Return is Imminent!" "Further remember, be strong, take courage, I am about to come into full GLORY!"

(NOW --this is incredible, I will lose some of you here, just keep reading!)

He opened a veil with the swing of His Arm and I looked down toward the Earth. I saw something frightening - like droves of crows - but He gave me a closer look and they were like human but swift and terrible with wings! I saw a red dragon and a black dragon - both terrible and very large. I saw other things - I saw a grey landscape and no green! The green was disappearing not from the seasons. No Lights anywhere! I quickly turned away with fright toward His shoulder. I was shaking. These beings were screeching & growling!

me: "I don't want to go there"!

HIM: "It is there all around you on Earth"! Then He immediately waived His arm and I no longer saw them - they were no visible"!

HIM: "I keep these from you, or all would turn and be saved, and even the ones with corruption in their hearts would begin to corrupt Heaven!" "The two cannot dwell together HERE"! "The Darkness & Light must remain seperate!" "The Father has mercy but, not for these!"

I was suddenly relieved! I was scared!

HIM: "Your prayers come up! When they come up they break the darkness!" "They are beacons of light!" "When you read the word and pray for understanding this brings light!" "Did I not say this?" "Did the Father promise that His Word would not return Void?" "The Word is like a Sword!" "The Holy Spirit is Your Guide, it is God within you"! "When the word is spoken, especially in My Name, the Sword cuts like a knife and these dark beings are cut down swiftly - like a Swift horrifying Sword for the darkness!"

me: "I didn't know this was literal Aiyah"! 

He smiled."Of course, only a few have understanding about this"! "Darkness cloaks truth!" He smiled again, "Now you have understanding!"

me: "So these really are weapons, (referring to prayers & the Word)?

HIM: He laughed and said, "Yes!" "Your armour is important!" "Did Paul have no understanding?"

me: "I guess I just didn't understand!"

HIM: "There is more!" "For now, remember this!" "Pray for each other and love each other!" "Gain understanding, ask for Wisdom!" "You have been given a glimmer of what we see!" "Share this with My Watchmen, they need to know too!! Some do already, it will sharpen their knowledge and trigger memories and illuminate truth!" "Bask in Truth!" "Cut down the Armies and forces of Darkness! Make a way were there seems to be no way!" "Beautiful are the feet who bring good news!" He chuckled because I must have looked confused."Put on that Armour!" "I love You"! " I have equipped you!"

me: "I love you too, Aiyah!"

Then, the angel escorted me back! I woke up immediately to the alarm clock!


Dream begins...

I was in a very dark barren landscape. I heard an angel say, "Today you are at Golgotha."I looked around; I was in a scene at the foot of the Cross! I was at the Crucifixion and as near as Mary! 
It was even worse that the Passion Movie Visually! Jesus had died. It was right after His spirit had left! Everything was in grey screen with only the only color being Jesus' blood! At the cross, everything was frozen in time - an Angel of the Lord came over to me and offered me communion, bread and wine..... Whatttt? Right now??? I was sick and didn't feel like eating or drinking to say the least!! The angel was robed with a hood as is if in mourning - He pushed the elements toward me and without speaking; I knew I was to take them. I partook in the bread. Then I (unfrozen now) saw the Roman Soldier Spear Jesus' side, I was at the foot of the cross right under it! It was horrifying...the visual of it after I had had such great conversations with Him made me so angry, I wanted to scream! I was in tears, wailing. Then, out of Christ's side water and blood poured out over me as the wind blew. Then, I was literally taking part in the wine! I tasted wine on my lips which was HIS blood!! It was Powerful a Vision of the Cross! I was there in real time!
Quickly, I was in a scene at a banquet. It consisted of people from my past and present. Some where in chains. The angel, (and it was the same very cool angel that greeted me at the portal everyday) said there is a banquet that has been prepared before your enemies. Immediately I looked and I was resisting. I didn't really like any of these people! Some from years ago, I hadn't remembered for along time. Then I saw some that were in chains, I asked about them. The angel said these are bound by your unforgiveness and your offense... Whoaaa!! "Okay, I don't want to be here!" "I literally squirmed!' The angel said, "Forgive so that the Father can forgive you!"

I am setting on Jesus' lap and He is speaking to me. My head is lying on His chest. He began speaking in the continuation of my prayer questions. His armed opened the veil to the scene of the Crucifixion, where I just was - (whoa -- Heavenly technology is better than earthly technology!).

HIM: "The Pharisees saw all of this at the cross yet they knew me not!” "The Sadducees needed mystical signs yet they couldn't recognize them!" "I grant wisdom and truth to those who earnestly seek it in the purest form, not to those who cannot get over their own laws!" "For once, the laws were not needed." "In the Garden there was only one instruction, one law - do not partake in the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil!" "Yet, that was too difficult!" "Then I set the rules, the laws, my commandments, because the land became more rebellious than ever!” "Even after the display of the great flood and the miracle of Noah!" "So, with limited understanding, my people cried out for Kings! As if I wasn't enough for them! So, I granted Kings. Priests now get into bed with Kings Corruption begins!" "Further, testing me, testing me further and further!" "Yet, I still showed compassion! My priests, my chosen priests became so engrossed in the law that they forgot their first love their first purpose! To serve ME, Not The Law!!" "I sent storms, I sent miracles, I was even there myself, but this was not enough!" "So finally, I sent my Son, my pure and precious Son! No Imperfection a perfect example for ALL!" "The Prophets even made a path for His coming! It was foretold by the Prophets!" "Yet, they couldn't hear the prophecies with any understanding!" "Everything was for show for them, even Holy Fasting and Sacrifice!" "It was a circus - My Son flipped tables, He was so angry - yet they with their prominence to guard their reputations, they refused to see God coming down and walking amongst them!" "Fools!" "Everything was there in plain sight, yet only a few that were chosen saw it! My witnesses! "Those who walked with my Son had Truth incarnate! Yet, because of their fear and humanness they forgot their Savior and even abandoned my Son at the Cross - save for a few!" "Then there was complete darkness as my own greatest Love of my Heart died a horrible torturous death!" "The prophecies began to unfold as the temple was destroyed by a great earthquake - Just as my Son told them!" "He took nothing for His journey, owed No Man anything, owned nothing, Yet Sacrificed Everything, for them and you!” "Even my Son's resting place on Earth was a borrowed tomb of a wealthy patron who witnessed the event and reconciled himself at the foot of the cross!" "So many that day had understanding yet still did not see the whole picture! Even the Roman Soldiers that punished and battered My Son - fell at the foot of the cross and reconciled themselves --gentiles!" "They turned and were saved!" "Was salvation not for everyone?” “One thief came to Paradise and one was doomed for destruction!" "So it will be very soon!"

HIM: continuing… "Two workers in a field, one comes Home, one stays!" "Blessed is the man who comes HOME!" "It is really this simple!" 

I realized that Jesus was speaking as God - maybe because I would not be able to withstand the Full Glory of the Father God?! I know from what I had begun to see, I knew that I was not able to fully with stand all that I was seeing of this Glory - I think I would melt? I don't know LOL - Anyway, this was the dream! This is what I saw. NOW Present Day Instructions:

HIM: "Who of you today has more tools? Who of you today has several copies of the Word? Who today, has access to stories or testimonies of those who have come before you - as witnesses? All Do! Did I not promise these things as well as gifts and miracles too to those who accept the full Gospel of Truth? The words of my Son as well as the Apostles, my elect messengers of truth! They suffered for my Son's sake! They too suffered for truth!" "Then there was Paul. I chose one that was the most rebellious, did I not? Yet he saw through his blind eyes ---truth and dedicated himself to spread this truth of the blessing of my Son! - EVEN in Prison!" "Today my children have access. They have too much -- too much noise -- too much coming at them! Did Daniel not say that travel would change? Those who have the word, read and understand!" 

He shifted His voice because He could sense I was feeling bad...guilty! He softened and his eyes had compassion. I was just listening trying to figure out how I was always so dense! I felt so much compassion for the Apostles. How they must have struggled. How horrifying that day was for them when Jesus died! I began to understand my humanness like never before!! I began to understand His love like never before!! 

Him: "The legions and forces of darkness have set up the noise. They are agents of distractions. Even the word is diluted by the time my lambs here it! The dark fallen have set this up! They invented confusion and have confounded God's Children!" "They are wicked." "Those who seek me, soak in my words, take up the cross and follow me will I not make them a special place at my altar, or a jewel in my Crown?" "Of Course!!" "My watchers, My prophets, My elect and my true priests will gain greater understanding than before! They will be lamps, lanterns and beacons in the storm!" "They will light the final roads that lead both the lost and the forgiven home." (Then He was so sad - I saw a tear) "Yet, not all will make it!" “Be Strong! Take Courage!" "I Love You and I am Proud of You all of You!! "One last thing, Look at the course of the life of a seed: (Then I saw, as He spoke, the scene play before me through a veil that He lifted) "The seed is planted by the Farmer in the pasture. The seed needs good soil and fresh rain. It pushes through the heavy wet soil to find light. There by light, it grows. What type of seed grows in darkness? The seedling becomes a crop ready for harvest in the season set up for harvest. The crop or fruit is made for the Harvest. After the Harvest, the crop is sold and the Harvester celebrates the Good return of His work! Then He lays down to Rest His weary Head and is Satisfied!" Then He smiled and said, "Look around You! Look around you! Everything has a pattern. Every living thing has a parable that all points my lambs home to me!' "Do you not see it?" "Everything has purpose under the sun or Son even!" 

Alarm clock - woke and wrote down the dream!


Dream begins...

I was the Manager of a retail store in a wealthy area. The owner gave me a key and entrusted the shop to me. I was to open the store at an appointed time. I was being lured by things that were related to the store's business, but not the exact job duties of the owner. When I tried to walk away from various things I would be lured back same cycle repeating over and over.

Example: One vendor had lured me to a gallery filled with are. they were trying to get me to purchase a series of seven pieces of art for my employer. It was taking too much time, I tried to leave but couldn't. I realized the trap, because several of these paintings I had rejected before were the very same paintings I was seeing before me only hung in a different formation. I said "I have to run" I was very late opening the shop. I was anxious because I had no excuse for the delay. I was deceived. Oh no I thought - I will be fired! I woke up unnerved and bothered by this dream!
Woke up...

In a few minutes, I fell back asleep.

Today, no portal, no gauge - I was sitting on His lap!

I said to Him, "Aiyah, this is out of sequence, there was order before!"

HIM: "No it isn't - Did you not understand?" Did you not comprehend through the noise?

me: (like I was learning how to ride a bike the first time) "Okay so let me understand this, everything we do is turned bad by the wicked?

HIM: "No, let's look again!" "When a seed is planted and it can't get light, can it grow?"

me: "No"!

Him: "Correct! If you are the lamps or lights and there is darkess like a blanket trying to snuff out your lights so much so that you are blinded, then how can you see!"

me: "I can't see if a dark blanket is blinding me or a dark blanket is over a lamp in a room - there is no light to see!

HIM: (He nodded - approving) "Correct!"

( I am clearly getting schooled)

me: "So yesterday at Target the 2 shoplifters - that was a veil of darkness?

HIM: "Of sorts!" "You had the same thing happen everyday last week, and even several times per day!" "All of the Bride is experiencing this right now!" "It is the time for confusion by the enemy prior to my coming" (He instantly downloaded everything that kept me from being fruitful - even to my own body)

me: "So Father please tell them to stop, (Chuckling but also kind of upset) in Jesus' Name!!

HIM: "This is part of the process of the learning curve, I could remove it but, in one moment of going through it, you learned more than if I were to say it! -You have a fuller understanding and now have the experience to convey this!"

(He could tell I wasn't as happy with this method - I acted like a brat) He smiled and hugged me. I began to cry!

me: "Why does everything have to be so difficult here!" Is there a demon behind everything? He kissed my forehead and I saw those eyes again. In a moment I saw flashes of painful scenes from the lives of so many people all over the world right now. I turned away. Crying, I said, "I am sorry Father, please forgive me! I speak without knowledge...." He put His finger to my lips to quiet me.

HIM: "They have many resources but they do not have Heaven behind them - although much is rooted in Darkness on this earth consider it's Landlord"

me: "Lord, You are the Landlord."

HIM: "No, God is the Creator!" "The landlord was granted the land for a time - renting it from God, of sorts!!

me: "Oh, I get it"

HIM: "There is no real fruit coming from God's land. Like David's son, Solomon said, 'nothing is new under the sun' - everything goes back to the dirt"

me: "So how can anyone succeed here!"

HIM: "IN lies the problem, define success!"

me: "I can't I guess!"

HIM: "Does a man not face himself at the end of his days and say what was it for? Did I work for nothing?" "I offer up his mantle, his course, his life." 

Then he waved his arm again and lifted the veil: I could see a woman giving birth to a baby...in a 30 second progression fast forward time lapsed I saw a man's entire life from birth to the grave. It was actually shocking!

Him: "So it is from my perspective, unfruitful! He gained his life only to lose it. He did not have ME!" "I scan the earth looking for anyone that might look for me, yet, it is I who chose! (He turns back to taking the voice of the Father) "My children, whom I have chosen from the beginning, have marks, they are beacons!" "In Egypt, Did the Angel of the Lord tell every Israelite to mark their doors with the lamb's blood, so the angel of death would pass over them? Today, after the cross, each who have accepted my Son - is covered in the Lamb's Blood - Jesus's Blood, (pause) "Marked!" "Now some are more fruitful than others!"

Again His arm waved and the veil lifted: I saw a preacher bringing thousands to the Lord and then I saw one single Christian bringing a neighbor a cup of coffee and a prayer.

HIM: "In this world, earthly perspective, you only see from your limited view." "What do you see!"

me: "I see someone I wish I was...the Preacher saving 1000's."

HIM: "I see acts of Love!" "I am proud of both - Both have equal weight!" "The coffee and prayer to the neighbor was a seed planted, know that my angels go out and bring forth the Harvest, - the prayers sow the seed! Now, is it not my job to bring in the Harvest?" "If I Created the Blacksmith and the Landlord, did I not also Create the Preacher and the kind Neighbor?" (He saw that I was a bit confused - I had always focused on works as if they were created by the individual not by the Lord) "Further, I determine the life of the seed!" 

me: "So my doing something small and insignificant out here in the desert is just as meaningful to you as a Preacher in India bringing in a thousand new souls for the Kingdom?"

HIM: "YES, But you are not seeing it through my eyes!" "As a parent, how would you feel if we were talking about one of your sons, is the preacher and one is the neighbor?"

me: "I would be proud of both but, I would boast about the one winning the most souls!!"

HIM: He laughed again, "You are seeing what humans see!"
Then I realized because his love is far beyond mine, He looks at each as fruitful equally. Here I always compared myself to Super Christians and thought of them as greater than me. I understand now that He doesn't see things like this.

HIM: "Erin, I see the Heart - I am after the Heart!! "Now, Back to the Veil of darkness, because we are marked, darkness hates light. The wolves go out to devour the young and the old sheep on the outskirts of the fold -- or the stragglers. The wolves run in packs, with formation they plot. One will distract the herder first to try to make the entire fold vulnerable. When that doesn't work, then they pick off the weakest one by one!"

HIM: "So it is today - The wicked have hierarchies, soldiers, captains, and commanders, and a chief - there are branches. Now, the battle has begun the war is raging! Evil is unleashed against the righteous, so many have no armor. It is the final push for the wolves to devour what they can." "The angels have come after them. They reinforce my Heavenly force that is here amongst you guarding you in your daily walks. -- So to put it in your terms -- The Special Forces were just deployed into the war! These were spoken about and foretold!"

me: "Oh so the 1/3 of the army were special OPS?

HIM: Yes, It is the final sweep - Love is coming down!

me: "Aiyah, You are Love!"

HIM: "Yes, Heaven is coming down - Suddenly the Lord's Prayer downloaded into my head,

me: "Your Kingdom Come!" He was pleased that I finally got it! I hugged Him.

HIM: I love you! "Soon I will come for you!" "Please Continue to Pray!! "Love one Another, forgive, do not cease doing good, even up to the end, don't surrender to the flesh! All have sinned and fallen short! Do things because My Father in Heaven can see it! Display for Him Not for man to see! He sees goodness in Secret and is pleased! Pray, Praise, and Bless!! Put on your whole Armor so you may stop the wicked! There is nothing you can Do! Wait and Pray so that light covers your house and darkness can't cover the light! Angels of Heaven will protect you! Use Discernment! Ask me if the distractions you face daily are divine delays or wicked schemes!" "Further, you cannot be stolen from me! Remain in me, remain in my word! Just ask in my name and you will receive! Blessed is the man who accepts my Gifts!"

He hugged me!

me: "I love You so much!"

HIM: Smiling, "I love you more!!" We both laughed.

The angel escorted me to the portal. As I was going down, the Angel spoke again, "Words that Bring Comfort Psalm 91 and Psalm 23 and Haggai Has Prophecy!"

I woke up to the Dog Barking! I was running hot - I thought I had a fever - It is been like this all week - checked several times nothing, no temperature.



Dream begins...

I was looking down at a map of Washington State! It was getting near evening. I was telling my children that we needed to pack essentials only - we were hurrying to leave. I was trying to figure out the best route - trying to figure out if direct East into Idaho or North to Spokane. I began to yell at the kids to hurry! Just then, I heard a voice say - Mass exodus from the West! Just then the map became 3 dimensional and I saw both the east bound and the west bound lanes from Seattle to Spokane being routed as all eastbound - 4 lanes of Headlights driving East! There was Military directing traffic - Something Tragic had just happened Near the Coast! We heard the radio announce that a mass exodus has occurred and the masses were leaving the cities. Portland, Seattle, Vancouver BC- All affected! I wasn't sure if we should leave or stay but I didn't want to be near the nuclear plant!!

Woke up! Chills - rocked me to my core! Got up knelled in Prayer! Father, don't allow us to go through this please come for us! In Jesus Name! I walked around the house for awhile! I was tired; I began to feel extremely sleepy - not normal after something like this! I went back to bed!

Dream continues...

Darkness. There was a blanket of fresh snow on the ground.
The air was cool and crisp - it smelled like snow! There were light flurries in the air. The 5 angels were at the base of the ladder with their swords drawn looking around the ladder. All of these angels were illuminated with a faint bluish gold tinge. Four of the angels were facing directions: 1- West, 1-North, 1-East, and 1-South - I believe they were the same ones from the beginning of year 2012 in another dream - Another angel, Breakthrough (not certain) assisted me up the ladder and stayed guard with me up to the portal where he and another Angel assisted me.

Today I stood at the portal I could see Jesus with His arms ready to receive me! The light was so bright is looked like it came from behind Him, yet all around Him! His wings were massive and large Opalescent, translucent, yet solid! As I stood there, the angel said, "Behold He is on the Bema Seat today"! Just then, I looked as far as my eyes could see, what sounded like rushing water as all of the angels as well as the horses all bowed before Him! I began immediately to bow but, the angel grabbed my arm to pull me up and toward Him!

This is so difficult to describe. I was frozen. Who is God? Who is Jesus? I had only read before but I had not seen! By Faith, I imagined this! But who could really understand? Really, who could really understand? He was beautiful! His hair was void of color, yet contained every color! It was the purest white. It seemed to be alive. As I approached Him, I immediately went to take off my shoes, I realized now what it meant to be walking on Holy Ground! My entire body wanted to drop it was like every cell in my body had gravity - it wanted to worship! My every cells wanted to worship - like they new Him better than I did!

I heard the Angels Singing, "Holy, Holy, Holy" and I wept. The choir of Angels continued! Absolutely everything Cried Holy! I felt so impure. I wanted to be dressed for this, I was wearing pajamas. I saw Him Smile, as He knew what I was thinking! He waived me toward Him - I was in fear of approaching now without Him telling me to! 
His Robe was illuminated, light shown through the holes in His Hands!!! I had never noticed the holes in His hands before! Now because of the Crucifixion, I knew he had them!

His face was so radiant, like the sun, only I could still see the impression of His beautiful chiseled features! His teeth were like pearls when He smiled. It looked like each one was made from a pearl. His Wings were now 1/2 spread (not fully yet). I heard the angels singing so loudly it permeated my body - it was so beautiful! I began to shake, I was in complete awe - complete amazement! He took my hand. I could feel where the nail had pierced His hand. He knew I was fascinated by this. With my two hands I reached out to His hand and flipped it over. He smiled and allowed me to see it! Now, I looked directly at the palm of His hand, and there very closely as I scanned His hand I saw billions of names etched on the palm of His hand! As I scanned it, I saw my name! It illuminated and then disappeared so I could see that mine was there! He knew I was looking for it! (I remembered a scripture somewhere about this but, I had no idea it was literal!) I broke down in tears!

Two Angels immediately came over and took my tears off of my cheeks and placed them in a type of flask! The other angels labeled the beautiful bottle with a type of seal - like a record there was a beautiful initial on a type of silver plate on the flask! ( I kept thinking those angels better stay longer because there will be more tears!) He knew my thoughts and He smiled and laughed, as He laughed, I heard the choir of angels say, "Holy Holy Holy is the Lamb!" Instantly I had so many questions, yet in that moment, all was being answered with no words exchanging! Incredible!

He held my head to His chest. I could hear His Heart beating like a thundering base; it went right into my body and beat with mine!I stammered and then spoke! "When You come like this, everyone will see You!" He just smiled and nodded!
He said, "I love you!" At this instant I felt a download of every time I encountered Love on earth in any form and understood that it had come or was assigned By Him!

Me: "Aiyah!, I love you too!

Him: "Today is just a glimmer! Soak in what you have seen! Ready yourselves! I am coming soon!" 

I knew this because His wings were gradually spreading! In that moment, I couldn't contain my thoughts! I couldn't find words to describe what I have been seeing! I was being collected by the two angels and guided back. As I was leaving, He smiled and waived and said, "My eye is on the sparrow!" and He smiled and laughed again...so did I! I realized that He was talking about all of us not just me! As the angel escorted me I found myself, my body not wanting to turn my back on Him, like the laws of Gravity wouldn't allow it! Like the true law of Attraction!! Epiphany moment #7!

As I was nearing the portal, I saw a beautiful, I mean exquisite, white horse! It was lying down - bowing toward Him! The hair was so beautiful and very similar to His! The mane and tail were braided and woven with jewels. The coat was shimmering like crystal! It was muscular and like nothing I had ever seen before! I thought, in Heaven I need to ride Horses more...smile! Two more angels came down to follow me. Two of the angels from East to West had gone out to fight. These two with me replace them. A procession of angels with swords drawn, stood in the snow and lighted a path as I walked into the dark night!

Woke up 10 minutes past the alarm set time! OOPs!!


Dream begins...

There was a long winding path in the dark. Angels lined it and all of their swords were over my head. They formed a tent or canopy of protection over me. The angels by their light illuminated the path so I wouldn't fall in the snow. One was waiting at the base of the ladder to go ahead of me and the other behind me. The lead angel was Breakthrough - for some reason I knew this before but didn't recognize Him!. The four angels that were at the base of the ladder were gone. These angels were the ones that were facing each direction of the four corners, like a compass. They must have gone out on assignment! They seemed larger and different that all of these angels. This Breakthrough Angel was large also and very interesting something like blue flames on his wings and his sword. At the top two angels assisted me and Breakthrough bowed down. As I came up every angel again and the horses were bowing. This time I noticed something different - before I had seen these beautiful high mountains. This time the same mountains were lower. I thought wow, even the mountains bow down. (literally) It was a beautiful sight! We seemed to be in a type of valley.

The angel that greeted me said, "Behold Your King is on the Bema Seat Today!" I looked and I couldn't believe me eyes! His wings were spread to 2/3's. These were Huge! What I was seeing was close to 14" each from a human scale level - Two me as 30" they were the size of 30'. I had a difficult time approaching Him today. Every cell wanted to drop low inside my body - like a gravitational pull! It was getting more difficult to be in Front of Him - Gaze! I just didn't have the vocabulary to write about Him. Everything was changing daily. Just imagine every beautiful sight you have ever seen contained in a small cup and multiply it by an infinite number. This is what I was seeing - Full Glory! Not even full yet!
He could tell that I was overwhelmed and I seemed almost sad. I was realizing my smallness. I realized as I stood there, why God sent Jesus as a man! So we had a relationship with GOD via human form. I was becoming more in fear and awe to approach Him! He sensed this! He picked me up and I kept my head down, He poured something on me - or maybe it was and Angel assisting - I could barely see. After this washed over me, I could see better. He held me for a while and I just wept - everything inside of me wept! I was overcome!

Me: "Aiyah, I won't be able to go back there anymore to that place". 
He smiled - I wanted Him to stay like He was a few visits ago so I could relate better to Him. He knew I was thinking this.
Me: "Aiyah, you are so beautiful! I want to stay, my body wants to stay yet I am so human I have no capacity to understand!" "You are King over all and I sit here on your lap!" "How can this be possible?" He smiled again!

HIM: "Yes and your name are engraved on my hand!"

"I'm not going to be able to see You before the day You come for us now. I am definitely not dressed for a wedding!"

HIM: "You have a way off before the wedding, but I will gather you soon!" He laughed so loudly when He knew I was worried about my attire.

Every angel sang, "Holy, Holy, is the Lamb!" I heard the rush of their wings. I sounded like a rushing river - rapids combined with music. I looked up to try to see His face it was beautiful and shined like the sun! I need to stop trying to describe it because I can't.

HIM: "I have something to show you!
He waived His arm and an Angel Handed Him a Ring of Fire about 16" in diameter! He held the ring and with another wave of His hand a veil was lifted for me to see. I saw the earth rotating on an axis.

HIM: "The earth was formed from this point!" 
He put the ring of Fire over the exact location of the actual Ring of Fire on Earth.

Me: "Oh did it form from the Volcanoes?"

HIM: "My Father created all things for His Glory!" "All things come from Him!

Me: "Aiyah, what is going to happen?"

Then I saw the ring begin to erupt! I screamed and I was horrified! I shouted, "NO!"

HIM: He held me and said, "Is it not said, that God will create a new earth!"

Me: "Oh, you mean later!"

HIM: "Yes, one day everything will be reshaped and reformed in spectacular beauty and Heaven and Earth will be as one!!"

Me: "Will there be horses like this, (I pointed to the white horse by the portal) and butterflies like this?"

HIM: "Yes"! 
He chuckled and smiled! He could tell I was excited but a bit worried about the ring of fire!

HIM: "This is enough for now"! He reached down and gave me a beautiful fragrant flower (like we had been on a date!!) It smelled so fragrant, like jasmine, honeysuckle and white ginger! It was white, it was alive! He picked it yet; it was not going to wither!! WOW!! There was dew inside it that looked like diamonds! 

Me:  "I love you Aiyah!" 

HIM: "I love You much more!

We both laughed! OF course this triggered the angels to sing, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb!! He is Glorious in His Beauty and Strength!! WOW! I went back to the Portal. I reached down to my left and stroked the white Horse, it was warm and soft!! As I was going back down the Angel said, "Glory be to GOD in the Highest - A word of Love is in Psalm 45 and Song of Songs for you from HIM who sits on the throne in Majesty!"

WOKE up to the alarm!!! Wanted to hit snooze a dozen times!! When I got up this morning - I smelled flowers again!!
I am not sure, how many more of these I can humanly take! I just cried while listening to the Revelation Song this morning!! There are no words!! LOVE and Blessings to all of HIS Bride.............Sparrow!!

PS - We have a wedding to plan!!! Oh, yes we just show up - Plans are in Place already!


Dream begins... 

There were so many angels at the base of the ladder today - a crowd! Some looked like they had been through a fight. Swords were scuffed, cracked, and broken. I thought to myself - wow - the enemy is stronger than I thought. This time they rushed me up to the portal! At the top, the angel again proclaimed, "Behold, He is on the Bema Seat today!" I full out sprinted to Him!! His seat was closer to the portal today. He waived with an urgent hand to day for me to come!! He knew I was troubled.

Him: "What is wrong?" 
He already knew, He just wanted to hear me say it.

Me: "What if none of this is real? What if this is all imagined and is from the enemy? What if I will burn or not be raptured up with the others? What if…Then He shhhhh.... me

Him: "Has anything you've been shown contrary to the Holy Spirit?"

Me: "No"

HIM: "Has anything falsely or plain and simply been added to the word?"

Me: "I don't think so but I haven't studied the word enough or long enough to understand this."

HIM: "Exactly! Look, did it ever occur to you that if I had given this to another - say a Biblical Scholar or a Student of Biblical Theology - that maybe they might get so wrapped up in legalism or become dogmatic to the point that they missed the teaching. They wouldn't have understood it! The word is illuminated by the Holy Spirit at the appointed time it is shown. You could read one scripture over and over, but until the word is illuminated, breathed, or inspired, how does it have life if I do not breathe it into you? Otherwise it is not a living testament but a good read! Correct?"

Me: "Yes"

HIM: "Before all this began, tell me, how did you really look at the word?"

Me: "I guess I looked at it as a History book and record of the lives of Saints and Sinners!"

HIM: "Yes, what else?
Me: "Sometimes when I would cry, certain scriptures would pop out and I felt the Holy Spirit inside me confirm it!"

HIM: "How?"

Me: "I would feel a fluttering, a warmness in all of my cells, a peace with joy and a "yes" sometimes."

HIM: "Did you come up with this on your own?

Me: "I thought, sometimes."

HIM: "When you were walking contrary to the Holy Spirit and looking for endorsement to sin did you sometimes find it?"

Me: "Sometimes I could find things to go along with the sin I was wanting to commit or dismiss, or the path I wanted to take, but I had to dig!"

HIM: "How did this Feel?"

Me: "Not right — good feeling gone!"

HIM: "Correct! There was no confirmation in what you were reading as a compass from God within you via the Holy Spirit!"

Me: "Oh!, The Holy Spirit is a Compass!"

HIM: "Exactly - but more... When you are experiencing Breakthrough, elation, worship - 
the Holy Spirit is your Encourager!" "When you grieve, have loss, or are a victim — the Holy Spirit is your Comforter!" "The list goes on...The Holy Spirit is the Heavenly intercom!!"

Me: "Aiyah, I understand!!"

HIM: "Here is something..." He waived in two Angels. One had some dough consisting of flour, salt and water in a bowl. The angel was mixing it! Another angel came to put something in it - I recognized it as yeast. The yeast was colored red and as the first angel mixed it the entire batch of dough became pink to red - it was no longer white. Then the dough rose-up! 
The dough is my word the yeast is the enemy that tries to come in and distort the word, My Words! Erin, do you like getting to know me better?"

Me: "Oh yes!"

HIM: "Do you love ME?"

Me: "Yes!"

HIM: "Then don't allow the enemy to rob you of what is GOOD! You are learning to be intimate with me! You are getting to know me so that when the day comes and I bring you to me you will experience a greater Joy! If you are being truthful, then why do you doubt — if not for a little yeast that came in to this mix? Focus on me! Fill your life with more of ME!"
"Don't talk idly and say, 'Oh how I long to see His face?' Yet, when HE is right here before you- you do not recognize Him!" "Further, let those who read the word and look only to the word - never really coming to me or praying for divine understanding ---then let them have just that! ----the word! Let them not have greater revelation from me using the word for even they do not see it! They do not seek me but look to words!" 

He opened a veil again, it was a football stadium.

HIM: "When watching a football game, if you were a member of the team, would you rather be out there on the field playing and receiving your directions from the coach and participating. - also using the playbook to enhance your performance, OR would you rather sit on the sidelines all dressed to play reading the play book and analyzing the game and its history?" "Does the coach not play those who are eager and ready to play?" "IS my word not the living word or is it just words on a page?"

Alarm clock!!!! UP!! Wrote everything down!


The dream started exactly in the last place I was, sitting on HIS lap!! Very odd to me!! - Surreal! Like I had just hit the Pause Button on TiVo and here I was again.

HIM: "A few thousand years ago the written word was not available. The word was spoken through the mouths of men then a scribe would scribe... one sheet of papyrus and no copier! Wasn't it much easier to gather a group together to hear the word and spread it?" "Most couldn't read, was not a transcriber needed?" "Most had no understanding because of language, was not a translator needed?" "Get the picture?" He smiled and laughed! "Let them that want only the word have only that! Let those that want the word as well as the Kingdom have that!" Then He hugged me! "The words are the lamp to light the path!" "When you read, pray for life through the word! The word then becomes alive through a Heavenly download!"

Then an Angel brought over beautiful bound Bible on a platter. The Bible had an intricate lock on it. The Angel broke open the lock and He waived open the book — He breathed on the Book - THE Bible! 
The angel held the Bible close to me and He blew the pages. As the pages flipped, the words began to jump off of the page - each word became a light as if He had actually set - or typeset each one that was there Himself! The Bible was now illuminated and gold!

HIM: "Lay your head upon the book!"

Me: So I did. I could hear a heart beat and I pulled myself back! He smiled and laughed.

Me: "Oh is that what I think it is?"

HIM: "Yes!" He laughed and the angels who must have moved their wings to clap also — as the sound of rushing water filled the atmosphere!

Then I hear "Glory be to the Lord Most Holy of Hollies Who Sits in Majesty! Holy is HE!"

Me: I immediately threw my arms around His neck! "I am so sorry Aiyah! I have behaved poorly and have not focused on You but, got angry instead!"

HIM: "You are my love and joy ----you are learning! Are you NOT?"

Me: "Lord, You are the best Teacher" He laughed so hard!

Again, the angels sang, "Holy, Holy is the Lamb of God Who Sits on the Throne, Holy is HE!"
As I hugged Him - I felt His Heart Beat and Thunder -- mine was completely in sync with His! IN that moment, I melted with Him! HE held me for awhile! I had a visual download of everything earlier that day that was contrary to the Holy Spirit. As those came up, I saw an angel pouring out snow to wash them clean!

HIM: "What do you see?"

Me: "I saw every unholy manifestation in my thoughts and actions; I saw fear, rage jealousy, covitness."
HIM: "What else?"

Me: I quickly realized that my thoughts were wrong and I saw an angel wipe them clean with snow.

HIM: "What else?"

Me: "I realize in Your presence I cannot be unholy."

HIM: He laughed, "That is the simple version of sorts! Everything that is contrary to the word, contrary to the Holy Spirit, longs to be made right – everything within you longs for purification!

Me: "Well why can't I be perfect? You can make me this way?"

HIM: He laughed again - "Yes, I could, but what you were experiencing was the Holy Spirit inside of you. GOD within you, the Messenger in sync with me as one! Inside your own flesh - the world is in sync with your flesh; the two are in a battle or war together." "Now, the battle is mine of course, but the war waging inside of you is Heaven -the Spirit of Truth vs. the world. Paul said it best by inspiration, 'You must die to the Flesh' — Die to the world in order to live!"

Me: "It seems impossible!" He smiled.

HIM: "Yes, but nothing is impossible to those who believe! Do I need to get out that mustard seed?" I laughed so hard!!

Me: "But Hayah, I am not able to obtain this perfection; I cannot die to this body! I cannot be Holy!

HIM: "Oh - did I ask you to become God on Earth?" He was laughing!

Me: No because I can't of course!!

HIM: "What do I require of you?"

Me: "To take up the cross and follow YOU!"

HIM: "Well, yes but that is not all. Do your best here that you are able! LOVE, in all things love! Love is contrary to the world! When you manifest love on earth it becomes a powerful weapon! The Holy Spirit inside you wells up and becomes in sync with GOOD!"

Me: "But then the good is followed by bad!"

HIM: "Yes, this is a rebellious generation, but continue to do good until I come! Love one another, encourage one another!"

Me: "Hayah, the bad just blurts out; it has a mind of its own. My lips and mouth have their own mind!"
HIM: He laughed and with His Finger and something dripping from it, He reached over and touched my lips - I felt fire and warmth!

He smiled.

HIM: "Be a Lamp! Don't allow your light to be turned out! Let honey flow from your lips! Don't allow your lips to break the spirits of those around you who lack understanding! Speak Love!!!"
Me: I grabbed his hand and held it to my cheek - HE reached over and kissed my forehead!

HIM: "Until we meet again!!" 

He handed me another flower like a honeysuckle - It was purple with honey in the center! He smiled as I got the biggest grin and teared up!

Me: "I love You!"

Him: "I love you!"

The angel walked me back to the portal. I reached down to touch the horse with a big stroke! I looked back and waved at Him! As I was going down the portal the angel handed me the Bible and said, "Pray for your sister land - pray for Israel Obadiah has words!" "Psalm 68 has a message and remember your love Psalm 45!"

Love and Blessings... 


Dream begins...

There was a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. 
Today there was a clear path to the ladder two rows of angels lined the path with their swords once again forming a canopy over the path for me to walk. The atmosphere was thick and dark - very cold. I was in utter Darkness except for the angels and the ladder being illuminated. I heard wails and moans in the darkness but couldn't see anything. The angels lining the path were a fresh group. There was a double wall of protection and another row of angels were facing back to back with the ones on the path. The angels facing the darkness or outward seemed tattered and worn. They were very, very strong and alert like soldiers.

My angel - Breakthrough was there at the base of the ladder. This time a very large - warrior angel descended to me and breakthrough went ahead of him and he was behind me - rear guard! I was clearly being heavily guarded. The ladder was illuminated and warm, but the air was bitter cold - it was getting even colder! It took along time to climb!

The Picture at the top today was Breathtaking - Breathtaking! All the angels were standing and singing! They were all at attention and singing. The different choirs of angels were singing from different areas but, completely harmonious! It sounded like... I just can't describe, like a Chorus - the most amazing Chorus - It was like a Pipe Organ in that each different choir was a pipe in this huge instrument!
It was like a full symphony with a choir accompanying it! The music... it makes me cry just to type this thinking about it! Every cell in my body was part of this - my breath stopped! I looked toward the ground - there was a gold powdery substance with the most amazing pattern embossed in it covering the path where I walked! I began to weep because when I had my first experience - my NDE in Nov. 2004, I saw this same sight - but in a different context - another post. I was afraid to walk on this golden dirt, because I was concerned I would mess the pattern with my feet. As I walked with the help of my angelic escort, my feet no longer reshaped the pattern - my feet didn't affect it!

The angel declared, "The Lord, Your King, Sits in Majesty on the Bema Seat Today Holy is HE!" Then all of the angels declared it and there was a mighty wind!! Before me....was something so majestic! He was in Golden Armor. He had full breastplate and golden metal armor guards on His body. The cloth that showed through was Crimson Red and Royal Navy Blue. His hair was white, wavy and long. He wore a beautiful crown. His wings were still 2/3 open - I was relieved in a way about that. His Breastplate had jewels upon it! Twelve Jewels! I recognized it as similar to the Priestly Ephod of the Old Testament. His presence was so beautiful and strong!! I had only seen one image resembling this --Jonathan’s Avatar on Rita!!! WOW!!

Immediately I thought; who am I, who are any of us really - that He would care for us at all?? The angels escorted me to Him and there was silence at the wave of the hands of the two angels next to Him on either side. As I approached, I kept my head down, I became shy. He reached out His hand to grab mine. In an instant, my clothing changed. I was in a beautiful robe. I seemed a bit larger, I was no longer the small child anymore -- I was still small but, not 30". The Power and Strength from Him was Amazing! An angel had prepared a seat for me to his left and down from Him so I could be near Him while He held my Hand! I was not sitting on His lap today! I was now being courted by the KING!! (so awesome!) My hair was long with a braided crown, my skin was beautiful - my hands were perfectly formed and I had a jeweled bracelet that covered the top of my hands and wrapped around my finger. I must have been in so much awe - I just stammered with my words.

HIM: "You are fair!" He smiled

me: "You are so handsome!"

HIM: "Thank You!"

I looked up at His crown. It was gold and encrusted with Jewels. He knew that I was wanting to take a closer look, so He took it off of His head. I began to try to stop Him.

Me: "Oh no, please leave it"

HIM: He smiled and said, "A King is a King, whether a crown is worn or a donkey ridden!" He laughed and I smiled. 

Then in another divine download, I saw every romantic movie I had ever seen and the feelings of longing for this type of love -this love! Most of the movies all had happy endings but, this was all of that and so much more. He brought His crown closer for me to see. There I saw so many precious jewels. I reached out to touch it and my hand ran over the jewels. It was made by a Master Jeweler. I stood up and set the crown back on His head, I hugged Him and I began to cry.

HIM: "What is wrong?"

Me: "Forgive me but, I don't feel worthy of this Love!"

HIM: "Why"! "Are You not my Bride?"

Me: I laughed and I said, "I guess I never really put this together!"

HIM: "When I have become your Father, and I have Heard you call me Your Husband, didn't you mean this?"

Me: "Oh yes, but in your presence, I feel like royalty"! "The angels treat me like I am so important"!

HIM: "Are you my Bride?"

Me: "Yes!"

HIM: "Am I not a King?" He began to smile that beautiful smile.

Me: "Of course".

HIM: "So what does the Bride become after marrying a King?"

Me: I laughed - He had me on this one ---"Royalty!" He laughed.

Me: "Are you coming soon?"

HIM: "Do you not see it!"

Me; "Yes, but I want You to stay Here and we will come up to You!! - I began to start to tell Him how bad things were with Israel, the media...on and on --then, I realized again---This is Jesus! He knows already! --He smiled when He knew what I was thinking. I said, "May You be Blessed!!"

HIM: He reached down and gave me a Hug -- Epic Hug! He then selected a Rose, a single beautiful rose. I was yellow and golden with shimmering iridescence. He handed it to me and said, "The name of the Rose is a Heart of GOLD!" "This is for you, my love!"

As I took the rose (no thorns) every single part of me welled up with joy inside! It had special meaning for me that only HE knew about!! This was no grand illusion. This was the living Christ in Front of me!!
I wept. He grabbed my hand and kissed and held it to His cheek. I could see His eyes. They were like a thousand seas - I saw myself there. He said, "Until we meet again"!

Me: I said, "I love you!"

HIM: "I love you more!"

Me: No, not possible!" he seemed Happy and glad I was there!

The Choir sang. I just broke down in tears when I saw the white horse standing next to the portal. I said to the angel, "He is going to be alright, right?" The angel smiled at me, "Yes, it is written!" I immediately laughed! He said, "War is in the air, the battle is underfoot, the valley of decision awaits!" me, "What doe this mean?" He said, "It is written!"



Dream begins...

As I approached the ladder, I saw angels battling above me. There were dark figures coming from the atmosphere - dark lords! Angels have been added and the canopy is now so thick that as I walk under it, I can only see the shimmering light of the swords above. I could hear other swords above those as the fighting raged above me.

The swords sounded like Bells or Beautiful clanking chimes and I heard swords that were hitting them that sounded more like thuds - or a dead sound. The Angels above, fighting the dark lords formed a type of shield or like a dome over the canopy. I stood here in awe from what I was seeing. The regiments of angels and the clever way that they fought were so strategic. The dome of protection reminded me of the large Captain America shield that I had purchased for my son a few weeks ago, the shape. The shield or dome provided the outside covering of protection and the swords above me not only provided a canopy of light but extra enforcement of protection. Occasionally as I walked, I would see a dark lord slip through with a sword and then quickly enforcement would be deployed and cut it down. I saw angels being sliced up, wounded and being rotated out in formation - so there was always a fresh strong angel to follow with the fighting!!

I am only a human female, small in stature. I have never seen the front line action of war. I have only watched movies and have seen the horror from human scripts and reports, but this was live action!! It gave a new meaning to war and service. I had a new respect for these angels. As I walked under their canopy of protection, under the "thunder dome". I felt safe. I was safe. I dare not go rogue!! My son said something one time about a soldier who had gone a-wall - he called it, "improvisational special ops and unauthorized act of heroism" I laughed to myself. How many times have I stepped out from the Lord's covering? My own: Improvisational Special -self Operations!? Now, I would be killed if I didn't stay under His Protection! Period! End of Story! End of Life!

There was snow on the ground. At the ladder, angels now lined the sides. Breakthrough went ahead of me and greeted me with a smile. The very large rear guard angel was almost ninja-like in his wheeling of those swords. As I was climbing, I realized that the darkness around me was very thick smoke. Every now and then I would look at it and I would see a horrifying face coming at me and an awful smell would follow like sulfur and dung together. The angels each time would swoop up and cut them down and I heard these cries and screeching moans. These things were very large entities! Every time I would see them, I would get a quick nudge from Breakthrough above me - a noise like a whisper, chime and whistle together, - reminding me to stay focused on the goal. When I came up this time it was better than ever!! Everything was so clear! The angels seemed to be celebrating a victory and cheering. I knew it wasn't for me coming up but a victory coming from somewhere else.

I saw Jesus on His Throne! He was still dressed in this beautiful armor. He was smiling and talking to several people in robes. He saw that I had just arrived and laughing as if He were just wrapping up a great discussion. He then quieted them. These people dispersed and went into the crowd. Then, He got the biggest Smile! It was so happy! I turned to look behind me to see if there was something there. I saw the horse. The Horse shook its head and stomped its left foot as if to say "not me" -- It actually seemed to say it! Then the choir began....Oh wow! I remember as I walked hearing a build-up of a melody - I remember a secular song by the Verve - Bittersweet Symphony - It was the same song only without the depressing overtones and lyrics. As I walked on this same stamped golden dirt it became translucent like glass.

The angel escort said, "Today Your King Sits on the Throne of Glory - the Bema Seat, Holy is HE!" All of Heaven rejoiced clapped and the sound of swooshing wings was like rushing water and music. There was a new atmosphere there! Beautiful but with a new level of power and celebration. 

The minute I stood on this Sea of Glass, I realized I was walking on the Holiest of Ground. I was now barefoot on the sea. It felt like waves under my feet but it was still. 
I laughed to myself as I thought "This is what walking on water is like!" My thoughts must have been transparent because I heard Jesus laughing!! The sea was warm under my feet and my feet were beautiful. All of the years spent in dance shoes, running barefoot and walking in torturous high heels had actually gnarled me feet. --Now they were transformed -- I had Beautiful Feet!! He reached out with His hand and stood like a complete gentlemen to welcome me. He helped me up himself as He was now sitting above on several risers or stairs.
When He grabbed my hand, my dress appeared. It was silver and platinum with blue sapphires on the sleeves. The dress formed to my shape. Immediately, I had dropped the extra 15 pounds that I had been carrying. My body was the same as when I was a dancer only this time, healthy, muscular, yet supple and meek ---I know this makes no sense to describe! I was always at war with my body. I fought it tooth and nail. I never made peace with it. It was a rebellious body to say the least.

He knew that I was grappling with past memories, painful ones. He smiled and said, "You are fair".

Me: "So I am just fair?"

HIM: "No, fair is more than that! Fair is not to be taken at face value!" "Consider the Lilies!" 

Over to my left was a field of lilies that I hadn't noticed before.He got up off of the throne, took my arm in His and walked me over to the field of Lilies. Acres and Acres as far as my eyes could see.

HIM: "Look" He picked one up, and in it, I saw petals, the shape, the stem the color and the smell. The detail in this I had never considered before. Then He waived His Arm and I saw snow. An angel was tooling it with a chisel.

HIM: "Come closer!" As I walked up, the angel had a beautiful magnifying glass held over snowflakes. I could see several snowflakes magnified and chiseled or carved, each with such an amazing design, perfectly symmetrical, perfectly mathematical! They didn't even melt!

HIM: "If I consider the lilies that are alive today and gone in a season, and if I consider a snowflake that falls and melts within seconds, how much more would I consider you?" "You are worthy of being dressed in honor and service!" "You were made for so much more!" "Each living being on earth is born and then dies, is there not a purpose?" "Even the scientist recognizes this?"

Me: "I guess I never thought to consider my place in Your Heart!"

HIM: "If you just consider these two things, then nothing more......then, there would be no purpose". "But, if you open your eyes and look around you -- Is it not everywhere?"

Suddenly I saw, eggs hatching, I saw baby animals, I saw water breaking over rocks forming a waterfall, I saw fountains, I saw a pool, I saw fish, I saw clouds, and I saw Mountains.

HIM: "If I have considered all of this and created it, then I have created you. Have I also not given all of this to you for your pleasure as a gift? All you see here is it not good and beneficial, meant to nourish you so that you might consider ME?"

Me: WHOA!  In that moment, I dropped down on my knees in this beautiful grass and I wept... I cried, "Who am I that you would consider me worthy of so much labor?"

HIM: "Do your children ask this? Yet would you not move mountains for them?!"

Me: Yes!

HIM: He was delighted that I understood in that moment that I had a purpose under HIM. A purpose here, He said as He grabbed my hand to pull me up, "Come, come!" He took me to a beautiful pool. It was blue green and crystal clear. I could see emeralds at the bottom of the pool.

HIM: "What do you see?"

Me: "A beautiful spring of pure water."

HIM: "No look!"

Me: Then I saw my reflection in the pool next to Him. I was radiant and beautiful. I looked wise but innocent. I looked healthy and alive. I looked happy and at peace.

HIM: What do you see?

Me: "I see myself as I always imagined!"

HIM: "Who do you see next to you?"

Me: "You!"

HIM: "What do you really see?"

Me: "I see the King, pleased with me!" I began to cry into the pool, each tear made a ripple. I saw small little angels, like fairies but angelic, they had little buckets. They swooped down into the water with the buckets and collected my tears along with the reflection mixing my image with HIS. They flew off to the angels collecting these tears in flasks.

Me: "Oh what work, what detail and what labor!"

HIM: "No" smiling..."What care, what joy and what service!"

I felt like royalty, it was amazing, breathtaking... He began to take my arm. I was hesitating by the pool, I wanted to stay. He was laughing and seemed excited to be able to show me this and have me receive it.As we walked back, He Himself walked me to the portal. I reached out to hug Him. I held Him for so long and He held me back. The choir was still singing the Heavenly version of Bittersweet Symphony. I wept and I clung to Him.

HIM: He looked at me. He was tall, about 6' to 6'2. I am 5'2". He seemed about a foot taller than me. He used the back of 

HIS hand to wipe my tears. He reached down and kissed my cheek where the tear was and then He held me again. I didn't want to leave and He didn't want to let me go!! I looked over at the horse that was still standing next to the portal. He looked at the horse and then at me and He said, "Would you like to get on?" I laughed and He said, "Go ahead!"
The horse bowed down for me to mount it and I just reached down and hugged the beautiful white horse. As I sat up on top of it, I scanned as far as my eyes could see......this beautiful landscape...the smells of grass and lilies, these majestic mountains all of this in 360 degrees around me, and I felt like royalty. I began to cry. He stood to the left of the Horse and grabbed me, lifting me off. He put me down gently and put a small flower - a little fragrant white Jasmine - in my hair. I could smell it!HIM: "Take comfort my love, I have prepared all of this for you! Take courage, be strong, for I will come for You Soon!" ....."Tomorrow!"
Me: "Oh You are coming for us tomorrow?"

HIM: "Come and see me again tomorrow!"

Me: Realizing I wasn't going to find out of our coming home date yet. As I looked behind Him, I saw angels setting up a table for a feast or a banquet. I said, "Am I getting an invitation for dinner?" I joked with Him and smiled.

HIM: "Yes, isn't that what you see being prepared?" He smiled and waved, we both laughed.
I then heard the angels declaring, "Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord the Lamb of God!"

The angel at the portal said, "Genesis has a nugget, the fountains and waters are in the Psalms. "87" flashed before my eyes and I knew this was important. I also saw Genesis 1:6 and a dome!

I woke up!


Dream begins...

Conditions: Dark Heavy, Smoke, Thick Dense Atmosphere like Close to the Equator – thick, yet searing Cold.  Ground - Layer of snow 5" Thick. There was an entire battalion of Angels, maybe 1000. There were so many above me that it would be virtually impossible for any weapon to break through this Divine Shield.I heard a battle of epic proportions above me. The enemy was not able to get through. I know the enemy wanted to kill me this day!! The angels lining the path today stood so close together that the swords made a lattice of metal above me. There was a wind today, a warm wind on the path but outside it was cold - It was like a zephyr or something like it. As the wind hit the swords it made music! It was amazing. I kept looking at it.

Breakthrough was at the base of the ladder with his funny whistle call to direct my attention. Breakthrough allowed me to go first. I never paid attention to him before except for the sound he made and the blue flames or fur that seemed to come off of his wings. He was stunning. Handsome. His eyes radiated with sympathy but they didn't have depth like Jesus. I noticed that Breakthrough's eyes always had a small tear. He always welcomed me with a smile and was always excited to take me up the ladder. I wondered why I never went to the Father before this. Breakthrough would've come quickly. I also knew by his standing that he was the head of a larger army - maybe our guardian angels. I don't really know but truly, to see the resources God has laid out for us and the painstaking detail - organized by the King that He is ....No detail left undone! He is both the right -brained, creative romantic, yet He is equally the left -brained, mathematically logical and highly organized. He truly is for everyone, we are part of Him!

As I climbed the ladder it was lined with angels, each holding the ladder with one arm and swords drawn with the other. It was intense as I heard the battle raging around me. My rear-guard ninja angel made a breeze with His reeling swords. I kept wondering if one was to slip, I would come crashing down and one slice of that sword would be my end for sure. I knew that wouldn't happen! I wished that all of our military could see these formations that these angel warriors were putting together. It was truly the art of war. I never thought about war as artful before. Surely you could stand here and learn so much more about the art of strategy and battle that I never knew of. --It was truly amazing, truly. I felt so safe, so protected. Not one hair out of place. Not one bruise. Yet, here I was walking right through the battlefield and I don't even believe I was in the thick of it!

Today at the top of the ladder, I looked across to find my Love! He was on the Throne. His wings were still 2/3's spread. He was speaking to 24 people in robes. They were gathered below Him and talking, rather, discussing. It seemed serious but, then when He looked up to see me - immediately He smiled and joked -they all laughed. One waved at me. The business was serious but in ended on a positive note. As I was being escorted by my greeting angel, Breakthrough again stood near the portal. As the angel folded his arm in mine he began to take me across this beautiful Sea of Glass! I was barefoot and I could feel the warmth under my feet. I looked off for a moment toward the banquet table, it wasn't fully prepared yet, immediately I was disappointed. I wanted to dine with the King. I looked at Him immediately wondering if I had come to early.

Then the angel proclaimed, "Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! Blessed is the Lamb Who Sits on the Throne in Majesty. Holy is HE! Then again the Bittersweet symphony begins to play as I approach Him. He is beautiful! He looks at me as if He is pleased with me. I am suddenly shy and embarrassed by His attentions. He stands, this time grabbing both of my hands. He says, "Come with me!" When He grabbed my hands I was in a beautiful gown, it was airy and lighter. I had a braided crown (not a real crown - more like a maiden) I had a head necklace with jewels that was braided into my hair. This necklace dropped down on my forehead. My dress seemed almost Irish or Northern European in origin. There were braided ribbons of gold across my bodice. I could run in this dress. (I thought to myself, why all the different gowns, especially when they seemed like they were from all different parts of the globe or different nations. I took a mental note to research for later.)

He, Jesus, began to run ahead of me like we were playing tag. He was laughing and I was having the best time. I thought Wow, in all of my depictions of Jesus and my understanding of Him I never knew or heard of Him Running. --Completely athletic too - Perfect and strong! I chased Him, a full on Sprint! He let me catch Him under this beautiful tree! The tree was huge, old and exquisite, large branches. It was the most amazing sight. I looked around for all of the angels, I was use to having a crowd, but there were just a couple of attendants and His White Horse and....just the two of us!

The Tree - How can I describe this without ruining the visual? Well it was deciduous, with leaves. It had fruit. It was shaped like an Oak but it seemed to contain aspects of every variety of trees here on Earth --every type of tree was in this tree. Beautiful! There were several different fruits, all so pretty. The leaves were almost the shape of Aspen trees but the shape formed a heart. When they moved they made a sound like chimes in harmony, like mini choirs of angels. I could see so many colors. Next to the tree there was a river, not huge but like a stream. The river contained rainbow trout and the water looked like glaciated water. I knelt down by the bank. I was in awe. I had seen a river like this once before near Chateau Lake Louise in Canada -- but this didn't even compare. The fish were beautiful --truly rainbow trout - I laughed about this. I began to reach my hand into the water and I heard Him Say: "Would you like a drink?"

Me: "yes!"

HIM: Just then He took this beautiful golden chalice and dipped it into the river! He took a drink -first as if to test it then He gave it to me. We were drinking from the same cup!! WoW! I was drinking water from His Cup! My tears must have been an indicator of the magnitude of the moment!

HIM: "What is wrong?" "Do you not like the water?"

Me: I began to cry because in that moment I realized I was the women at the well - I was overcome with tears. One of those little mini angels flew over and collected a few tears along with some of the water from the cup with in this mini bucket and flew off to get this recorded!

HIM: He reached over and hugged me to comfort me! Then He asked, "What did you taste in the cup?"

Me: "It was so rich, it was cool and sweet."

HIM: "Yes, this is good water!" He began to laugh - His smile was huge!

Me: "I don't want to break the mood but, I saw You yesterday, You were heavy. There was nothing I could do! I couldn't comfort You!

HIM: "Yes, this is a very difficult time. The outcome is bittersweet but, my Father knows my business and I understand His! You should not worry but rejoice! Your prayers for me are dearly treasured!" Then He lifted me off of the ground and spun me around playfully. We were facing the tree.

HIM: "Come Here, look!"

As I looked at the trunk of this tree every fiber of its bark was a life. The tree base was thick -approximately 12' in diameter. As my hand rolled over it I saw the lives of people, billions of people woven into this trunk. As my hand ran over it there were waves of light and music as I pulled my hand off - it stopped -I put my hand back on it was lighted and made sound. I was giggling. He began to laugh at my curiosity. I turned around and hugged HIM and He Hugged me back!

Me: It's amazing!

HIM: "What kind of tree do you see?"

Me: "Well, it is composed of lives -- the Tree of Life!"

HIM: He was laughing..."Yes!" then with a wave of his arm I could see the inside cross-section of the rings.

Me: "What are these?"

HIM: "Did you not study this in school or consider this?"

Me: I laughed and remembered my science and biology classes. I gingerly spoke as I was not a good student of Science. "The Rings represent the age of the tree."

HIM: "Yes, What do you see, look closer?"

Me: I saw so many rings but I realized that they were earmarks of history from the Garden of Eden and even before? I realize that I kept forgetting to place Him there - He seemed so modern. "This is a very old tree!" I declared - I realized I didn't have understanding of all of it!

HIM: He laughed so loud, "Yes, it is!" He led me by my hand behind the tree. There was a beautiful blanket at the base of the trunk. Some angels had just finished laying out a picnic for us.

Me: I was excited but, I turned to Him and said, "I thought we were having dinner?"

HIM: "I know you did. The table is being prepared and there is much to prepare." We suddenly had a bird's eye view of the Banquet Table it was huge. There were droves of angels putting this endeavor together.

Me: "I thought you had said that the preparations were finished?" Immediately I stopped myself --I was Bridezilla in Carnage!! It wasn't going according to my plans...me! It’s all about me! "I am so sorry!"

HIM: He laughed like a husband with a special surprise. "Yes, everything is in place for the reception, but do you want your food to be cold or your wine to be stale?
Me: Pouting -"of course not." grumble.

HIM: "Look!"

Before us was a mini banquet. There was bread it looked like a fire roasted pita. There was a bottle of wine, but not a modern bottle it was blown or spun glass with a woven leather casing with jewels.
I have never seen anything like this. He laid on His side we were both laying parallel to each other. I was laying on my right side. He was lying on His left Side. The elements were before us. He ripped the bread in half and gave me a piece. He poured wine in only one chalice and He first took a sip to make sure it was good and then an angel poured more in the cup. He then handed me the cup.

HIM: "Have some bread with me!" and He lovingly tapped my elbow to raise the bread to my lips. He took the bread at the same time. In that moment I partook in Him and He in me.

Me: I began to cry...

HIM: "What are you thinking?"

Me: "What a priceless moment. One thousand kings could give me the money of nations but for this one moment, I would never trade it!"

HIM: "What else?"

Me: "We at this together under this tree!"

HIM: He smiled with such love for me....my hands can barely type it!

Me: "I have never been loved like this."

HIM: "You have always been loved like this!!"

Me: "Why not sooner, why now?"

HIM: "Are not all good things coveted or stolen?"

Me: "Yes" (I remembered each time in an instant where someone stole my dreams by their words or dashed my hopes, destroying my joy)

HIM: "This is the Perfect Time!" Then He reached up and handed me the cup. I waited...He said, "Drink!" then taking the cup out of my hand and brushing mine, He placed the cup to HIS lips at the same spot that I drank from!!

HIM: "What did you taste?"

Me: Giving the wine report "It was good, fruity, full body, red, rich..." He began to laugh!

HIM: "No really, what did you taste?" He gave me the cup again. I put my lips to the spot where He drank.

Me: "I drank in Love!" "When I drank, Your love coursed through my body. I felt my blood being mixed with this wine!" I realized that this warm rush I tasted from the wine was His Love Pouring out inside of me!

HIM: He smiled and waved for the angels to clear the blanket. He then turned on His back and I turned on mine. I was to His left side. We were both looking up at the stunning sky and clouds that cast no shadow or blocked light (curious). He held my hand. We stayed there for the longest time. Occasionally I would weep and He would brush off my tears.

Me: Finally I said, "I never want to leave!"

HIM: "I never want you to go!"

Then He began to get up. I noticed that His horse was lying down by the river and he rose when He did. My King's wings were not visible but, the cape of purple was draped over His shoulder. He wore His Crown. He helped me on His horse. He put me on the front and He got Behind with His arms holding the Horse's mane to make sure I would be secure - we then rode to the portal. He got off first and grabbed my Hand to help me off. His Wings were now visible. He reached down and grabbed both of my hands and looked right at me. Our eyes locked as He kissed them! I began to step to the portal and I ran back to HIM - this was getting more difficult. He held me for along time. No words were spoken. My head was pressed right over His Heart. It was part of the song. I heard the Bittersweet Symphony play.
Finally, I went to go - He was the only one at the portal. Just the two of us. The Portal closed as I descended. The angels were in the same formation. Oh how I hated to go back this time!!

Please use discernment.
This changed my own paradigm thinking. I thought that communion happened with the marriage! This was by far the most profound thing in my entire life that I have ever encountered! Profound! I need your prayers because I am a struggling with this world - I am praying He comes for me soon because I am not certain I will have the strength. As a good soldier, I will continue in service every day to HIM -- But I kid you not!! This was my living Game Changer!! Please Take Communion with Him - Jesus today! Please Pray for Him, His Heart is breaking for Israel!! Pray for our Sisters at this Hour!!

Love and Blessings...........Sparrow


I been going through a lot lately. I haven't wanted to even watch or read anything just in case I was to muddle the dream messages. I hit crisis mode yesterday after Dream XVII - Trying to understand, why me? I received my answer. I think I always knew but, it was hard to grasp, that I could be used for anything with a life like mine. I thought it would be impossible to top yesterday's Dream....not so!!
Here I am...a quick lunch break.
I woke-up this morning at 3:00am PST. I couldn't sleep, I tossed. I still had images of Him from the night before. I finally got up at 3:45 am. Went to pray and now and until He calls home, communion will be a practice I am going to live by! I have been in prayer for Israel as she is our sister. I have been in prayer for Jesus and for Heaven to come down! Everything seems to be unfolding right before our very eyes.
My prayer to God this Morning:
Dear Father, your son is my Love. Let nothing ever separate Him from me. I never want to be apart from Him as He is my portion and my cup forever! If I never live beyond this day, then my life will be complete. I search for Him wherever I am. I look for Him in everything I do. I never knew this earthly love but, always longed for it.
You saw something in me that was worthy, although I didn't see it, I was created for you! You sent Your Son, my Love Jesus to me!
The divine care and covering you have provided over me and my household is amazing! May the days that I remain here on earth be divine days, becoming of a child of a royal line. There is no greater love than what you offered to us in Jesus! Your Son Jesus is My Love! I cannot bare to think of Him suffering in anyway! May You bless Him and keep Him! May He be blessed! May Your perfect will be done on earth as it is in Heaven!

Dream begins...

Conditions: The path had twice as many angels as before. They form a complete roof of light over the path. The battle continues to rage above us. There is a different group of angels fighting at the dome--unusually large. As I approached the path this morning,
I saw the head of the black dragon. It came out of the smoke at me as I approached the path. Its head was the size of my house! It wanted to devour me. Several angels began to attack this beast. I saw angel’s swords splitting. I heard broken metal. The dragon wasn't going down. Several angels ushered me in under the covering of the path. I paused for a moment while my heart raced. I ran quickly for the ladder, there was still 5" of snow on the ground.

Breakthrough greeted me again. This time the art of war was ramped up. The ladder was lined with angels. Breakthrough went first and my ninja angel was climbing up behind me. The sounds were deafening. I heard voices in the smoke calling me by name. Some what familiar! I began to focus on the voices. Breakthrough quickly turned and put his hands over my ears sheltering me from the sounds. Just then the Red Dragon -- I didn't see it's head only the side of it's body --moved into my left, I saw a wall about 6' high of red scales. I heard the sound of this beast. It was like the old Godzilla movies and it was loud and horrifying. It too was trying to destroy me and the ladder. Several angels came-up and shielded me. One angel a very high ranking angel looked similar to one of the arch angels, went after the dragon. The angel pulled out a huge sword and stabbed the dragon. The dragon quickly retreated, but I could see the wall of red move across the landscape, it was huge. The screech from the wound was so loud it shook the ladder inside the protective dome. I had so many angels there; I knew I would not be harmed.

Breakthrough pulled me up. As I looked back at the portal I saw angels lining the ladder fighting into the darkness. The air went from thick, humid and cold to light, clear and perfect temperature. As I stood at the portal, I searched for my Love! There He was on His throne. His wings had opened to 3/4's now!!! They were so beautiful and shimmering. He wasn't meeting with anyone today. Again, as my greeting angel walked me toward Him, I heard the Bittersweet Symphony Play. The interesting thing is this music builds and keeps rising as I get closer to Him. My heart began to race. As was walking toward Him, His White horse came up and nudged my right elbow to greet me! I noticed that the horse had some wheat in its mouth, several strands. I turned and kissed the side of his nose and it prompted me to carry the wheat to Jesus. The Horse then stayed behind. As I walked, a large horn was blown. It was a beautiful sound. I turned to see where it came from. There was a stunning angel with this beautiful shofar. It was both translucent and luminescent. Hanging from the shofar were tassels of blue. There was sterling silver trim with heavy engraving around the shofar. It was one of the most beautiful horns I had ever seen. (The sound was vibrating the cells in my body!)
The Horn then stopped. There was silence for 3 minutes. (Not sure how I know this) For three minutes the effects of the horn vibrated through my system and my ears. Chills!

The angel then spoke. Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb, who sits on His throne, He is Holy and Righteous, Just and True, Holy is He! Then there was silence. Then the angel said, "Go to the King, Go to the Lamb"! He then released me - music began to play again. I ran to Him, I couldn't wait! He got up off of His throne to receive me. As He stood above me now - these risers were now almost seven feet. He took my hand. His right hand and my left with interlocked fingers. My right hand held the wheat. I locked eyes with HIM and I saw in his eyes a field of wheat. I saw myself sitting in this field from a dream 3 months ago. I was wearing white. The wheat was blowing and small pieces were blowing from it. The sun was bright; it was 7 days before my co-workers wedding, or September 1st 2012.

I looked at Him and focused on His beauty! His strong features and those beautiful blue green eyes that just penetrated my soul. My eyes searched His face.
His Hair was white as snow and was like silk. I looked upon Him now as someone in Love. There was a passion in me that rose-up. I was in love - there was no stain in Him He was perfect! Beautiful! His Crown was gold with seven spires on each top. Under these spires were thousands of encrusted jewels. Every jewel from His chest plate was represented and I saw rainbows reflecting off of these jewels. The light of His eminence caused the rainbows to come off of His crown. Then He grabbed the wheat out of my Right Hand. He said, "Come, I have something to show you!"

He was in His full armor. His wings were gone the minute we went off of the risers. He had a cape of purple velvet. He held the wheat and grabbed my hand again. He was ahead of me and I followed. The horse was near the base of the riser. My clothing this time was beautiful sterling silver armor over a white gown. There was not full armor like I would be at war - like His but a form fitting breast plate. Sterling Silver boots with shin guards. I had a sword on my left side. My dress was beautiful linen-sheer. My hair was braided back and I had a crown of 12 flowers of different varieties woven with my hair. There were metal fabric ribbons coming from it!

This time He got on the Horse first. The white horse was jumpy. He seemed ready to run!. My love swooped me up on to the horse behind Him and HE wrapped my arms around Him. I rested on His shoulder as we rode. His sword clanked with my boot. We rode past fountains and springs, orchards, meadows, forests. There was a small quaint village - where everyone wave at Him when we rode past. He beamed and waved with His right arm. Finally, we approached a wheat field, the same one from my dream. He patted His horse and the horse went low. An angel helped me off and He dismounted. There stood this wheat field. The wind was blowing the wheat. It was ready to be harvested. This time He didn't hug me. I wanted Him to. He knew.

HIM: "What is wrong?"

Me: "I missed you; I came through this huge battle to get here!"

He smiled and chuckled dropping His arm off of the Horse. He came over to me and picked me off of the ground just a little bit above Him. He spun me around and kissed me on the cheek. He set me on the ground and hugged me!

HIM: "What....you didn't think I loved you anymore?"

Me: "I was worried that I didn't please You!"

HIM: He smiled and looked down amongst the wheat. There in the midst was a beautiful perfect red rose.
He picked it up and put the stem in His mouth He also picked up something else. An angel took this very large shiny object, while Jesus came over to me. He took the rose and placed it over my left ear in my hair. The rose made music, and it kept saying, "Erin you are loved by the King and the King loves you with all of His heart!"

HIM: "Does this Help?" I jumped on Him with my beautiful armor dress, and I flung my arms around Him our noses and eyes locked. I could see every feeling of romantic love I ever had, any love, every feeling of longing, joy and elation all coming from His Eyes! I felt secure in His Love. He hugged me and held me off the ground in His Arms. His cape draped over us. He then set me down and said to the angel. "Okay" the angel handed Him the object - a sickle!
Jesus took off His cape. He told me to wait off to the side. Then I saw Him cutting the wheat with His hands, sheering it with His sickle. Suddenly the field had hundreds of thousands of angels all cutting wheat.

Me: "But Lord, the Harvest Season is over!"

HIM: "But, hasn't it just begun?"

I looked over and saw some wheat that had been cut awhile back and it was lying off to the side next to the banks of the River of Life. I realized that the Harvest had two seasons. I must have looked confused. He said, "Come!" So I grabbed the sickle that the angel handed me and I began to cut down wheat with Him. The angels gathered up the wheat behind us. My bunches were so small. His were Huge,
He was the best Harvester! When we finished we were both exhausted. He grabbed the chalice out of a pouch on the horse and scooped it into the river. Again, He tasted it first, then handed it to me and said, "Drink my Love!" Again from the very same spot I drank. Then He held me - He walked me to His horse put me on it then tied a bundle of wheat to a small pack on the rear, then He mounted the Horse with Him in back, me in front, and the wheat behind Him. I put my arms around Him and laid my head on His shoulder as we rode to the portal.  I wanted to hold Him like this Forever. The horse was in full gallop just an amazing animal! When we got back to the portal, His horse bent down to let me dismount. As He reached around gently, He put His arm around me and set me down. He then dismounted. He grabbed my hand and held it to His chest over His Heart. He reached over and put His Hand on my cheek!

HIM: "Oh, Yes, one other thing!"

He turned to a type of saddle pack on the horse and HE pulled out a pretty rectangular clothe. It was fine linen and white. He gently put this on the top of my head. I looked confused. He smiled and chuckled and He said, "It's going to rain!" He reached in to kiss my cheek and He Quickly jumped on the horse to ride off to the Throne. His cape was gone and His wings were back. I saw the 24 robed people beginning to gather. He turned and waived at me! The angel said, "Look to the word, the harvest is in, the time is coming! See it and be Joyful!!"

What a blessing this dream was! I have to run; I am praying it blesses everyone!!
Love and Blessings......Sparrow!


Dream begins...

This day, a roof of swords lined the path. Many more than even yesterday. The angels covered the path today. There was a light dusting of fresh snow. Below it was quiet. I could hear birds.
I saw two robins walking across the path. One was skinny and needed food the other was fat. The fat bird kept stealing the seed from the skinny bird. They were walking along the path and fighting over seeds that had fallen to the ground. - It seemed odd.

As I approached the path today, I looked above me and the entire dome was the beast literally. The entire belly of the beast was over the dome. I could see the scales of red. Some where black....looking closer the two dragons were enmeshed together forming a bond over the dome.

The warrior angels were inflicting heavy blows. Droves and droves of angels that were at least 9' and some even larger encompassed the roof of the dome. All to protect me.
There were angels between the dome and the canopy of swords. These angels were flying and ringing bells. The bells were keeping me from hearing the battle raging. When the beast would shift, the entire dome would rattle. It was trying to sit on the dome and crush all of us! 3 large angels carrying something like blow torches with blue flames, swooped across the dome searing the beast's belly. The Beast or Beasts Screeched! Occasionally I saw claws coming in and scooping up the heavenly angels and pulling them outside of the safe area. While this continued and I was under the canopy, I could only hear the crunching of the snow and the chirps of the two birds.

Breakthrough was at the base of the ladder and waved for me to hurry. This time I had fear at the base. I looked up and saw the two giant dragon heads near the portal. Seven large angels came to take blows at the dragon heads. Breakthrough whistled and two angels came with black drapes and covered the battle so I couldn't see it. Now I could focus on the light at the portal. At the top my greeter smiled and grabbed my arm. I looked for my Love! There He was! From a distance, I saw Him stand-up as I began to step. The angel pulled me back to wait. The Shofar sounded 2 Blows, pause, 2 blows, pause 2 blows and one very long one. Then no sound for about 10 seconds. Then a loud blow, very long and deep that permeated my entire body. Then silence for exactly 3 minutes.

I looked toward my King and He motioned for me. The angel announced: "Holy, Holy, Holy, is the Lamb, Holy is He, He is Just, He is Good, Holy is He!" He then turned to me in a quiet voice "The Lord is on the Bema seat today!" This time the sea of glass was spread out further. My feet became So beautiful as I walked on the glass --it just amazed me. The Bittersweet Symphony began to play. It began to build up with a higher wave of music as I approached. Around me were billions and billions of angels and suddenly I realized that Heaven would prevail over what I had just come through with the dragons! It was a beautiful sight!

He stood in full armor still. His wings had shifted open a bit beyond 3/4's but the fraction I couldn't tell. He wore his crown. His hair was white still. His sword was hung upon His left side. The risers now were about 9' high. There was a platform where 24 people gathered in robes. They were standing not seated. It seemed as if I had interrupted an important meeting. They dispersed as I approached. Jesus stepped down 2 risers to greet me. There He took my right hand with His left. My gown was beautiful; it was composed of thousands of blue sapphire stars. It was extremely heavy - I though it was strange because it was the first time anything had felt even slightly weighty. Even the solid sterling armor was lite. As He locked His fingers in mine and angel from the right came and put a small stool next to His left and lower than His seat. Four angels came rushing up and just over and behind the throne they assembled a beautiful arch of fragrant Red Roses! There were thousands and thousands. There were also large magnolia leaves with dark green on top and bronze underneath. The giant structure or arch behind the throne was about  9' high 12' wide and 6' thick. I could smell the roses. He could tell what I was thinking and HE stared at me - I began to chuckle (remember a few weeks ago smelling roses in my parking lot at work). He pulled me in front of Him and our 2 hands were enmeshed and woven together. We were standing face to face, me looking up at Him. He looked so majestic! He was a King!

Yesterday seeing Him working in the field just made me so in love with Him. Now to stand before Him like this with His power, I felt so honored and adored! As my eyes locked His, I looked into the window.
I saw wind, a storm, stormy seas, and earth shattering events. I saw explosions, famine, murder, I saw children being slaughtered! I immediately unlocked my hand, put my head down, and covering my eyes I wept! It was horrifying! As I wept, those little angels with buckets came to collect my tears and record them.

Me: "Why did You show me this?",  as if I had been mistreated by Him.

HIM: With great compassion, I saw Him well up with tears. I immediately wiped His tears and reached up to hug Him.

Me: "I love You, I'm sorry for Your pain."

HIM: "If you are my Betrothed, do you not want to know my business?" "You are my Love"

Me: "Of course!"

He then turned in back of the throne, and took my hand. There before me were two tables. One was very long. It was farther than I could see. It was still being lavishly set. There were white, red, gold and silver settings. There were several gold menorahs lined down the table.To the left of the table was another table. It was much shorter and closer to the throne. It was set with all blue, white and silver settings. The Star of David was embossed into the fabric as well as some Hebrew inscriptions that I didn't recognize. There were also no menorahs on this table. I was confused by the two tables.

Me: "What is this?"

HIM: "Only a few will be near My altar." Then from my right a large angel stood before us with a giant scales. It was beautiful. It was Bronze. The scales were equally balanced. Jesus then reached over and took something from the angel it was a blue sapphire knob and it was heavy like a weight --like lead. He then placed this on the scale to the right. Another angel came up and held out a heavy bag. Jesus took out the weights and placed them on the scales. There were 10 weights. An angel arranged them to form a pyramid so that they would not tip over. The weights were green, red, yellow, white and blue. The paint on the weights was chipped pealing and cracking to expose black, cheap metal. When He placed the weights on the scales, the scales tipped.

HIM: "Love, what do you see?"

Me: "I see this as unfairly balanced" One angel came over and put a blind fold over the eyes of the angel holding the scales. "Oh, Blind Justice!"

HIM: "Yes!" - He was sad in His demeanor and havy hearted! I didn't like it! There just wasn't anything I could do...

Me: "Why not focus on the settings at the very large table!", "Isn't this great!"

HIM: He smiled and hugged me! "It is about the long journey that the table represents." "This long table represents those who come by faith."This table pointing to the short one, they rejected me but this is the truth!"

HE reached over and grabbed a carafe of pure water. It was from the river of life. He took it and poured it into a clear glass chalice of crystal. As HE poured it, it turned into wine! I clapped and I must have jumped. I had forgotten all that He had done here on Earth. He smiled at me and chuckled - He was amused. He reached for the cup and tasted it. Then He gave it to me to drink from the same spot He had put His lips. At that moment I cried again. If they had seen the Jesus that stands before me they would have never had rejected HIM!

HIM: "What do You taste?"

Me: "I taste water mixed with wine!" I smiled...

HIM: "Yes!"

He grabbed my hand and lifted me up the riser. All the way to the back of the throne under the Arch of Roses! It was so Beautiful and fragrant. He held my hands up again to kiss them. Then He cupped my chin in His hands. I realized how much He loved me in that moment. He showed me. As I looked into His Eyes, from the time I was just a consideration, a tiny spec. He took me through every course in my life, smells, people, pain, death, anguish, joy, childbirth and rebuke. I welled up and began to cry.

HIM: "What is wrong?"

Me: "It's hard to see!"

HIM: "I have been with you and so you will be with me!"

Me: "I couldn't find You until later"

HIM: "When you looked into My eyes what did you see?"

Me: "I saw my whole journey"

HIM: "That was in My eyes correct?"

Me: "Yes, it was in Your eyes!" (He was smiling)

HIM: "I chose you! You did not choose Me!
I wept outright. Again this little angel came in and swooped up my tears again to record them.

Me: "But You love Israel more than us!"

HIM: "Is it not written in Isaiah how I feel about my love?"

Me: "I love you". I was barefoot in this beautiful gown. He seemed very tall. He reached up and grabbed a beautiful large red rose. The rose had pearls as dew. He smelled it and then handed it to me. I took a deep breath and took in the amazing fragrance. Nothing on earth can duplicate this. The smell was rich and intoxicating. He took the rose form my hand smelled it one more time Himself and put it in my hair over my left ear. My hair today was dark long and curly. This rose sang to me about how much He loves me over and over...it was so sweet!

He then picked me up and carried me down the risers. My gown was very weighty. He was laughing as He carried me down as I was saying whoooa! When we reached the bottom He said, "You are My Jewel and My Love!!" I was crying because I knew our time was over today and that He had pressing business. He sent me off to the angel. As I looked back He stood and watched me go all the way back to the portal. I waved and He smiled, although not as brightly today.
The 24 people were gathering back together on the platform. They were laying out a scroll or map and looking at it. I couldn't tell what it was from my vantage point. One of them turned and waved at me and I waved back.

The angel reached out and put the small cloth over my head. He said, "It is still raining, you should take cover. Look for Your Love, He will be found by you!" "His eyes are on the sparrow!' The angel smiled. I said "Where is it written Isaiah?"
He said, "Many places but  54!" Just then the rose began to whisper, "you are loved by the King, He is pleased with You!!"

Alarm 5:15am.

This was so heavy today. A rough dream. I have been downcast. In this Dream He repeated to me things that He had told me before about my place in His heart. But, I believe it is for all of us! Please use prayer and discernment while trying to interpret this. He will give you Greater Revelation!!

Love and Blessings...............Sparrow!


DREAMS XX thru XXII have been written in Sparrow's journal but have not been typed...
They are on the back burner for now...

DREAM XXIII THE PEARL - Nov. 25th, 2012

Friday November 23, 2012

This dream is out of sequence but, I believe that I received this entirely in sequence. Please use discernment. These are a series of dreams. I am no oracle, no self proclaimed prophet, nobody but a follower who likes to look to Jesus everyday. I look for Him in everything around me. I am a Watcher.

One of my favorite Psalms that certainly fits this season of my life can be found in Psalm 119:145

I call with all my heart; answer me, O Lord, and I will obey your decrees. I call out to you; save me and I will keep your statutes. I rise before dawn and cry for help; I have put my hope in your word. My eyes stay open through the watches of the night that I meditate on your promises. Hear my voice in accordance with your love; preserve my life, O Lord, according toYour laws.

Jeremiah 29: 13-14: You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all heart!

Dream begins...

The path in front of me looked like an illuminated tent. The angels were standing side by side together. The snow was still 5” and crisp and icy. Above me was an amazing sight -There were angels in attack mode completely covering the dome. The dome now seemed to breathe. This beast - still black and red was using all of it’s force to try to crush the dome and all of us under it’s weight. There were two more large columns that had been added - this created four pillars each tipped and pointing North, East, South and West. I could hear the thundering ground. It vibrated and shook. As I came to the entrance of the path I stood still. Outside of the path there was great noise, under the covering of the canopy or tent it was quiet.

The two robins were still there. One was even fatter than yesterday. It was ridiculously fat --no way could it fly. It could barely jump around. The other little robin lay on the ground on its side. I picked it up to comfort it and put it in my hand. I could feel it’s tiny bones and it’s broken wings. (I remembered a slogan for the Fish & Game Department “If you care you’ll leave them there” -- Not now) I picked it up and put the little bird into my flannel shirt pocket. I frowned at the little fat robin. Just then I saw it wander off of the path right into the middle of the war zone. I guess to look for more food.

Breakthrough whistled at the base of the ladder. He motioned for me to hurry. I could see the forms of these dragon heads coming from the cloth as I climbed. As I was going up the ladder the heads began to creep out from behind the cloth. I could hear a flood of voices saying horrible things. The voices were accusing me of so many things. As these words were spoken and angel with a large book collected the words while another angel wrote the words in this book. As the angel wrote the words the words became like daggers. 

The book was large about 30” wide when open and 30” long, it was about 7” thick. The pages were pure white prior to the writing, but the writing was so awful it became dirty, muddy, and stained. It let off an odor that was horrible. The ink turned from a beautiful gold ink to bright crimson red. When the book was filled, it was carefully sealed with a lock and key, the keys and the book both went with the angel through the portal.

As I climbed by, I was shocked that the words were so brutal. I was surprised at my reaction. My body as I climbed began to die. My skin turned transparent. I could see everything, my veins, my flesh, and my muscles. I was withering away. The words were killing me.

As I neared the portal, the hand of the angel pulled me through the portal with the assistance of Breakthrough. It took a moment to regain my composure. Another angel came and poured a carafe of water from the river of life over me. It was like liquid gold. Another angel handed me a chalice of water to drink while another came to dry me off. My pajamas turned to a type of dress made of torn pages of books from all over. I was wearing a gown of lies. The lies were in so many different languages, or scripts. It felt heavy. I saw the angel with the books lift a few more through onto a type of cart. There were three books with horrible things about me. I stared for awhile, realizing I was wearing a gown of it too! Breakthrough turned me away from it so I wouldn’t focus on that. I turned and saw Jesus there. What a beautiful sight! The wings shifted again. He was still dressed in armor and had His crown of Gold with Jewels. After I had just come through that battle I was looking forward to spending some time with Him. But with everything He had heard, I wondered if He had changed His mind about me. The angel held me back. Around my feet was the beautiful golden dust. The pattern stamped in it was mathematically impossible to recreate. This huge glass sea stood before me. It seemed to also be expanding with each visit. I stood there and heard the Shofar blow -- ta da... ta da...ta da....and one very long blast - guttural. Then silence for exactly 3 minutes. I looked along around me, there were millions of children all different sizes, from all different cultures, all dressed in beautiful white robes with golden faces, and the robes were illuminated. They began to sing. I recognized the song, Rich Mullins “My Deliverer!” It took my breath away! I began to weep!!

My greeter angel nudged me to keep me focused. The children then stopped singing and the angel announced. “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb of God! His ways are just and true! May His name be praised! Holy is He!” The angel smiled and turned toward me, with such sympathetic eyes and said, “He is on the Bema Seat Today!” The Choir of children sang “My Deliverer” again as I approached the risers. This time Jesus reached out to grab my hand. My tattered robe turned to a white robe with beautiful scripts that created a quilted gown. It was a tapestry with illuminated fabrics. It was stunning! He sat on the top riser and opened His wing motioning for me to sit next to Him under His wing! I cried when I remembered reading about this the night before in Psalms. I was safe! My demeanor was quiet today. I was bruised. We sat for awhile looking out over this majestic landscape. This choir of children looked like they were singing on the banks of the Nile. There was a golden glow around them it was truly amazing! I wept with tears streaming down my cheeks.

HIM: “What’s wrong?”

Me: “I’m Hurt!”

HIM: “Over what?”

I turned to look at Him and He had such love and sympathy on His face for me.

Me: “Those books contain horrible lies about me.”

HIM: “Did you believe them?”

Me: “At first I didn’t, then they began to be a part of me. They began to kill me slowly”!

HIM: “Yes, What else?”

Me: “When the lies were spoken, they exposed my layers of flesh!”

HIM: “What else?”

Me: “I felt exposed, transparent and weak!”

HIM: “Why did you stay so long there?”

Just then, I realized that I stayed there long enough for 3 huge books to be written about me!

Me: “I don’t know, I guess I wanted to hear what people thought, I guess I thought I could change it!”

HIM: “Did that work?” he was kind of chuckling like He knew all about this.

Me: “No, I didn’t even get the chance.”

HIM: “The world first hated me, so you too will be hated! It is an age-old condition! There are two things to remember, two things that exist which are at war! One is the Author of the Book of Truth, speaking good and breathing life into your body! Then there is the Author of the Book of Lies!” He speaks all kinds of evil! What do you notice?”

He then showed me a scene from the ladder, the beast spoke evil starting slow and then it poured out and the scribes could barely write fast enough. Then He showed me a beautiful Mountain peak - Like from the Swiss Alps.

HIM: “Watch this!” I heard the sound of an angel blow a horn, I felt vibrations then this tiny snowball turned larger and larger as it picked up snow, forming a huge avalanche and collapsing the mountain side! He then reached to His right and pulled out the chalice from the river of life. He took a drink from it then again turned the cup so I could drink from the same spot.

HIM: “Go ahead, Drink!”

I drank!

Me: “I don’t understand! I wasn’t thirsty!

HIM: He laughed (He was so kind, radiant & beautiful) “Did I give you the cup to drink the same exact way I drank out of it” “Was it not from the very spot my lips were?”

Me: “Yes!”

HIM: “If you are to partake from my cup and drink what I am drinking, what does this mean?”

Me: “That I will drink the same thing You drink!”

HIM: “Yes, This comes with a price.” Immediately I saw the veil. I was back at Golgotha, only this time He had not passed away. He was suffering on the cross! “What do you see?”

Me: “You, hanging there in Pain!”

HIM: “What else?”

Me: “You are fully exposed - You are laid bare, You are bloodied, battered and You are in Pain!” Just then I saw a Roman Guard with a sign that mocked Jesus, It said – The King of the Jews --it was in another language but, I knew what it said. Then I saw that His closest friends had left HIM. I heard people yelling horrible things about Him and I saw these Huge demons flying around all of them. They were like dragons. I was horrified again to see it from this View point - above the cross!

HIM: “Here, take another drink from my cup.” I hesitated this time. He began to smile reassuring me that it was okay. He gave me a big hug from the side, like I was a friend. “To walk with me, and to partake in me, is to be punished because of me!” “Do you understand?”

Me: “But by faith, I believe You will keep me safe from harm!”

HIM: “Yes, I will deliver you from your trials!”

Me: “So you’ll still allow me to go through them?” I cried! Tears were streaming now! I wanted HIM to take the pain and not allow it!

HIM: “I said, I would deliver you from your trials not keep you from them! What good would that do? Why so down, be encouraged! Soon your trials will be over!” He then motioned two angels with boxes I recognized. The first angel opened one of the boxes. Inside was this beautiful uncut emerald, or beryl stone. He picked it up. I recognized it! He handed it to me and I saw its origin, it was from Africa -gazing into it I saw wars, and blood shed over this stone. It was a stone of high price.

HIM: “Look!” Smiling, He took it into His Hands cupping it. He formed something so bright that beams radiated out of the holes in His hands. He breathed on it and He reached down and used cloth at the base of His armor to polish the stone. He then handed it to me. “A gift for You!” I just sat there in awe.

HIM: “Look!” In that moment, I saw every deceptive thing that was in the core of this stone now had been re- shaped into this precise, multifaceted stone. He said, “Look more closely!” I saw the course of my entire life in this jewel!

I cried - the little angel swooped up and collected my tears again to take them to be recorded. He then motioned the second angel with the other box. He opened it and there was a heart of gold.

HIM: “This means everything to me!” He put the heart into the palm of His hand. “Look!” I could see everything from my life from beginning to the end; everything, every moment I did something kind. I saw things I hadn’t even realized were significant to anyone. Everything was recorded in that heart. All of it! Then He took the heart and He placed it on my chest as another angel came to assist. He pulled out my heart that was damaged and dying. He took the broken pieces and He replaced it with this Heart! I was in tears!

The very thing that I had prayed for my entire life, He just had preformed heart surgery! I looked over at Him as I wept and He rested my head on His shoulder. He is everything! My Father, My King, My Husband, My Author, My Lawyer, My Cup, My Portion, My Surgeon, My Healer, My Deliverer, My Redeemer!! This was the King of Glory! He is Holy!! In that moment, I could feel warmth, healing, nurturing, love and compassion. No Bitterness just Joy! I had a new heart!! He let me cry there for some time. Then He said, “You have something for me!”

I remembered the little dying bird in my pocket. I handed it to Him. He held it in His hand and it became a beautiful little dove it had golden feathers and silver wings – I recognized it! He breathed on it and handed it back to me!! I had so much JOY! It was alive and plump, it had a pretty song. It stood on my left shoulder. He then squeezed my shoulder and kissed the right-side of my forehead, this time He was a friend and a comforter! Like an older brother.

HIM: “Erin, where is your armor today?” I looked down and realized I just had my gown. He smiled, “Put on your armor, if you are going to go into battle!”

Me: “Why can’t I stay here now?”

HIM: He waved His arm and there I saw a picture of my children attending my funeral. “Because, you must show the children how to put on their armor! Daughter, we are in the midst of an epic battle!”

He took me to a railing. Over the edge of the railing, I saw the Earth. Over the Earth was a much greater battle than I ever imagined! It was more epic that at the ladder although the Beast always seemed to be at the center of the Battle.

HIM: “Pray for your sister’s armor to be strong! Pray for them!”

I saw over the Middle East. I saw a circle of deception. A perimeter! The basic strategy of war! I saw the enemy in full circle around Israel. I saw a runner or type of swift horse running to different points on the circle. It was carrying a scroll or script. The Script was a script of orchestrated lies and tactics. I saw back-ended deals of every kind. The scroll was being passed all around. At each place, the scroll was opened and then signed as if a contract was being formed. The scroll contained the order of events, from the enemy. The Red dragon was forming an alliance with the black dragon. The black dragons represented the Brothers of the dark covenant and were opposite all that was good! There were dark lords and princes at every passing of the scroll! The scroll also contained a script for peace - to declare a later great deception. I saw Israel in a covering like a bright diamond in the center of the desert. The lords were planning to crush the diamond and break it apart! The dark lords envied the brightness that Israel represents. Israel is a bright and shining star with Heavenly Favor!

Me: “Lord, it is worse than I thought! When will this Happen?”

HIM: He began to show me formations in the stars and something else that cast a shadow. It was unclear.

Me: “I don’t understand.”

HIM: “They have a script, but My Father is the Author!”

Me: “Are You coming soon?” He gave me that big smile again. I knew I wasn’t going to have an answer! He waved for the angel and the children began to sing, “My Deliverer” again!! As I looked back, I saw Him speaking again to several people. His eyes looked up and locked with mine. He smiled and pounded His chest over His heart with his Right Hand and chuckled. I put my hand over my new heart and took a bow to Him!! I looked and He laughed.

As I walked with the Angel I saw the White Horse. It had beautiful War Dress over it. It looked so majestic and strong! I gave the horse a kiss on the nose!!

The angel helped me at the Portal. He said, “Go to the Word, look at the patterns of war through the ages, through the annals, nothing is new. There are signs before you!” Psalms 45 - Gird Your Sword - Go forward in Truth!”

Me: “What?” I was confused.

The angel went on: “Psalm 34 and Psalm 91 are for You!! Then He said, “The King is requesting Your Full Armor - NOW!”

Alarm!!!!!!!!!! Up 6:15 AM. I wrote everything down and recorded it! I stayed in worship and fellowship with Him for some time. Thanking Him for the Battles and Trials ---Yes, thanks that He did not save me from the trials but I have the knowing that He will deliver me! When, I have no idea, I just take comfort in Him and His Words I can Trust!! Paul further lends encouragement to us as Warriors in Christ! In 2 Corinthians 6:1-11

Please meditate in prayer on this! We haven’t much time here to leave our message of Christ’s Love -- Be Blessed!! Please use discernment and prayer. Reference Your Bibles -- Your Swords! Go forth in Victory!!

Love and Blessings............Sparrow!


November 27th, 2012

Dream begins…

Today the conditions were dark, cold, crisp. I could see my breath. The dragons weren’t visible. The angels that were forming the protective canopy over the path had not moved an inch since the day before. The angels completely covered the path with the swords forming this amazing pitched canopy of glistening metal above me. I knew that if I stayed on the path, I would be safe no matter what. God made it strong and unshakable... even if the beasts were going to break through the dome the swords above me formed a guillotine. The beast would never survive, it would be fatal! 

Above my canopy, the angels were gearing up for the next wave of attacks. The columns or pillars were pointed out over the 4 perimeter points. They were leaning as an enforcement wedge to the dome. I’m not sure what the actual formations or strategies are on a battle line. I've never looked at this, but what I was seeing made perfect sense. The beast's were re-grouping, so the angels were getting ready for the next wave. There were several ranks of angels. All of them were so strong, and very masculine, yet their faces were so kind, it was almost as if the two don’t exist down here.

I saw 4 angels again reinforcing this dome with this type of blue-flamed blow torches. The other angels cheered when these angels finished this protective coating. These columns -or pillars were truly artfully made - so strong and made up from a material that I knew was not going to crumble. I had the sense that these things could be weapons, but I didn’t know! The angels were running around as if they were losing time. When looking around at 360 degrees and through the dome perimeter, I couldn’t make out anything. I knew the beasts were there, I knew the beast was waiting but I was extremely uneasy! I looked at the angels protecting me and I realized I had become attached. They had gone to such great lengths to protect me. I remembered back so many times in my life where I had been under attack, by unseen forces --these angels or ones like them must have been there for me behind the scenes at the Father’s Command! I realized that this protection was for all us and that it wasn’t just designed for me. Maybe I represented Israel in these dreams. Maybe I represented all of God’s children here. Maybe and obviously both!

God loves us and protects us!! How many times did I get angry with God for not protecting me, when He had been keeping me safe all along? Surely, if I had seen this everyday, I would give thanks to Him for being the General of these warriors in my life. Wow are we loved and favored by God! Just then I heard Breakthrough motioning me to the ladder. I paused a minute when I saw the fat bird’s prints in the snow. I saw a couple of feathers leading outside of the protection of our Father - the canopy. I thought, no way was I going out there for that little obese bird, I thought about it! After I had seen what the Lord had done with the little dying bird, I knew He could heal the little fat bird. After seeing loose feathers, -literally had its feathers ruffled. I couldn’t believe the bird would even think it could find seed off of this path!!

Breakthrough must have known that I had been considering looking for the fat bird. I heard him make the whistle which prompted me to stay under the canopy for my own protection. One of the angels under his command nudged me politely back to the center of the path. There were more reinforcements today, angels had been added, which was odd because there was no battle here. It was a lull. They seemed to have information that I didn’t. Breakthrough kept me moving quickly today.

At the top of the portal I felt this horrible breathing. It was coming from the east and the west sides of me. It had an awful stench. The breath was hot and labored. Two angels with shields covered the breath from reaching me as I finished my climb. Obviously, the two heads were the dragons, sleeping and waiting. I was just glad to climb without them speaking horrible things. I had the impression that one day those books would be opened and used against this creature. ---There were a lot of lies spoken --God would have to get vengeance for all of us!

The greeting angel and Breakthrough brought me up through the portal. I saw an amazing Sight!! The Nile was to my right and there were millions of angels behind thousands of children all dressed in white. There were palm trees; it was lush though, not like a desert more like an oasis. These children were stunning -stunning! 

I saw a street of gold running next to the Nile. The street was made of large golden pavers. I looked in front of me. He was so glorious!! He was shining and bright! His wings were almost full but, the more I looked the actual feathers weren’t spanned yet ---relief! I still wanted to come here to visit Him.

I immediately dropped ---Boom! Every cell worshipping Him in complete Holiness!

Boom! I heard the roar of thunder and the ground began to roll. WOW! Every cell reacted uncontrollably in obedience to Him. They (my cells) no longer need me, myself and I. They had their King!

It became silent for 10 seconds. Then the beautiful shofar sounded... tada... ta-da... ta-da......then one long blow! It shook the ground. Then silence for three minutes. (I was still down, face down, prostrate) The angel announced: “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb of God, His ways are perfect, His ways are just, He reins forever and ever, Holy is He!! Then while I lay there, I felt something being poured over me like gold –thick like honey. It covered my eyes. The angel brought me up with my arm and another wiped my eyes with a beautiful linen cloth! Then I could see. There He was! I could see Him before my eyes… couldn’t see....it was just too much! He had such a wonderful smile. He was strong, so mighty, and so approachable! The choir of children sang “My deliverer is calling, my deliverer is standing by”...(Rich Mullins’ song). I began to weep when I realized that these were slain children! He had brought them home! Powerful, Powerful moment -- Truly powerful! I wept there a moment - shaken!

Then the orchestra began to play what sounded like Pachabel (Composer) in Cannon D blended with Bittersweet symphony. It was the same type of build-up! Very incredible and divinely inspired!

When my feet hit the golden sea of glass, my feet just floated above it as I moved toward the risers. I locked eyes with Him. I realized that I had been given such a wonderful gift of getting to know Him better. To actually have visuals of Him in all of these different roles, as Father, as Husband, as King, it was priceless! Truly any way that I state it seems to cheapen what this was. He was all of these things and so much more. To read it is amazing, but to see it even if it is just a dream!! Wow! Today, there was no greater Gift!! To actually have the pages of the Bible come to life through these experiences....just amazing!!

His eyes contained so much knowledge, truth and love.....love for me....love for us! I just never considered it! 

Seeing these children along the Nile River bank ...wow! I knew that He wouldn’t stop His plan to come for us - to save us!! Even just for one of those children, I knew in my heart He would!! I felt so secure in this! The children were victims of wars, pestilence, famine and slaughter -genocide. Every country was represented but, particularly Africa. He took my hand and I was wearing a robe just like the children. It was illuminated, fine woven, lined. I had this jeweled drop over my forehead again. I had 12 gold bracelets adorning my right and left arms. Each gold bracelet had a jewel. Each jewel was an exact replica of His Breast plate. I had a beautiful ring on my finger; it looked like a type of stamp or embossed impression. The ring was gold with Jade or Emerald carved stone. My feet were bare but they had a weave of Golden ribbons entwined around them and up to my calves - a type of sandal but with no sole. My bare feet touched the ground… He brought me up the risers with His hand to the stool. There He held my hands. I was looking up at Him. He motioned one of His angels to bring something to drink. I saw the angel pour some gold - crystal clear water into His chalice. He took a sip nodded and handed it to me.

HIM: “Are you thirsty?”

Me: “Yes” I then took a drink

HIM: “I thought you were thirsty...drink!”

Me: I laughed, I drank and after I drank, the cup remained full. I stopped to look inside.

He was laughing.

HIM: “Did you think I was going to let your cup go empty?” I laughed so hard at this!

Me: “No, I imagine you would never do such a thing!”

HIM: “I fill empty cups! He motioned for me to keep drinking.

Me: I gulped it crudely - He laughed ---but it really tasted good! Like glaciated water straight from a Canadian stream --no metal taste, pure, rich, sweet but not too sweet.

“I wish I could bottle this and drink it everyday!”

HIM: “You can!” Okay so this was a parable moment...so funny!

Me: “I’m hoping you are going to be serving dinner for Your guests soon!” I glanced over to the banquet table.

HIM: He nodded - “Yes, the table wouldn’t be set if the time of the banquet was not near!” “There are things yet to occur!” He brought me over to the balustrade railing. An angel stood there. This Angel was High Ranking...Possibly Michael, but, not sure since

He would be in the battle...I don’t know. The angel stood over the railing with his arm out. There was a plumb bob or plumb line. I looked over the edge and I saw an ancient sundial. The sundial was moving in reverse -- counter clockwise. Israel was at the center of the dial.

Me: “Lord, what am I seeing?”

HIM: “Look!” He showed me pyramids. He showed me large giants, very strong men using slaves to build the pyramids. I was seeing ancient things. He showed me a certain Pharaoh. One that had a strong hand! This Pharaoh governed everything east and west of the Nile. He was at the top of the river. He was causing great trouble. Where ever he was, curses fell on the land. This was an epic history lesson. The river itself looked like it was running backwards. Whenever he supported the Jewish people his land was blessed, when he didn’t the land was cursed. It was a type of spirit though because I saw it occupy several Pharaohs not just one. It started with the Ancients.

Me: “But, I thought everything came from the North and East in this battle?” Just then the angel’s plumb bob moved counterclockwise. The beasts originated from this spot on the globe.

HIM: “If you want answers, it helps to go to the roots or the beginnings to find out future strategies.” He pointed again at the stars. I watched HIM with His hand, move stars according to the events.

Me: “Why do stars matter?”

HIM: “There is nothing new under the sun” Before written maps, there were stars.

Me: I was confused and troubled. Origins, roots, history, patterns, maps and stars.

HIM: “Remember that everything good on earth has an opposite force”. “Darkness and light can not dwell together!”

Me: I realized I was getting an Old Testament lesson in wars and History. “What about


HIM: “It is the same, Look”. I saw a Pharaoh type figure controlling Babylon! He was arrogant! He was leading the nations. Slaves were building Persian castles. This figure had signed the edict. I saw the scroll being handed to the runner. The scroll was ordering the annihilation of the Jews. I saw a woman - she was Jewish. I realized she was Esther! WOW!

Me: “I see the same pattern!”

HIM: “Yes and the same pattern exist today! The enemy is trying to change history! He cannot! He is trying!”

Me: “But he knows that he can’t it is written!”

HIM: He smiled now....”Yes, you are becoming wise!” I was laughing and shaking my head because I knew I was not.

Me: “So he really thinks he still has a shot at overthrowing Heaven?” “I thought he was roaring around knowing his days are numbered? Making havoc!”

HIM: “He still believes he has power! He is trying to take the saints with him if he can!”

I saw the enemy in the unseen realm controlling so many different aspects of our world.

I saw a giant web like a spider around the globe and this beast like a spider spinning it out of control. I saw people getting wound up in it! The darkness was beginning to overcome the light. I saw jealousy, anger, rage, murder, rape, religious condemnation, hate, and greed....so much lawlessness. I turned, angry at what I was seeing ---with every second, it was worse. It was worse than Sodom and Gomorra. Way worse!

Me: “When I am there, (pointing to my home), I live in a bubble!”

HIM: He smiled with such love. “The angels work very hard to protect you, but they cannot shelter you from everything in the world because you are living in it!” “Soon you will be home and safe, here!!” He reached over and hugged me!

Me: “Yes, the pattern is there isn’t it?”

HIM: “Yes, it is the same enemy strategy of war. He does not change his evil plans. I remain in My Father and My Father gives the commands!”

Me: “When will this take place?” “The Jewish people won’t be destroyed, right?”

HIM: “No!” “Read the word study it. Look for the patterns. Pray for illumination from the Holy Spirit! You have been given a Key!!”

Me: “Is there still time?”

HIM: “You cannot stop what has already begun. This is the Father’s Will. These things must take place in order! The Bible is the script, the order of events!” “Do you not understand?” “Do you not see it?”

Me: “So the reasons these things are recorded in the Holy Bible is for us to have a greater understanding when these events will occur!” “Correct?”

HIM: “Yes, it is that simple!”

Me: “Okay, I better start drinking milk again!”

HIM: He laughed “The Holy Spirit is my voice and the Father’s voice inside of you! 

The Bible is the Holy Script! The written record of those that have gone before you! These are records, life stories, and wisdom all divinely inspired From Heaven! This is your Compass - The Holy Spirit Your Guide! You must learn to use all of these things together. The Holy Spirit will illuminate these things for you in the hour of your greatest need! Put on your full armor!! Go out in Victory!! You must walk forward in Faith!

Pray and never cease! Continue to lift each other up! Pray for each other and do Good!! I am coming soon!!”

HIM: Now calm but very concerned for me, “If I dwell in you, then you have knowledge and/or access to it”! “The Bible illuminated my promptings granting you discernment!”

“You have the tools for battle!” “You have the knowledge to fight!” “You can take courage knowing you are mine!” He puts His hand over His heart and I put mine over mine. Then He points me to the table -”There is a banquet being prepared for you!” He smiles and has a wonderful assurance that I will be there!

HIM: “Erin, the battles are increasing, stay focused on Me. Fill yourself with my love, in doing so, good fruit is produced. Pray without ceasing. Pray for your sister -- He pointed to the other banquet table! “Spread the good news - in love - always!!” “Beautiful are the feet of those who spread good news!!” He pointed at my beautiful sandals...I smiled.

He reached over to give me a Fatherly hug and a kiss on the forehead. As we walked,

He said, “Stand strong in faith, Do not Waiver!” “I am going to do something in your days that you would not even believe even if you were told!” He reached up and grabbed both my hands put them inside His and kissed them --never taking His eyes off of me!! “I will come for you and will not delay! I have promised you!” I was crying – tears were streaming. He gave my hand to the angel. I turned and saw Him return to the railing, the others gathered around --they were in a great discussion about the situation! He turned again and put His hand on His Heart and pounded it twice. I turned laughed and with my hand on my heart, I bowed to my Lord! I looked up with my eyes first and HE began to chuckle, smile and wave! I had a little skip in my step!!

As I went to leave, the horse nudged me. I kissed it! The angel said, “It is still raining, take cover!” He reached up with that cloth and put it on my head. “You have seen the plumb line, you know the direction, counterclockwise, and you see the origin, do not be amazed but take comfort in understanding!” In Psalm 16, He speaks. In Psalm 23, He comforts. In Psalm 103, He illuminates your course!” “You are Blessed!” “Spread the good news -- HE is Coming!” He reaches over and lays a plumb bob in my hand - “Put on Your armor - You are in an Epic Battle, remember it is what you can not see that can harm you!” He smiled at me!! I squeezed his hand.

Alarm......Hit Snooze button...........Alarm!! So much information ---

This was by far the clearest dream I have ever had. So clear in fact that I visually was there again as I was writing. Please use discernment. I am not a wise person by nature; this is why this is so amazing. I don’t have an overactive imagination. There are some interesting things here that I don’t know enough about! I will be going back over the Old Testament, looking through the wars, anything to do with the Pharaohs and the Jewish people as well as Esther. There are clues here!! If nothing more it makes for a wonderful Bible lesson!!

I pray that as you read, you will find greater discernment! If there are things here that I am missing - stories in history or elements in the Bible involving certain things? Please email, as I would love to put together a post with some scholarly help!!

If there is nothing illuminated here in this dream, please don’t trouble yourself. Pass it off as a good mystery or tale and call it good, but if there are things here! Please help!!

Thanks....Love and Blessings.........Sparrow

Dream XXV Dig Deeper!

November 28th, 2012

Thank you for staying with me on this journey....

So Iʼm on this unusual quest. I live in two realities. I canʼt have a normal night anymore. After I tuck my kids in at night, I pray “Father Your Will be Done in my life.” I yelled at my kids tonight, surely this will be the night that I donʼt dream......then I dream. They keep coming. More and more clear every day. 

During the 3 days of spiritual darkness that I experienced last weekend, I nailed myself to the cross several times. I sat in self-condemnation. I begged the Lord and pleaded for the dreams to stop if it did not matter to anyone, in other words, grant me some sleep. I got down on my knees and said, “Everyone has turned against me, I am being called things that are contrary to everything I had come to know about You Father. This is the deal, and please forgive me in advance, I need 3 confirmations within 24 hours or, I walk, Iʼm done. Use someone else!” Then I had the complete download of His face looking right at me, those beautiful eyes.........

”Lord, Iʼm sorry, I repent of my rebellion.....but, could you still give confirmation?...Donʼt leave me alone and isolated...please!!” Then I heard a crystal clear, “I Will!” - Within 1 hour, the 1st, then 7 hours the 2nd, then at hour 10 the 3rd, and it didnʼt stop!! Thank You Jesus!! He poured out on me His Divine perfect Love and He met me where I was...at a crossroads.

You see, I know what happens when I disobey His instructions. Been there so many times...so many....too many!! The problem, I didnʼt know how to Hear His Voice. As a Christian, I confused my instincts or desires with the Holy Spiritʼs perfect still small voice in my life. This process has led me to listen, wait, learn and act when He says to. He speaks to me now all day long, now itʼs up to me to hear and obey!!

He told me a few dreams ago to look for patterns and parables in everything around me. Right now I am working on one of the best projects of my career. A contemporary wine cellar.. It is a state of the art, computerized beauty. It has a glass rock crystal floor, It has high tech lighting, rock walls beautiful ebony wine racks, an original Anthony Hopkins painting hangs on the rock gallery wall. My clientʼs are out of town, so today I dusted off vintage wines and placed them in the cellar to set them up for the photo shoot tomorrow. I thought to myself, this could be the last project I ever do! It is one of my best and it is a wine cellar....Parable moment! I struggled as I thought about all of this, I watched Jesus in my dream pour water into wine. I took communion with Him. Here I was with all of these different wines ---really empty bottles soon to be poured into empty cups!! These people donʼt know Jesus. They might never have the chance to drink real wine. This cellar is really pretty but, truly empty! So sad.  There is still time. I could have an opportunity to talk to them about Christ, although I must admit there is a definite line in the sand lately while trying to witness. It is harder now for people to hear good news.

These Dreams have led me deeper in my walk. I have been challenged to keep going. Some days, I wonder if we are still a year off, some days I believe it could be next week,  or even tomorrow. I have never been given dates. So I can stand here today and say, I really donʼt know. I can take a guess but, without Him telling me, and believe me I have asked, I just donʼt have that information. I take comfort in this too!! The exciting thing for me is, He is deepening my relationship with Him! I am jumping into scripture. I am learning things that I never knew, it is rejuvenating my walk of Faith!! I am also becoming more and more compassionate and Loving toward others. I listen to their stories. I pray more. I take communion everyday! I am living for Him in all that I do!! Itʼs fun and adventurous!!

My Prayer:
Lord, please grant those who have been on this journey with me to hear from You! Widen their Tents! Let them dream dreams and see visions!! May all of us experience more of You! For we are possibly the last generation of the Christian Warriors! We must utilize our weapons, put on our full armor and go out in Victory, knowing we have very little time to make an impact in the lives of so many! Pour out Your spirit upon us so that we might persevere through the storms! So that when we all stand before you we stand in humility and strength. I long to hear You say, “Well done, Erin...you ran a good race!!”” Bless my brothers and sisters in Christ. Cover them in Your Wings and bathe them in Love that can only come from You!!

Dream begins...

There was a fresh dusting of snow - still 5”. Below the powder the snow crunched. The snow underneath was old and stagnant. I saw small seed everywhere on the path. As I walked, 7 little baby birds came out and were eating the seeds.
 Was the fat bird pregnant? How did the eggs hatch so quickly? I saw the robin, it was no longer obese, she had been pregnant! The tiny baby birds were white as snow...odd because this is not what they were supposed to look like. I was confused and fascinated.

The outside canopy area was again reinforced with legions of angels. 3 more pillars had been added creating 7 total. These 3 were to hold up the dome. The columns were both Greek and Romanesque in design, but they were cutting edge. They were made of a material that would not crumble under pressure. The warrior angels were ramping up again in preparation. I saw weapons that I did not recognize.

All of a sudden, I saw the black dragon reach itʼs claw in to the dome. Several angels with bows and arrows formed a type of triangle and shot flaming arrows at it. The arrows shot right into the black dragon. I heard a screech and the dragon jumped with such force that the entire dome shook. The black dragon appeared to be alone...now. It was angry - It was wanting to punish the angels. It circled the dome.

I heard Breakthrough whistle and motion me quickly. I was heavily guarded and other than the time when the enemyʼs lies got to me and I stayed there awhile, I was never harmed. At the Portal the angel stopped me!

The angel said, “Erin, go to Psalm 94, then to Psalm 103, see Psalm 113, Psalm 114 is about Egypt!” “You must examine Esther, study Joshua and study Haggai!! There is wisdom here that must be studied! You will have greater knowledge and see the pattern! See this first, He requests your obedience. Dig deeper. He will illuminate this for you the time is for now! There are questions that can be answered!” “Go Forth the King is pleased with You!ʼ

Alarm............Up!! What?? 1/2 a Dream!!

I prayed and believe that this is a message for all of us to examine these scriptures. Please pray for Israel she is our sister! Use discernment. Those who just have a curious nature, please read these and see if the Holy Spirit Illuminates them. I have not had this happen in any of the dreams to date. 

After experiencing the clarity of Dream XXIV ...there was so much information, I have the sense that a good Bible Study is necessary for greater revelation!

I also sense that there might be patterns revealed that could be clues to what is going on right now with the Middle East. Pay attention to the 10!! This might be a clue that goes way back. Has Israel always had 10 opponents. When Hitler was in power, were there 10 allies with Him? Did he have involvement or reverence to Egyptian Pharaohs? What was the historical strategies of war? What significance does backwards, counterclockwise, a sundial, the stars, or the plumb bob have?? How many leaders in history have called for genocide against the Jews, or tried to tamper with blood lines?
What is currently happening in the skies right now? What is the shadow? What is the significance of silence for 3 minutes?

I could use the help! Please use discernment. There is a Divine Treasure Hunt in Scripture!! Please let me know if you have had illumination here!! Would love to know! I wonʼt be able to dive into this until tomorrow!!

Love and many Blessings............Sparrow




December 2nd, 2012

I fell asleep. I was at the Portal.

I heard, “Now, come up here with Me! I felt a hand reach through and pull me up.  It was Jesus!

 HIM: “Are you surprised?” He had a huge smile and gave me a hug. When he grabbed my hand, my pajamas turned back to the white robe with the beautiful bracelets and lovely sandals.

me: “Yes, there was an order.....and.......” He laughed, grabbed my hand taking me immediately to the Balustrade.

HIM: “You prayed for questions to be answered with more clarity, Here I am!!”

me: I was still in shock I expected the show. “Wow” “I thought You told me You werenʼt like a personal genie” I was joking with Him.

HIM: He laughed with a contagious laugh. Even the angel with the plumb bob was chuckling. “You had questions for me.”

me: I was still confused. I grilled a small steak, had some olive bread with cheese....did I eat too much before bed.. “This is You Lord, right?”

HIM: Laughing still, “It wasnʼt something you ate!” OOPs He read my thoughts. I laughed now. “You prayed with an earnest desire for an answer so that You could convey the right words. You sought me for clarity, you asked for even greater understanding. Not self-serving but to serve me well!” “It was a pure request!”

me: “So, the word says when I seek you with my whole heart, I will be found by You! There have been other times I have sought you but, never had this?”

HIM: “Well, I have answered you in different ways. I have always sent you help!”

He waived His arm and opened a veil: 

Instantly He showed me this time just a year ago that I had dropped to my knees. Our electric was going to be cut-off. It was right before Christmas. I was negative -$25 in my account. I wasnʼt going to be paid for 10 days. We had hardly any food. I had to pay $125 to the electric company by noon to avoid, services being cut-off within 24 hours. There were no gifts under the tree. Meanwhile I was in a custody battle, where I would be labeled “unfit” as a parent if I couldnʼt keep the utilities on. I didnʼt dare breath a word to anyone that I needed help. I was desperate.

I drained my purse of change, laid it in front of me, I thanked Him for It. I held it up to Him in the sky and I said, “Lord, I need a miracle. If You can feed 5000 with just enough to feed one family, You Can certainly pay my Electric Bill!” “I know You Hear Me!” I was crying. My daughter woke up and was getting ready for school. I wasnʼt saying a word. I told her I was taking the trash out she stood at the door while went to the dumpster. I was half way there when I heard “Mom! Somethingʼs on the Door!” I remembered thinking, oh no itʼs the cut off notice from the electric company. I went back and there was a white card with a White Large Bow. On the outside it said, “Erin, you are loved” (began to cry while I was seeing this through the veil from Heavenʼs perspective and knowing my own thoughts at the time. I opened the card and taped to the inside of the card were 5 - $100 dollar bills!! I dropped to my knees and I cried. I thanked God for the Provision. It was enough to pay my electric, buy food, and get the kids some gifts for Christmas. There was no signature, no trace, nobody that even knew, not even a prayer card left at church, I hadnʼt breathed a word to a soul. He then proceeded to show me five other things just within weeks that He had done on my behalf. I was in tears.

HIM: “What do you think?” He had such a warm and excited look on His face as if He knew that I needed to know this. In this moment, I was so embarrassed about my lack of faith. My lack of thanksgiving.

me: I am crying, He reaches over and places me under His Wing. This made me cry even harder! “I guess I always knew, I just didnʼt remember, I shouldʼve always remembered!” “There were details you showed me that I had condensed, minimized or forgot.” “What happened?”

HIM: “Then enemy robbed your understanding, of the blessing.” “Your ability to recall the miracles. Would you like me to show you all the way back?”

me: “No Lord, I have to believe now that YOU have always been with me!” “You have answered my Prayers!!ʼ

HIM: “No, I have not always answered you prayers.” Immediately I saw jobs that I had applied for and didnʼt get. I saw myself filling out an application for Mortgage Loan for more home than I couldnʼt afford. I saw a car that someone purchased right under me. I saw my son not able to get into a certain facility for His special need.

me: “Why are you showing me this? This just took away the blessings you just showed me.”
Then in an instant I saw all of the things that wouldʼve occurred had I received what I was wanting. It was horrifying. If I had purchased the car, I wouldʼve been severely injured. If I had gotten the Home Loan, it wouldʼve gone into foreclosure. My son wouldʼve been hurt. There were other things. Okay Now I was Crying. My hands were over my mouth!!

HIM: “Do you believe I love YOU!”

me: “Oh Yes!!” I got on my knees before Him, for the First time I lay at His feet. I put my face down and cried. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for saving my life!” “thank You for not letting me suffer more than I could bear!” He reached down and grabbed my arms. He gave me a hug, under His wings. I cried again. Now I was truly humbled!” My head was bowed. With His handed He moved my face to look Him in the Eyes.

HIM: “Erin, I chose you. I love you. If I know when a sparrow falls, wonʼt I know when you are about to?” ---I cried --tears were streaming down my cheeks. “Are you brave enough to continue?”

me: “I have come this far. Please show how to serve You!” He got the biggest smile.

HIM: “I was hoping you would say that!!” “Come over here!”

He brought me to the Balustrade next to the angel with the plumb bob. 

I looked down on the middle east view of the Earth. I saw the sundial and around that was the outer ring. The riders were on the outer ring. As they rode they formed a secret alliance from place to place. A plan was in place deeper than the original speculation. I saw the current uprising in different countries.

HIM: “What do you see?”

me: “I am seeing more than the news is really covering!” “I am seeing a television prompter that has only 10% of the coverage.” “I see the riders going to the futuristic city. Very modern. Holds the Highest Tower” “I see some of the richest treasures.” “ I then see big oil and hidden investments.””I see dark princes here celebrating!”

HIM: “What is was your first thought when you viewed the tall tower?ʼ

me: It felt silly to say, “It reminds my of a modern tower of Babel

HIM: “What else?”

me: “I see big money exchanging. There are holdings from other governments that have interest here that arenʼt in the plumb line!” “Over the city are dark angels, holding an invisible dark blanket.” “Because of the wealth, the world ignores this city. It is under the blanket.” “I see a table, an elaborate conference table in the tower.” “At the table I see 10 leaders. Some present physically some present by satellite.” “Money is exchanged, oil is bartered.” “There is a marker from a Craps table set in the center”

 “I see money like chips --high stakes being shifted to ten regions around Israel!” “Itʼs a High stakes Craps Table with Real Bargaining Chips!!ʼ I turn immediately and looked at Jesus and asked, “Am I seeing what I am seeing?”

HIM: “Yes, but elaborate.”

me: “The chips are laid out around the dome covering Israel!” “These are back door princes. Driven by money and power or the black dragon. Oil is at the center.”

 “The red dragon has made them very wealthy in exchange for a deal.” “they are now avengers of the red dragon and enemies of us.”

HIM: “Who sits at the table?”

me: “I see 6 that below to the black dragon -steeped in religion” “4 leaders are not of this culture or religious belief, but they all serve the red dragon in their desire for control and wealth.”

HIM: “Soon there will be an order of events. All to present a plan. The six will eventually turn on the 4 because their plot is even deeper and has a separate pact."

me: “Lord, who are these men?”

HIM: “They are revered for their wealth and act passive in the battle. They are silent!”

me: “So these men are not leaders?”

HIM: chuckling and nodding His head, “Oh yes, but remember, define leader today?” “A bull is large and scary, but put a ring in itʼs nose. Is it not led by the ring?” “By who feeds it?” “You might be surprised!” “Remember evil dwells in hidden places, dark caves and hidden in plain sight.” “I know where they are. They cannot hide from Me!”

me: “Lord, when will this happen?”

HIM: “Itʼs happening now. Things are not as they seem.”

me; “I guess this makes sense.”

HIM: “Remember, the events unfolding will seem confusing but make no mistake there is an order to the chaos.”

me: “So why do they need to worry about Israel, when what I am seeing really shouldnʼt matter to them?””They certainly have all the money and power!”

HIM: “Yes, this is a sleeping giant, look!”

I saw oil at the center (which seems obvious) but it wasnʼt about the oil but the need. I saw rings like nose hooks all over the world.

me: “So are we all slaves?”

HIM: “The world has been serving this master, it is no surprise!” “But it goes deeper, look!”

I saw 6 leaders 4 not of the area. There were 10 fronts where the chips were on the table, each a country or pawn. The 6 worship the black dragon. The ultimate goal of the 6 is to destroy everything that God holds dear. If they can destroy Godʼs property then they believe the rise of their savior the Red Dragon will bring paradise. Paradise occurs when all the others are gone. The goal is steeped in long patient scripted events.

me: “Lord, who are these men?”

HIM: He showed me some exotic homes all over the world. Homes I didnʼt even know existed. High security. Satellites. A network of evil so deep and long.

me; “Wouldnʼt the worldʼs intelligence know?”

HIM: “Yes, they know. People have been killed exposing it. They have blood in their back pockets.”

me: “So what we are seeing really isnʼt truth.”

HIM: “Yes and no. The events are news worthy. They are in the news to show that these events are real. Just not the main event.”

me: “So Lord, the 10 kings are not literal Kings, but financial? What about the Bible and what it says? It appears to be a matter of Geography.”

HIM: “Read it again from this perspective. Know that the enemy wonʼt be blatant, everyone would see it. Things are not always as they seem. It will appear so, but there is more to it. You are not going deep enough.”

me: “So all of these countries are not necessarily going to be in wars?”

HIM: “No they will, it is scripted and it is written. Someone else, these 10, control the events. The wars will happen but not in the order expected. Looking at the backdoor 10 the order is seen. Same players, different venue.”

me: “What is the plumb line?

HIM: “It signifies, balance, scales, judgement from the Bema Seat!” It is a measure!”

me: “Like the scales with the 10 blocks, and Israel

HIM: “Yes, the ten are being exposed. It wonʼt be long.”

me: “So what is the sundial?” “What is the significance?”

HIM: “Did you not study?”

me: “Yes, but I donʼt have understanding?”

HIM: “Dig Deeper!”

me: “Lord, it looks like we are helpless to change these events.”

HIM: “Go back and re-visit the prophets based on this information. See if you do not have illumination.”
me: “Are You still years away?”

HIM: “Erin, define a year in Heavenly terms.”

me: “Then I donʼt know!” “Why show me this if there is nothing I can do?”

HIM: “So you can pray. So you have understanding. There will be a time when communication will be down. I give you information to spread good news. I want you to know that I will come for my Bride and will not delay! He pointed to His horse -”On a swift and mighty steed!” He smiled reassuringly. “Pray for your sister. She is the focus as well as those who have stood for her. She is a target because she is favored by God and hated by the red dragon. If the red dragon hates her the black dragon hates her. There is a web of evil being spun.” Then I saw a huge spider spinning a black web over the entire earth. 

It was out of control. People were in their own homes being destroyed and caught up in the web. There was a large warrior angel with a giant clippers and a sword. I saw him clip the web in several areas as the spider screeched and attacked. Both were fighting. “What do you see?”

me: “A giant web around the earth causing the light to be removed. -- Is this the worldwide-web??”

HIM: “Yes, another dependency and distraction that the enemy has planned.”

me: “Lord, I had no idea!”

HIM: “Yes, the enemy wants you to be comfortable here. What does the spider then do?”

me: “Put venom in us, paralyze us, then wind us up in the web so we cannot escape.”

HIM: “Very good, this is enough for tonight.” “You will have questions” “Study up!” “There are mysteries in the Bible. Hidden but in plain sight. Read again in Ephesians - the mysteries of the gospel. Look in Romans 16 about the mysteries.” “If everything was in plain sight then there would be no desire to dig deeper and know me!” “Remember, I am not a shallow Lord.

me: “But Lord You had just told me that everything is simple. Now I must dig deeper for the hidden?”

HIM: He was laughing. “Try not to complicate things. You are swayed by preconceived notions based on logic and research. Human understanding from scholars - another version of a half truth --complexity. What I am showing you can be found by you, just simply by asking me for the revelation. By obedience when the Holy Spirit prompts you to dig deeper, this is me calling You to use your compass properly in the woods!! Now, this is simple right?” “Erin, would you rather come directly to me to have me illuminate understanding in the Bible or go through endless articles by scholars with theories, further putting themselves on a higher educational field than the rest of us?”

me: I am laughing, “I would much rather have You show me in the word where I can find it!”

HIM: “Remember the race?” “The enemy wants you side tracked and defeated!!” “Spread the good news that I am here for my bride. I am here to answer questions and help!!” “Further, there isnʼt much time, gird your sword, go forth in truth, wear your belts, I am your Helmet!!”

me: “Thank You!” I then bowed to Him.

HIM: smiling, He bumped His chest and pointed to His eye and pointed at me!!

me: I curtsied and laughed. I now had a new understanding of His eye is on the Sparrow!! I walked to the angel and He turned and waved and went back to the Balustrade. He stood among-st the others.

The angel said: “Remember, it is still raining.” He put the cloth on my head. “You are being requested to re-visit, Isaiah, Joel, Haggai, Daniel, Ezekiel again, and Psalm 83. Use the new lenses. You are to think differently this is a paradigm shift. You are in the midst of a war. Do you not study your opponents to know the strategy?” “Do not waiver! Be strong!
Stand for Truth! Put on your Full Armor!” “Fast & Pray for Your Sister soon!” “Bless Her!!”

Alarm...........5:15 am.

Up- Communion. Prayer. Journal entry. On my knees today in severe thanks!! He has done more for me and us as a whole than we can even imagine!! These are dreams. There is a prophetic nature to these. Be careful. Allow the Holy Spirit to Illuminate things, not the Understanding of Your Flesh!! Believe in Whole truth donʼt settle for half truths.

Remember How many times You have been Blessed by Jesus without you even being aware of it!! Time to give thanks. Time to Love and forgive. Time to Walk as a warrior for Christ. We havenʼt much time! If this is not of interest, please move along! Pray so that your prayers will be pleasing to the Lord!!

I Pray this blesses everyone!!
Love and Blessings.........Sparrow


December 3rd & 4th, 2012


I smelled roses today and yesterday in the parking lot at work!! It was amazing!! The dreams are becoming more detailed. More clear everyday. There is so much to learn from what I am being shown. I am seeing the living word. The reality of the world has become heavy compared to where we are going.

While going through these dreams, the Lord has brought an amazing team of Christian Warriors that are right beside me praying for me daily. During the day unbeknownst to each other, in perfect sync with the Holy Spirit, each one within minutes of the other sends me words of encouragement and reminders to put my armor on. All of them so affirming and very knowledgeable about the truth of the Lord. 


He met me at my greatest need. To replenish my Spirit that had just been crushed. They have helped me without me needing to ask. I am so very blessed to have these friends. The Lord saw that this sparrow was falling and before I was even able to, He caught me and nurtured me.


LORD,today I am humbled. Based on all these events about to unfold, I take communion and I remember how much I love You. Eight weeks ago, this was a shallow love! Now this is a deep love --a desire to lay before your feet and forever give You thanks. You have seen everything in our lives. You know what has occurred. You send help and carefully give us only what we can endure. The amount of suffering some have gone through leaves me breathless. I look at my portion and I am thankful. 


Lord, You are my King! You are Holy! You are Worthy! Thank You for not abandoning us. Thank You for granting us this Hope of You! Lord, I must get my house in order --this has new meaning now. How shall I do this? What is the best use of the time I have left here? Help us Father to spread the good news. To my sister Israel, bless her cover her and keep her safe! Evil is closing in on her gates. Send help inside her citadels. Show her Your love before the times of great judgment comes! Even though we are right in it now.


My prayer:


Lord, I have dates in my mind. Dates that I want You to come for us. Dates that seem obvious. Lord, I know that we will have no idea until we are up there standing on Holy Ground with you celebrating. All of the signs are in place. All of the ears have heard. The Banquet is being set. You are getting ready to come for us because You have prepared a place for each of us near Your throne. Lord, who are we that You would Love us so much? Your love is so much Higher than I ever thought possible. Your ways are so beyond ours. How very Blessed we are!! Lord, please send out one more shout to those that we can reach!! Send one more so that we can show them how to get Home!! If there is anyone else...please Father. Bless my brothers and sisters who long for you like I do! Thank You for spending so much time to show us How to love You deeply, not a superficial love but a true desire for more of You! We Love You Jesus!! Please Jump on that Beautiful Horse, come on the clouds and take us Home!! Amen!!


Dream begins...


Today, the Dome is thicker - at least 12”. It is white and illuminated. The four columns are at he compass positions - The three columns at the center are forming a tripod of strength. The black dragon is between the 4th and the 1st column, or NW position. The red dragon is at the south eastern position.

 They are both standing there waiting. They are staring right through the dome. Several angels with the torches use the blue flames to blot out the visibility by covering the dragonʼs positions. There are more warriors than before. Three angels send off these large boomerang shaped objects or flying machines. They are a form of measure or test. The beasts send demons after the boomerangs to stop them before they return. I see lines of lights streaming from Heaven permeating and strengthening the dome. These light beams contain more angels - reinforcements. The angels at the path are lined solid now. My path is illuminated. The seven little white fuzzing birds are chirping and waking on the snow oblivious to the events around them. Each fuzzy little plump bird had ribbons in their mouths. Each representing flag colors or regions outside the war area. I saw a few colors that I knew were not in the battle currently, but were on standby??? Still not understanding. I saw Breakthrough. I ran toward him. As I climbed the 2 heads of the dragons were pounding the sides of the dome - they were trying to scare me and prevent me from climbing. They had a new hatred for me!! I mean all out Anger! Up through the portal I bent over to breath. It was like the difference between wearing a full metal armor jacket to a light airy sheet. Once I was pulled through, I could breathe! The Greeter angel grabbed my arm. OH WOW!! As if I thought it couldnʼt get any better! These columns lined the Sapphire Sea. The throne was like Sapphire and Crystal.


I saw HIM stand for Me off of His throne. His wings were now even further out. Above and behind Him I saw more of these magnificent creatures they were near the rose arch. They moved without turning. They were kind and caring - I saw four. They moved away so that I would only focus on Jesus! Very cool. HE was beautiful -- every day more and more. My eyes....just then the angel poured the liquid over my head so I could behold him. The other angel quickly wiped my eyes. I dropped to the ground. Full on Down to the Ground! The Shofar sounded again...... tada....... tada......  tada....... then one long blow. Then silence for exactly 3 minutes. The ground thundered and rolled under me. The angel picked me up, my legs were very weak.


On each side of the sea rows and rows and rows of people in robes lined the outskirts of the two rivers. They stood behind the children and the million or more angels were behind them. The angel said: “Holy, Holy Holy is the Lamb. Who is and was and will always be in Power and Majesty. Who sits on the Bema seat in Righteousness & Truth! Behold the Lord God Jehovah! Behold the King of Glory! Holy is He!” Then the crowd declared: “Holy is the King! Holy is He!” And there were loud cheers. It was incredible. The landscape was lush, the river of life was even praising Him and Nile sparkled in praise. The Divine music began to play! He was beautiful! 

I know I say this every time but each time He is more and more magnificent! Better than before! It just is! The Heavenly beings with humility and grace with such sweet spirits moved off so I could not see them. The risers were like marble or pearl marble, so deep and translucent! The beautiful red roses were still fresh, never dying of course. Around Him His beauty was so powerful that He gave off a glowing emerald aura that surrounded Him. Still the prisms of color were emanating from the jewels on His crown. When my feet hit the sea they moved as on a conveyor belt, toward Him. He stepped down to greet me! His hand reached for me and as I grabbed His hand my whole body bowed. He squeezed my hand and said “Come”. My legs were like noodles. My robe again was the same as before white and lovely! Nothing but the finest linen - like nothing I have ever seen in the Fabric industry. It glowed as if I were wearing a light stick. I could see my arms, my skin was beautiful! 


HE beamed as He could tell I was excited with everything around me!! HE pointed to the tables. They were almost fully set. Angels were putting fresh flowers out!. It was breathtaking! I must have jumped with excitement! HE smiled.

HIM: “Do you like it!”

me: “Oh yes!” “It is amazing!” “I canʼt wait!” He smiled when He saw how excited I was! “Lord, who are these people?”

HIM: “Those that have gone before you.They are gathering for the reunion”

me: “It looks like it will be soon!”

HIM: Smiling, “Yes, very soon!”

me: (In my mind I was still trying to figure out when) “Lord, everything seems like it is building up or expanding.

HIM: “Yes, the tents are being stretched and expanded!”

me: “Oh this is more than tents!” As I was scanning the scene, I saw foundation blocks of turquoise being set. Large blocks of it - The two blues together were incredible.

HIM: “Heaven is preparing to receive the multitudes of Saints!” He smiled and was so overjoyed. “Are you surprised?”

me: “Yes, and no, I knew in my heart and by the word via the Holy Spirit but, in my limited scope, I expected for everything to be built and ready!

HIM: “Erin it is, this is for your benefit that these dreams went in progression like this. Letʼs review:”

 In an instant i saw a time lapsed sequence from beginning of my visits starting from the first word and my hesitations, my girlish love, and now my anticipation of physically being their in Heaven. It read like a movie but extremely well done. Tears were streaming down my face.

HIM: “Erin, now look at your growth and the growth of those that have entered this story with you!” 

I saw myself taking communion everyday. I was praying more. I was forgiving and loving others more. I was diving into scripture more than ever and I was anxious to see Him. He also showed me the levels of love I had gone through! I just wept! Then He showed me others from all over the world. I saw Singapore, Kuwait, South Africa, India, Germany, Italy, Canada, Ireland, Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.....and even Israel!

HIM: “They are with you on this tremendous journey of drawing closer to me before the wedding ceremony.” I was overcome. “The Holy Spirit has spoken to them and they have become you in the story!”

me: “Lord, I am so thankful that You would have a use for me in this late hour!” I fell at His Feet. “Thank You - I thought my life had come to nothing!”

HIM: “After all of this do you still doubt your worth?” “Look” 

I saw Him in Shepherdʼs clothing in the far reaches of Albania. He was in a pasture and the sheep were penned in. It was a huge flock. Then I saw one little sheep slip out almost undetected. The little lamb got away in the middle of the night. The Shepherd heard the bleating, He dropped His View of the Flock and ran after the little lamb.

me: Laughing, “I remember this!”

HIM: “If I had started out with just a dream of the wedding and not the journey what would you have gained?”

He showed me a preview of what was coming for us in Heaven. My Heart Leap! He stopped it quickly as I was jumping up and down.

HIM: “See if you wouldʼve gone straight to the wedding, you would not have truly anticipated me in full love....just shallow love.” “I did this in three ways and if you broke down each section and edited them together they make a story 3 ways:”

1) “The growing Battle is the spirit realm is three days prior to real time on earth.” “This is what you see before you get to the portal.”

2) “Your deepening Love relationship with me. Did you grow more in your walk?”

3) “Then as we became closer, I was able to share with you what is behind the veil, so that you might see the signs and be able to look for me.”

“Presenting the dreams this way also renews your tired watch and reminds you of how much I love you and that I have not forgotten You!” “I built this slowly so you could take in the fullness of me and what is to come. This will become part of you! I have become part of you now in many more ways. A gem has many facets and great depth remember?” “Through your love and faithfulness others have had their own Heavenly experiences. When the sheep are in the pen one or two breakthrough and then the rest do too. Today it is difficult to walk in faith and share something like this. Others that have been given encounters from me are also in fear of being discredited. Remember back to the dream of the white dough and just a small amount of yeast? Did not the entire batch turn red? See -- weeds choke tender shoots. Weeds are everywhere some are toxic and kill but many will just take over the soil until the tender shoot no longer has sun!” “Remember when I walked the earth? All of creation was expecting a King." “What does the world see as a King?”

me: “money, power, a crown, a castle, and He rides on a royal horse.!”

HIM: “See, here I come, born in a manger, born of a virgin with no money - poor, the only crown worn was a crown of thorns. I owned no property, and I rode in on a donkey! Hardly the King that was expected!" “Have I not shown you how creative I can be?”

Suddenly I saw all the miracles that He had done while He walked on earth. I saw beautiful mountains, trees, snowflakes, clouds, waterfalls, sea shells, butterflies, flowers and download of paradise or a small snippet of Heaven on Earth!

me: “I forgot how truly amazing You are...there are just no words!”

HIM: “Even though the dreams donʼt fit into the normal order of how people expect them to be, are they still not from ME Divinely inspired?”

me; “Yes, because there is no way I have the wisdom to think of this.”

HIM: “Precisely! Now lets let those that would like to continue, continue, those who donʼt are believing half truths. You can no longer consider them. You have prayed for them. You have extended olive branches. You have grieved. Now time to step forward with me in faith and finish strong! Do you trust me Erin?”

me: “Yes, I love You!

HIM: “Where are you standing?”

me: “Directly under your left wing!”

HIM: “Then let it go. I will answer your prayers for them. Dust your feet off. You are standing on Holy ground!” 

He chuckled I looked down and quickly realized I was! I laughed and so did He!

HIM: “I have prepared a place for you here!”

me: “Yes, I saw my place at the banquet table.

HIM: “Yes, but Iʼve prepared more. So much more for you!”

me: I was so excited. I began to cry again. I was overwhelmed. He smiled and reached over to hug me! “Thank You!

HIM: “Believe Me I will not lie to you! Do you believe this?”

me: “Yes, I m winding down here on earth Iʼm ready to come home with you and my friends!”

HIM: He looked at me with such warmth and anticipation. He was joyful, secure and passionate about His quest to bring us Home! I could tell! “Iʼm coming Soon!”

me: “I pray your soon is the same as mine!” I smiled!

HIM: “Are the prophecies being fulfilled?” He begins to take me to the balustrade. the angel was standing with the plumb bob. Is my horse ready to ride?“

me: “Yes!”

HIM: “Is the banquet table almost set?”

me: “Yes”

HIM: “Now Look!”

I saw more activity than the day before over the Middle East. Egypt looked like it was in complete chaos, so did Syria. There is another country beginning to boil and Russia waiting for orders from the financiers. "Lord, this is frightening!

”HIM: “You have been shown some markers others will now research also. I show you this so you may have greater understanding when the Holy Spirit Illuminates the Scriptures. The Veil will be lifted. Many have suspected but few have placed this in Biblical terms.”

me: “Lord the riders on horses that I am seeing, these are the horses from Revelation, correct?”

HIM: “Yes, You are being shown the course. The destination and the plot. Now you can get your houses in order!”

me: “What do you mean?”

HIM: "There will be times coming"

me: “But You are coming before that, right?”

HIM: “Remember, there is an order you must be patient!”

me; “I see some boomerangs what are those?”

HIM: “They are a pair of eyes”

me: “What are they for?”

HIM: “Remember, when I told you that evil is hidden in plain sight but prefers caves, and dark holes?

me: “Yes,

HIM: “You must understand your adversary. Put on you full armor. The adversary cannot stand. Against truth alone it will Run! It avoids light!” Get your houses in order. Mend fences, board up window, sweep, reinforce your armor, even extend an olive branch. Find peace, look for joy and laughter. Be warm and welcoming.” He then motioned for an angel. He sat me down in a small archway next to the balustrade. It had beautiful

flowers. The angel put a basin of water and a golden sponge next to it. He bent down on His knees and He took off my sandals. He placed my feet over the basin, He wore His crown and proceeded to bath my feet.  ...tears...... I was crying I knew what He was doing. I was so humbled over this.

HIM: “Up here we find joy in service. We serve each other it is an honor.”

me: ʻBut Lord...........” I should be washing Your feet!”

HIM: Smiling, An angel came with a soft linen towel. He placed my feet in the towel and then place my sandals back on my feet. He said, “Beautiful are the feet of those who spread good news!” The angel came to collect my tears and record them.

HIM: “Erin believe that I am coming Soon!” “You will see the signs I will not delay! Ready your houses!”

ALARM............................ Woke up! took communion! Prayed --WOW!

Love and Blessings.......Sparrow

Dream XXVIII The Unseen Battle!

The Unseen Battle! December 5th, 2012

Dream begins...

Today the dome was reinforced with a new coating. The dome was still 12” thick. There were almost twice as many angels and more unusual weapons. Every now and then, I could see scales from the dragons that looked like large moving walls as they continued to circle the dome.

 The four columns were still at the compass at the compass positions. Approaching the dome and path, I was coming in from the west side or 9 oʼclock position (It just now seemed to be relevant). 

Beams of lights were shooting from Heaven. Thousands of lines of light with a bluish purple tint. Each light strand shot through the dome, faster than the speed of light but I could see them! It was a beautiful sight as these lines of light created a laser light show of epic proportions. I wondered if we would look like that only ascending to Heaven. I Imagine us as gold and white light strands based on the coloring I have seen from the children in Heaven....only a guess. The sight was amazing. The angels coming in were 3 types. Some were very strong warriors or specialists --like special Ops. Some were skilled archers but not just with bows and arrows --similar weapons but more advanced. I canʼt describe what I have never seen before...sorry. I knew these were lethal weapons. The other group of angels were like structural engineers that had extreme skills in enforcing walls and guarding gates, building siege ramps. I think I had seen them before in Heaven constructing during my visits with Jesus in the beginning, but I didnʼt have understanding about this until dream XXVII when I was told that Heaven was being prepared to receive the multitudes. __The progression of the dreams coincided with the expansion project in Heaven but it was only for the benefit of the journey of the dreams - or was Heaven actually being expanded to receive this great big party? I guess receiving a billion plus people, there would need to be preparations, but Jesus made it clear that everything was in place. Either way I knew that everything will be ready!! Heaven is advanced and highly structured. Our ways here seem barbaric and disorganized. Heaven is perfect and precise, but peaceful and relaxed?? Oxymoron I know.

The path was fully lined with angels there was an even tighter formation, more swords, more illumination of the path. The angels were hurrying. The beasts were pounding outside the dome with their feet. The beasts were waiting for the right time to strike. The red dragon shouted a command to the black dragon. The black dragon jumped up on the dome running over it. The dome began to buckle under the weight. The red dragon then sent fire to try and incinerate the dome. The structural angels began to add new layers to the dome. As I stood watching, the dome became another 6” thicker. The angels were also adding the 3 enforcement columns as well as the 4 in the compass positions. The red dragon was mocking the angels and began to crawl up the dome on the North East position. Then 100ʼs of archer angels shot at the red dragon. 

The red dragon was prepared. (It was a ploy to divert attention). The black dragon moved to the top of the dome and sat on it. The dome began to crack. The black dragon was inflicting damage. This created enough of a distraction that the red dragon tried to enter in at the southern compass column position. The red dragon reached in and moved the pillar and began to walk in to the dome undetected while all of the angels had rushed to the breech in the dome at the crack.

Just at that moment more, even up to a million, angels streamed down from Heaven with such force and magnitude that both dragons fled at the presence of the light streams. I realized that GOD saw all of this in advance because the victory was ultimately orchestrated from Heavenly places. I was cheering.

There had been a serious breech of the dome. Angels were down. The structural angels began adding two more columns so the center now had 5 columns forming a star in the True North position. There were angels weaving metal, like knitting, and spinning it. They were creating a metal woven net. I saw this net serving as a reinforcement and also because of the tension, whatever came at the dome would be sent directly back at the offending target. It was a weapon that aimed directly at the attacker. It was sheer genius!The 4 columns where being sealed at these positions as several angels with these torches or flame throwers were enforcing these points ---like an arc welder??

I heard Breakthrough whistle for me! I entered the path which was completely quiet again compared to the dome outside of the canopy! Again there was still 5” of snow with a fresh dusting over the frozen snow. (Where I live globally, there is no snow at all. There had only been some flurries at the Veterans day parade the beginning of November. I reminded myself to check Israel the last snowfall with 6” in Jerusalem was 2006. Maybe they are due??? Still unclear of the significance?)

Three of the seven little whited fluffy birds were dead or just dying. They were hungry and tried to eat their own ribbon/flags --obviously they had choked on them. One that I was looking directly at was yellow and black mainly but I couldnʼt tell if there had been another color. The other four birds still chirped and jumped around like nothing had happened. So, three were dead, four remained. The mother bird or robin was off of the path trying to lure male suitors so she could have more babies??? She was uncaring toward her starving chicks and oblivious to their needs, focusing completely on herself!

Breakthrough called, I ran to the ladder. Three angels and Breakthrough went ahead and three were behind me. (4 ahead / 3 behind). In the last battle, the fabric covering had been destroyed so as I climbed I could see both the red and the black heads staring right at me. The heads were massive. The eyes alone were my size. The very fact that these creatures were unable to break through this dome was purely by Godʼs design!

The lead angel reached back and handed me a huge sword. It was about 48” in length over-all. The blade was 7” wide and 1” thick, with the length of the blade itself measuring about 33”. When I held it, it became light and manageable like the heaviness of a graphite golf club. One of the lead angels shouted “If it gets close strike it!” I thought this was odd. I was no fighter definitely no warrior! One of the angels said, “Take a stab at the red one!” The red one was taunting me. It was speaking lies. The enforcement on the walls were so thick I couldnʼt hear what it was saying! Just then I saw an opportunity, I drove the sword at the right shoulder blade but, closer to the neck. In human terms the clavicle. The angels cheered. The lead one grabbed the sword back from me. I thought, why was my sword so easily translated through the dome? The red dragon was angry and I barely caused a scratch but for some reason my sword mattered in this battle. The sword of the spirit the word of God, as well as my Helmet Jesus --hurt the red dragon. When the red dragon hurt, the black one was also weakened. With Jesus as our covering, or helmet and our Sword of the Spirit, the work of God, we are able to inflict injury in the spirit realm --thus helping the angels with victory in the Spiritual Realm.

Ephesians 6: 10-17

Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power. 11 Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. 13 Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.14 Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, 15 and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. 16 In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. 17 Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.


Strong Word Today 12/7/2012 XXIII Part 2

In several of my dreams the angel of the Lord told me to study prophecy books of the Bible as well as specific scriptures. Two that had me tossing and turning during the night on several occasions were the Book of Haggai and the Book of Esther. I struggled to find a correlation between the two and then finally I realized that it was right in front of me the entire time. Both contained references to the Signet ring. Both also contain references to the specific time period we are in right now. Hanukkah.

Some other points that are interesting to me are that the Jewish Kislev 24, 5773 – which is December 8th, in Haggai is mentioned 4 times and Kislev is also mentioned in Zecariah. This particular time frame is a “Marker” (The same term Jesus spoke when showing me the craps table in my dream). The “Marker” signifies “Promise and Redemption” –This comes not by power, nor by might, but by the Spirit of Yehovah –but, in it’s time. It might also be a countdown “Marker” for the unfolding of 1260/1290/1335//2300 days of Daniel’s visions that are coming very soon!

In Haggai, Kislev 24 is mentioned a few times. With a word, “Give careful thought”.

Haggai 2:6 “This is what the Lord Almighty says: ‘In a little while I will once more shake the heavens and earth, the sea and the dry land. I will shake nations, and what is desired by all nations will come and I will fell this house with glory,’ says the Lord Almighty. 8 –‘The silver is mine and the gold is mine, ‘delcares the Lord Almighty. 9 ‘The glory of this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house,’says the Lord Almighty. ‘And in this place I will grant peace,’ declares the Lord Almighty.”

He continues to mention this date 4 times as well as the continued phrase, “Now give careful thought to this from this day on.” He also mentions two separate possible events. 

1) “I am going to shade the Heavens and the Earth (Natural disasters?)” Haggai 2:21

2) “Horses and their riders will fall each by the hand of their brother” Haggai 2:22

Just a possibility. I am no Biblical Scholar. In simple terms this is only what I see.

Zechariah begins getting messages in the 8th month, or mid-November. He has a series of 8 night visions, or dreams in a row. (These are a series of dreams, so God has allowed this historically for any doubters ---Mind you, I am not comparing myself to Zechariah just making a case for a dream series and timing).  He has a dream of the measuring line at the same approximate time that I had been shown the plumb bob – 3-4th week in November. The details of Haggai’s prophecies are laid out in the prophecies from Isaiah, Jeremiah & Micah. –These set the stage of the events to come.

Based on all of this and what I have seen, as well as confirmation from 3 unrelated sources. I would urge everyone to begin a 3-day fast beginning today Dec. 7th 2012 @ 6:00 pm where ever you are in the world. With many of you this will already have passed but, please consider 3 days of fasting and prayer NOW!!

I have had a word directly from an angel of the Lord that this fast will be a blessing and that it comes with a promise that God will speak to each of us individually for this act of obedience and faith!! Not through another person like me but, directly to us individually!!

Pray for:

1) Israel: I am seeing an epic battle in both realms. Epic. Pray for our sister and God’s continued favor and protection over all of her enemies. If we bless Israel, we will then be blessed. Start today 12/7/12 @ 6:00 pm in your time zone.

2) Pray for Discernment: There is an epic battle and we must put on our Whole Armor. We must walk in truth, the full truth of the Gospel of Christ! Be Strong and Courageous! Things might get tough and communication might be down.

3) Ready Your Houses: We could still be a year off from going home but, it is very clear that we are seeing prophecy fulfilled as we speak today. Therefore, make sure that those around us have the tools to stand. Jesus commanded us to love each other. We also must forgive! We need to clean ourselves up ---we could be going before our King very soon and we need to sweep!! Smiles

4) Reach out to the lost around us. Acts of kindness to our neighbors. Anything that might point people to Jesus through our actions, not are cramming of dogma down their throats.

5) Find Joy & Peace!!

Please pray and ask our Father for confirmation that He would like you to proceed with this. I know that anytime I have fasted and prayed, He has always answered and I have been blessed!!

There are so many signs right now!! All around us!!

Prayerfully, we will be home tonight but even if it is a year from now, these are things that I pray will nourish your soul and Refresh your Love for HIM,

"I am praying this doesn't sound like a "Thus saith the Lord!" because it is not. It was more of an Call to Arms from the Holy Spirit."

 I pray that this blesses you!!

Love & Blessings……….


Dream XXVIII - Continues....

The angels brought me through the Portal. I was laying on a large pile or bed of palm leaves. An angel presented me a chalice of water from the River of Life.

 The water refreshed me. As I lay there the angels poured the thick golden substance over my eyes so I could see. I looked at the bed of palm leaves that I was laying on. I noticed there was also another. As I caught my breath, I felt rain drops. There were no clouds but I felt water sprinkled on me like rain. It was not making me wet but it felt like it was renewing me. Rain without water or clouds?? It was cool and refreshing. 

The Greeter Angel and Breakthrough grabbed the rectangular cloth and placed it over my head, then brought me up. I stood there..... Breathless..... Around me were millions maybe billions of people, in front of them were the children and behind them were millions of angels. They seemed to fill the landscape but not really. The landscape was breathtaking. It was like all the most beautiful places in the world right before my eyes. I thought of Canada and the pictures I had seen of New Zealand, with these rugged mountains with snow capped peaks, yet all the while the water was crystal clear and light blue green. The water was the color of the islands in the Caribbean or Mediterranean seas. The sand was like sugar and there were many varieties of plants from all over. I saw trees of Eucalyptus, Palm, Cedars, and even oaks. There were fragrant flowers from the subtopics as well as northern roses. I saw beautiful fountains --amazing and colorful! I cried at what I seeing. I knew now that perhaps my next visit might be with others and in person. 

 I still see the Nile to my right (was still uncertain of the significance of this). It was like crystal clear with white sand at the bottom and cut crystal gem stones that caught the light. The crystals must be diamonds -- I wondered if these might be blood diamonds? Lining the banks were small bassinet's of gold as far as my eyes could see. These contained babies. Millions! I could see their hands in the air worshiping the King. I knew they were being taken care of and were not without love! To my left was the River of Life that poured out from the throne. It was lined with trees, each bearing different fruit. At the base of each tree I saw animals of many varieties. 

I saw....... a Huge lion laying down with a lamb literally! WOW! The animals were bowing to Him in reverence to the King!

 The Sea had expanded. I looked like molten sapphires. There were large carved columns with pomegranates and what looked like magnolia leaves...they were stunning. These columns flanked the Sea up to the platform. There were 12 risers from what I could tell. Each riser seams to be 18” high and 24” deep.

There HE Stood!!!..... His wings were almost completely extended now. They were the almost entire length of the platform at the top or 12ʼ each wing. The top of the platform appeared to be about 44ʼ across. Without a tape measure this was only a guess. He was still wearing His armor, although I noticed fabric of white with just a bit of red peeking out from under the armor. I hadnʼt noticed it before today. His gold breastplate represented each of the twelve tribes. His sword was gold and heavily engraved. His crown seemed to multiply. It looked now like the seven spires had become seven crowns. The jewels were encrusting each crown. It seemed that each crown represented a continent on Earth, and the jewels were the people - I knew this as I stood there but, I am unsure how I knew.

I looked up at His face...... my entire body dropped....whoosh. What I had spoken about before was nothing like what was now before me. My face was nose to gold brick of the cobblestone street that surrounded the outer stretches. The choir of saints began to sing. “My Deliverer is coming, My Deliverer is standing by, My Deliverer is calling, My Deliverer is Standing by”......... I lay there as the ground vibrated with this beautiful music of the saints. I stayed there for the entire song and wept, as I was amazed at the detail of what is coming for us. It had so much more meaning when I listened to the words of this song. I knew that Rich Mullens (Singer/song writer) must be there in Heaven in this crowd singing that very song that the Lord had inspired into him.

 The Angel brought me up. The Shofar with the gold and silver engraving and the carved horn began ..... tada....... tada....... tada....... and then one long blow. The ground shook....then silence for three minutes. The Angel announced: “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lamb of God, the King of Glory, the Great I am, who was and is and it to come forever more! His ways are Just and the Bema Seat is True. Worthy is He, Holy is He, Glory to God! Glory to God in the Highest! Then the saints said, “Holy, Holy, Holy, Lord God Almighty! Glory to God, Holy is He!”

The processional music began. As I stepped onto the Sea today my dress changed. I was wearing the same robe as before with the bracelets. I had the jewel drop braided crown over my forehead and those beautiful sandals that gave me bare feet worthy to walk on this Holy Ground. Once again, I glided on the Sea of Glass. His Face Shone Bright! Light was coming from Him. He was the source of light here. There was no darkness like on earth. I dropped myself, bowing down to Him on the first and second risers. He came down and grabbed my arm. I was afraid to Hug Him. I didnʼt want to dishonor HIM. He knew my thought so He reached over and Hugged me! I wept, my tears fell on the beautiful breastplate. When my tear hit the emerald jewel it sparkled. The Jewel Lit up! He wiped my tears and brought me up the the platform near the throne.

HIM: “Do you like it?”

me: “Itʼs more and more beautiful every time. How can this be?”

HIM: “Erin this is paradise!ʼ ʻDefine it!”

me: “It would be every beautiful thing contained in one place!”

HIM: “Yes, what else?”

me: “It would be like You have shown me, more to uncover, more to see, this is just a small portion!”

HIM: “Yes and the temple isnʼt even complete.”

me: I was confused. “In Heaven it is complete right?”

HIM: “Yes, again this is for your benefit.Each time do you not expect things to be even greater than the last time? You are experiencing everything, layer by layer in preparation. It is a Divine Processional, Is it not?”

me: I was smiling realizing that He had completely planned everything like this for greater anticipation. “Oh, so every thing is really complete when we arrive, we are just seeing the progress of building up to the big event....the wedding and the supper?”

HIM: “Yes of sorts. There are still those that believe in a half truth that Heaven is boring. You need to see that it is highly structured yet creativity and wonder are also an elemental way of life here. There is no death of an idea here. Every seed planted, takes root, blossoms and reaps a return.”

me: “So there is more than just physical life everlasting. All seeds eventually grow into a fruit bearing vine?”

HIM: “Yes and it produces a harvest that you yourself will enjoy. You will enjoy your own fruit that you labored for!”

me: “Iʼm so used to giving everything away. I donʼt ever live in the homes I design here on earth. I help others with their dreams and donʼt have enough to even pay rent or buy groceries!”

HIM: He was pleased that I just said this He smiled and nodded in agreement. “Here Erin, you will live in a home that encompasses every favorite idea you had for others all in one home --designed specifically for you. Mind you, with your varied taste the structural design team here had to use specialists to convey every thing into one home!”

me: I was in tears......just tears. I never owned a home. I have been flown all over the US to work on various custom mansions over the last 14 years. “Lord, how could You do this, even I do not know what my own home would look like?”

HIM: “Erin, I know you --- I am hopeful that you will like it!”

me: “Lord, I am content just being here. If I could be in Your presence every day, I wouldnʼt need a mansion. Just you!”

HIM: He hugged me. “You will have all of this and so much more! Heaven is creative! There are things that are waiting for even those who have been here. No eye has seen, nor ear has heard, the wonders that I have prepared for all of you who love Me!”

me: I was overwhelmed, a so so so excited for everyone to see this! “Lord, can I come Home now?”

HIM: “Very soon, come!” 

 He showed me a 360 degree turn of the entire area. I finally saw the Golden City. I kept wondering about it. It was if we were in it however, inside the gates already?? I saw incredible things that have no description that will one day be revealed. He turned to show me the banquet tables. The angels were lighting menorahs on the large table one angel was going ahead of them and was pouring oil in them. I didnʼt understand this. Why not candles? There were angels with platters coming to the table, and thousands standing by with serving carts.

 me: “Wow, this will be the most amazing celebration. It looks so soon. Please tell me. I am so excited!”

HIM: He was laughing and very happy that I was excited to come to the banquet. “There is still something that most occur. But, yes we are getting closer. Remember even I do not know the hour nor the day.” 

 He then walked me down the risers over the small bridge crossing the River of Life. On the other side was a golden platform. The elders stood to the right and off to the side. I searched for the one that waves to me. Today they all waved. I smiled and waved back. There was still an element of business in the air amongst all of them. He took me over to the balustrade. There were two angels. The one to the left with the plumb bob and the one to the right with the scales. The one with the scales was not blindfolded this time. I looked and recognized something. 

HIM: “What do you see?”

me: I fixed my eyes on the sapphire knob that represented Israel on the scale. The other side had 10 weights. “I saw one of those knobs at Target night before last. I recognize it!”

HIM: He chuckled, “Do you understand the script on it?”

me: “No, I cannot read Hebrew!”

HIM: He smiled, “It is a marker, it says 'A great miracle has happened here', this is what this represents."

me: “So the miracle is or will happen in Israel

HIM: “There have always been miracles surrounding Israel. There will even be more such as the world has never seen! It will expose these 10. Look - their very color fades away and chips off, their luster is leaving them!”

me: “The black underneath the paint, is this the true 10 that hold the real power?”

HIM: He smiled, “AH you have wisdom!”

me: “From You only!” I put my hand over my heart and bowed. He laughed and placed His hand on my right shoulder and guided me to look over the railing.

HIM: “Remember, there will seem like a confusing turn of events. Scholars will be confused, make no mistake there is an order. They are not reading the scripture in the obvious sequence.”

me: “I donʼt understand why would we be confused?”

HIM: “Consider these”...He showed me the dome over Israel and he black and red dragons (they kept morphing into one). “The one rules on earth right now, is he not the author of lies and confusion? To have understanding, scholars will need to come to me, I will illuminate the word like never before. When man leads unto their own understanding, then the author of lies will lead them by nose rings!”

me: “So You are saying that the scripture is being misinterpreted by some because of the ruler and author of lies?”

HIM: “Yes, the great mystery in the word comes from the illumination or Holy Spirit breathed revelation from the Original Author - the Author of Truth. Not the script-er of lies.”

me: I looked confused again. “So are the scriptures being read out of sequence to everyone?”

HIM: “No, many have sought me as the Author of Truth and I have illuminated it! They have truth, they know it!”

me: I was relieved and afraid for a moment.

HIM: “Just know that the events soon unfolding had no description when the truth was written. Such as you have no description for some of the mysteries you have seen here. If you wrote them, critics would say you were writing from the author of lies. Again, if there are no words to describe what you have seen how do you write about it?”

me: “I canʼt and make sense of it!”

HIM: “When the word was written, the words selected were made for a time sealed up for later, or Now! Donʼt allow the author of lies to define what that is. Come to me and I will illuminate what My Father has written, for I know and seek to know my Fatherʼs business.”

me: “I take comfort in seeing You! I have greater understanding just being in Your presence!”

HIM: “Iʼm Glad....Look!”

I saw the horses with different colors with these scrolls running a route or this circle, the circle led to this city. The city of many deceptions!

me: “Is everything from Here?”

HIM: “Yes, but one day it will be removed.” 

 I saw an angel with a giant hockey like stick, clearing off every marker and chip on the craps table or bargaining table! The men fled and were terrified! The black dragon went into an underground sewage cave. The red dragon headed to Israel. The Angel Michael and 6 other angels were chasing down the red dragon! As the 7 angels rode after the dragon a long trail of light swept through the desert land. Where they rode, the desert had life like a long oasis highway. They were pursuing the red dragon. Meanwhile the other colored horses rode and the riders had a scroll.

 me: “I donʼt understand everything! But, I love the 7 Angels chasing down the dragon! It looks like a long awaited victory for the seven right?”

HIM: He laughed along with the two angels and the elders. “Yes, a long awaited chase! With a very long awaited Victory for my team!!”

me: I was jumping up and down because I could see the outcome. “When will this be?”

HIM: “There is an order but we are right near the finish line of much of the prophecies. Is it not a relief?”

me: “Oh yes, this is awesome!”

HIM: “Remember though, read the entire scripture. There is more, we are nearing this fulfillment of prophecy but there is more, and it is heavy. Very weighty!”

me: I saw the weights on the scale completely stripped of paint and the wind had carried the paint strips away. I saw the small sapphire knob grow smaller in size. “Oh no!”

HIM: He was sad. “It is foretold, do not be discouraged! There are battles yet to occur, epic ones. Make no mistake, we are in the midst!”

me: “You wonʼt need to fight right?”

HIM: “Not as prepared physically (pointing to His armor) but symbolically, Yes! There is a battle as I take up my throne! Every knee will bow and every tongue confess. There will be both great joy and great remorse! It is bittersweet. This was for your benefit that you would see me in all roles!” “Remember?"

 Then I saw Him in all His different roles that I have seen Him in My life: MY Father. My Comforter. My Counselor. My Prince of Peace. My Lawyer. My Husband. My King. My Creator. My Warrior. My Portion. My Cup. The King of Glory. My Salvation! The Great I AM!

HIM: “You are to know me in all of these ways! To answer your question, I am not passive in this Epic Battle! Donʼt look at the facade always, go deeper! This is for your benefit that you know me and walk near me. You are my Bride. You are Royalty!”

me: “But we are not married yet”

HIM: HE laughed (I knew I was technically wrong) -- “Okay, Betrothed!” Everyone was laughing... “Make no mistake I am coming for My Bride!”

me: “I have a question.”

HIM: “Go ahead”

me: “Why were You sheep herding in Albania

HIM: “Good, you caught that!”

me: “What does this mean!”

HIM: “Parables Erin, study Albania. She was declared at one point in history the farthest nation from knowing me. Will I not come after even one lost sheep?”

me: “I had better look into Albania, is it on the current map or.....?” He was laughing...

HIM: “Homework is in order”.....chuckling.

me: “Is it in scripture?”

HIM: Smiling, “Yes and many like her, steeped in rebellion, but still I pursue her!”

me: “Oh good please appear to whole cities and let them see You!” I then saw stars above me and a waning moon.

HIM: “What do you see?”

me: “Iʼm not sure, is this current skies?”

HIM: “Yes, these are markers too!” He was smiling I knew they marked a season not a day nor hour but a range. One star seemed brighter than all of the rest but I didnʼt understand.

HIM: “The markers are from this vantage point.” I saw the plumb line near the Nile or Egypt. “You will not see these markers from your vantage point.” Then I saw North America. “I will send others to each region so all will know and see signs!”

me: “You are sending other stars?”

HIM: “Yes and no. You will see signs and know I am near. The enemy knows too. Just not the day nor the hour. Remember, did I not say ready your houses?”

me: “Oh yes lord!”

HIM: “Then letʼs ready your house!”

He sent me with the Greeting Angel. He hugged me again, pounded His chest over His heart twice. I put my hand over my new heart and bowed. He smiled and chuckled. He turned and went back to the balustrade. The elders began to gather. The horse nudged me and I hugged him and kissed his nose!

 The Angel said, “Itʼs still raining, cover yourself. Got to Hosea 2:14 and the promise in 3. Read Psalm 17 prior to 16. Remember what He is requesting of you....ready your houses, sweep! There are patterns in scripture in this way. Ask and seek.” He pulled out the Plumb bob put it in my hand, “Judge and measure using the Holy Spirit within you. Hold the plumb line from True North, then you will see!” “He is coming soon. Proverbs 2 you can recite! Did you not see? For your maker is your Husband is it not written?  Sometimes to find truth read the beginning as to clues in the end!” “See Isaiah this way also. See Psalm 110 unfold -- Where do you stand, take notice! There is no mystery, all truth will be given by the Lord with greater illumination. Remember His Command!! Love!!”

Woke-up 4:17 am.........barking dog.

Communion -  My Prayer:

 I love you so much Lord. You have spoken to me where I am! You have given me so much more than I could ever imagine. You are my strength and my shield. My portion and my cup. My light and my salvation! You have opened my eyes to the wonder of You! Lord, You have revealed yourself in so many ways but, always as our Glorious Savior! You are the Lover of our souls and the Prince of Peace. Bless my brothers and sisters in this unusual season. Reveal Yourself to all of us. You have declared that You are about to do something in our days that we would not even believe even if we were told!! Lord we are excited to see what this is, because we know that it will reveal Your Glory!! We praise You! Bless us and Keep us close to You!! Your Bride waits for You to Come for us!!

Love and Blessings.........Sparrow

Dream XXIX – The Final Countdown!

December 11th, 2012  - Ready Your Houses

Okay so, what does this mean? This is a reoccurring theme in the last couple of dream sequences. I have been in prayer about this. What defines, “my house”? The first and obvious answer is our physical residence in our respective location on the Global Map. 

However, I believe that the Lord was conveying that our houses are our physical bodies in which the Holy Spirit dwells.

I've been through some tremendous bouts of spiritual warfare in my walk and especially right before I started this amazing journey into a more intimate relationship with our Lord. There have been some epic battles during all of this also, which are made more tolerable because I can actually hear the Lord’s voice more clearly than ever before. Besides putting on the whole Armor of God we must also make sure that we are prepared to stand in the battle. What good is the armor if the body that it is on is not healthy enough for the war?

Just a few months ago, I realized that I was still actively sinning. Not always knowing that is was flagrant sin but, now understanding that even a slight level of sin is the same as a major sin. Both keep us from walking closely to the Father. It is not that He has left us, mind you, it is that we have left Him when we serve ourselves and our vain ambitions. Self-service keeps us in shallow love. 

These last two months, I have learned to love Him like never before!! I have grown closer to Him and deeper into the Word of the Lord! I am not perfect so don’t get me wrong here. The more I have sought the Lord and desired the things that are good for me in my body, the clearer His voice becomes. When I first started having these dreams, it took some time to wait and listen on the Lord. I learned that to take up the cross and follow Him meant to lay myself down first. This also meant that I needed to live a life striving toward personal holiness. Again, not so that I could be perfect which is impossible but, that my heart was open before Him and willing to be examined by Him. 

My Heart….Yuk….It has been a project. It has been broken so many times. I guard it. Then it breaks. Then finally it decided to stop all together. I guess one too many breaks. Now it runs on a battery…hilarious when you think about it, a battery. I got heart surgery But, I really needed the Great Surgeon to perform it! He Created it. He knows it better than any Doctor. He is the only one that can shape it. The deal was, I needed to surrender this heart to HIM. I needed to Trust Him with it!! He worked on it, multiple times. Every time I would do something that would require His surgery again. I never got it right. Finally I just gave it up!! See I had accepted Him but, I didn’t give Him my heart. 

The only way I knew to keep my heart healthy was to go to Him every day with it!! I would pretend to pull it out and put it into my hands. I would offer it up to Him. The more I did this, the more I surrendered myself into His hands in reality. My heart needed to be willing to Follow Him. I became eager to give Him my heart. Now what next? 

Now I had to be willing to allow Him everyday to come in and clean up this fleshly cavity.  So this is what I believe it means to ready your House: 

Board up the windows:  Cover my eyes to the things that would lead me down crooked paths. Maybe this meant coveting my client’s mansion, or car? Maybe this meant the lust of my eyes? It is better to board up the windows of my soul so that I cannot see these things rather than have them lead me away from the Lord. What does He tell us? If our eyes cause us to sin then……gouge them out??? Matthew 18:9 

Clean-up: If we know we are going to have visitors, don’t we clean our homes?? What about our body that houses the Holy Spirit, our temple? Are we desecrating it?? Are we over indulging? Are we bitter about things, harboring resentment in our blood? Are we allowing our Bodies to become dirty?? Did we lose our original luster? Are there things that need to be cleaned-up in our lives today? Zechariah 13:1 

Strengthen the Structure: Putting off our self ambitions and choosing to walk in personal Holiness. Choosing every day to follow Him no matter what He is asking of us!! This means reinforcing our faith!! We all believe in Him. IF we didn’t we wouldn’t be watching for Him!! We nourish our souls with the Word of the Lord everyday! We pray as much as possible all throughout the day!! This gives us greater understanding which then works together for stronger Faith! 2 Corinthians 4:16-18 

Remodel: Change the way things are to make it better….more functional! Bring forth everything that is contrary to the structure. Bring our sins to Him lay them at His feet and openly decide that you are going to go a different direction. Seeking Him and repenting of the sin!! Change course!! Everyday bring all of it to Him. He sees it anyway!! Bring it to Him. He will take it from You!! It is a fresh coat of Paint every day!! He will wash you white as snow! Psalm 51:7 – Isaiah 54:2 

Kick out the Pests: Remove the things that have gained access. You let them in, sometimes directly through the front door, or visibly through a window, maybe unwittingly through a crack in the foundation, or the computer…some how they gained access in. They are allowed to be there legally until you recognize them and boot them out of the House in the name of Jesus!! There are dust bunnies…old clumps of dust in the corners attaching themselves to things. Anything in your house that creates noise, a film of dirt, a distraction and blocks the voice of the Holy Spirit must leave. The Holy Spirit is the Light with in You – The only house guest you will ever need!!! Smiles... Luke 11:25 

When all this is done, then the Lord can come in like a flood. He can talk to you. Sit with You. Invite you up to see Him. You openly welcome Him into Your House. Joshua 24:15 

I guarantee He is a better Re-modeler than the other guy!! 

When I was at the top of my sinful----Christian walk, I would read only the scriptures that made me feel good or comfortable with where I was at. I wasn’t ready to walk in the Full Truth. I wanted a “feel good” Father that would be my personal pocket genie! I wanted my own “Jesus Genie!!” It was so shallow. It wasn’t what I could do for Him and others it was what others could do for me!!! Ouch!! The eleventh hour epiphany! God was requiring me to walk into the full Gospel of Truth and embrace my “full Paul”, get real with who I am, where I’ve been, and where I am soon going to dwell!!

Instead of personal Holiness I sought comfort.

I wasn’t walking in Full Truth.

I wasn’t reading the entire Scripture.

I wasn’t hearing fully from the Holy Spirit.

I didn’t desire a complete loving relationship with Christ.

He required the uncomfortable act of obedience. Not comfort. Obedience meant stepping out in faith, trusting the Lord and desiring to do your best with your whole heart to please Him!! An act of Love!! An act of true Love for Him!! 

We are running out of time!! Please consider Getting Your Houses in Order!! Help your children to understand this concept also!! It is important!!

We can all hear directly from the Lord!! We can all have the illumination of the Word via the Holy Spirit!! 

I am praying for all of you!! Help each other!!  Pray together!! Clean and Ready Your Homes!! He is Coming!!! Praise Jesus!! 

I wasn’t thinking I would have another dream!! No sooner did my head hit the pillow last night …boom another one!! Still believing soon that the next one we will all be live in Heaven!! 

December 10th, 2012 - Dream XXIX –The Final Countdown!   Part I

Dream begins... 

I stood there, not believing I was here one more time. I actually thought this in my dream!! The dome was before me. The four columns were still at the opening points to the dome. I was entering in by the western gate or side. The five columns were still in the center of the dome. The ceiling of the dome was cracked…this from the damage that occurred on the glass ceiling. The beast impacting it caused a breech. The structural angels had repaired the dome with this type of arc welder. The angels under the dome were on high alert, it was quite tense. 

The beast or beasts were still circling the dome. I could see them through the glass. The red one spotted me. I saw the wound from my sword on it’s neck. I had just made it mad and I didn’t do very much damage. As I stood staring at it, I noticed that it began to manifest into people from my past; people that had hurt me. People that when I was a child were unstoppable and as and adult were untouchable. I stood long enough to see almost 30 people. An angel moved in between my eyes and the beasts and used this blue flamed torch to cover the view of it from my sight. 

I heard Breakthrough whistle. I turned my attention to the path before me. Just then, the two tails of the beast began to hammer the base of the dome where the 4 columns were. The beast was trying to knock the very dome off it’s foundation. If the beast could knock down the foundation they could take down the dome and all of us with it. 

I ran to the path. As I entered, I didn’t hear a thing. It was completely quiet. There were now four dead birds on the path. One had yellow and black (maybe green but couldn’t tell) ribbon in it’s mouth. One had red, black and white ribbon. One had red, white and blue ribbon. The last one had green, white and another color but couldn’t see this either. All 4 birds had blood on their white fur. The 3 that remained had plucked at them while they were dying. The 3 were fat and evil. One of the birds had black tipped feathers. The mother bird was fat again…maybe pregnant… that was fast! I didn’t understand this. I didn’t like any of these birds. They were not remotely cute…but extremely vile! 

The angels on the path were blowing on me. The air inside the path was perfect. The breath had something like gold shimmery dust. This dust helped keep my focus on Breakthrough and the ladder. Breakthrough and two angels went ahead of me and there were four behind me. 

The heads of these beasts were again flanking the ladder. The red dragon was staring me down. Each step I climbed, I saw some one that had hurt me in the past. I climbed 30 steps up the ladder for each offensive person that had marked different valleys of pain in my life. I didn’t breath a word. I felt in doing so, I would give these beasts enough power to come through the dome if they thought I was weak! I didn’t breath a word to any of the angels either. 

On the last step I began to hesitate. I heard one of the angels say, “Hand her the sword!”

Just then Breakthrough handed me the sword again. He motioned for me to take a stab at the dragon. Another angels said, “Don’t look evil in the eye!” Another one said, “Take a shot now!” The beast had exposed it’s belly. I drew the sword and thrust it right into the stomach and back out and I heard the angels cheering. Another angel grabbed the sword from me. All of them motioned me to the portal. I looked and saw the red beast huddled over and the black beast laying down holding it’s belly. But, I had stabbed the red dragon? It didn’t matter. I stabbed it!! “Yes!!!” 

The angels at the portal said, “Erin ready your House!” “He requests your obedience!” You are almost Home!!  

I said, “wait, will I see Him again?”

The angel, “Yes, He is awaiting your return and a full report!”

Me: “What?” 

Woke up this morning 4:15 am….dog barking! 

Lord, Help me to understand! We are in a very late hour!! Please grant me clarity and the favor of Your Holy Spirit!! I love You Lord!!


Dream XXIX Part 2 continues... 

The Greeter Angel met me at the portal. Breakthrough grabbed the filled chalice from the River of Life and motioned for me to drink. Another angel came and put the gold substance over my eyes so I could see.

I turned toward the throne. I dropped to my knees. HIS wings were fully spanned. HIS feathers were gold luminescence and pearl. HE wore the crown with the crowns of seven. HE had a scepter in His right hand and the sword was girded on HIS left. HIS face shone like the sun and HE was completely illuminated. The reflection in the sea was like the sun rising on the water on the East coast. The roses above HIM looked like a victory arch and above the arch of roses and coming from HIM was an emerald ban of illuminated light. Incredible!

Then River of life was golden crystal. Animals had gathered from all over. The trees were all bent toward Him and the Mountains even looked like they swayed toward Him in reverence.

I dropped from my knees to my full body prostrate on the ground. This cellular drop was uncontrollable. Whoosh… down to the ground! Where I lay near the portal my face had met the gold cobblestones or pavers. Each gold stone was perfectly chiseled. The children began to sing, “My Deliverer is calling my Deliverer is standing by, My Deliverer is coming my Deliverer is standing by.”  I laid there for the entire song weeping on this gold brick street. I was almost home. 

The song played and the silence. The angel helped me up. My legs had buckled from weakness but once I stood I quickly forgot that. I stood at the edge of the Sapphire Sea with the Golden sunrise of His light reflecting on the surface. People lined the two Rivers as far as my eyes could see and even farther. The babies were the closest to Him, then the children that were no longer orphaned, then the saints, and then the Angels. The angels were the tallest about 3’ taller. The saints were taller than the children so these natural layers had occurred. This way everyone could see Him. He shone like the sun. Just writing the visual makes me tear up. I was an orphan, I was a widow, I was lost, I was shallow, but here He was……The Filler of my Empty Cup! I stood before my Maker, not in terror, not in shallowness, not in petition, not in wealth; I had nothing to give Him except my very soul. I was giving Him back all of me! Every last bit!

As I stood in complete amazement at the Sea, I remembered back to my first few visits. HE cradled me. HE listened and cared for me. He allowed me to sit on HIS lap as a child. I remembered when I rested on HIS shoulder, the silkiness of HIS hair, the beautiful illuminated white linen robe, the fragrance of HIS Being when he held me in His arms as a toddler just 30” tall. 

HE took the time to listen, get to know me, understand my pain and nurture me. HE allowed my questions and answered in a way that I could see the parable. HE stayed with me awhile and was so very patient with my lack of knowledge. I struggled through the hateful words of others. HE taught me how to forgive and how to love. HE showed me compassion and HE honored me with His presence. The very thing I though I could never do was to fall in Love with my SAVIOR!

As I stood there remembering how He had carried me, the Shofar had been joined with two more. There were now 3 Shofars, Magnificent! They played in unison …… tada ……. tada ……. Tada ……. then one loud thundering blow! It shook Heaven!  It shook my body and coursed through my veins. My heart beat faster! Tears were streaming down my cheeks. Everybody in Heaven was down to the ground. The angel announced: “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. He Reigns Forever in Majesty! The stars are His, the Universe too. There is a Righteous Judge who wears the sword of Truth, who sees us all and works all things together for those who Love Him. Behold the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Glory be to the Lamb, Holy is He!”

Then all of Heaven shouted, “Glory be to the Lamb, Holy is HE!!”

The music processional played. When I put my feet on the sea my gown appeared. It was the same beautiful white gown. I had these 12 Beautiful bracelets of gold again with the braided jeweled crown. My sandals were so beautiful too!! I still wore that pretty jade ring with gold. I couldn’t see my face but based on what I could see; my skin had a radiant golden glow. As I stepped out onto the sea, the sea took me to the risers. I dropped at the base over the first and second riser. 

HE came down and took my hands, kissed me on the forehead and brought me up the risers. HE sat me down next to HIM. I just stared at Him in silence. My heart was racing so loudly I was afraid I would burst.

HIM: “What do you think?”

me: As I scanned all that was before me. I saw the golden City. I saw the beautiful foundations stones from the tribes. I saw incredible fountains. I saw lush trees and greenery. I saw choirs of Saints and angels. I saw these amazing jagged mountains. “It is breathtaking!” I wept….it seemed that all I could do was weep in Heaven. He held my right hand.

HIM: “I did this for You!” (I knew HE meant all of us)

Me: “I am so excited to be here with my family and friends too! HE smiled.

HIM: “Did I not tell you about paradise?”

Me: “Yes, but now I really see it!”

HIM: “Do you like it?”

Me: the King of Kings and Lord of Lords was asking me. “It is beyond description!” “Can I come now? I am ready!”

HIM: “Very soon!” He smiled, “Very Soon!” I glanced down and my eyes fixed on HIS engraved sword. HE knew I was looking at it.

Me: “Lord, are You going to use this?”

HIM: “Yes, it will play an important role soon in fulfilling the prophecies.”

Me: “Like what I did at the ladder?”

HIM: “Yes, like that but different. What do you think that incident at the ladder was about?”

Me: “Well I know I can’t really bring down the Red Dragon. This is Your job. So, I guess I don’t know?”

HIM: “What did you see as you looked at him?”

Me: “It was very hard, I saw every person that had hurt me. Each step up the ladder, I remembered all 30.

HIM: “What did the sword represent to you?”

Me: “A way I could cut through to the source and remove the obstacle that kept me coming for you.”

HIM: He was very happy with my response. “Tell me what the sword represented”

Me: “Truth and Justice!”

HIM: “So tell me about that”

Me:  “The sword looked heavy. I didn’t believe I could handle it. But it was light and easy to maneuver.” He was chuckling.

HIM: “Go one”

Me: “The angels must have known, they told me not to look the dragon in the eyes. Then they told me to use the sword!”

HIM: “What next?”

Me: “I thrust the sword right through the dome and into the belly of the beast!”

HIM: “Why do you think you were given this opportunity?”

Me: “Well I knew that defeating the enemy is really your job but, I think it was for my benefit to use the sword of truth to cut down the lies of the enemy!”

HIM: “Why did I allow you to do this?”

Me: “So I could see truth cut through?”

HIM: “Yes but symbolically. You did what you thought was impossible, you cut down the strong holds with the Spirit of Truth – The Sword!” “The enemy was defenseless when you cut through his lies!” “Erin, you just took him down in the Spirit!” He laughed and seemed proud of me.

Me: I was laughing, “It felt really good too!”

HIM: “My sword has a similar purpose. You will see very soon!”

Me: I looked again at the sword and I saw the engraving of the battle yet to come. As I studied it the engraving became alive and began to animate the actions in the battle. “Lord, when I had died four years ago, was I up here in Heaven?”

HIM: “Well yes, you were here.” He showed me the jagged mountains. I saw up on the cliffs the small stone storage building and I also saw the deer.

Me: “What was this about?”

HIM: “I’m glad you asked. Do you remember everything in the little building?”

Me: “Yes, there were swords of every kind.”

HIM: “Describe some”

Me: “Well there were very large, some looked very expensive, some were simple and sharp, some had jewels.”

HIM: “What else did you notice?”

Me: “Each one had been through a battle, some in horribly large battles. Some were cracked!

HIM: “Do you remember what the angel said to you?”

Me: “I believe so. He said, ‘This is your sword room, this represents all the battles on your behalf since you were born.’”

HIM: “Let me finish what he said, ‘Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you, I would give up nations in exchange for your life!” (I was streaming tears down my face as He spoke this) “Erin, what else did the angels say?”

Me: “These represent all of the battles of the angels and the men you have sent on my behalf to fight for me!”

HIM: “What was I showing you?”

Me: “How You would cut through anything to come after me, no matter what. You will send your best warriors on my behalf to save me!”

HIM: “Erin, you matter to me, I did all of this for you, so that you would seek me even more!” “The sword of the spirit is the word of God. My word is alive and active today. The word is sharper than any double edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul & spirit, joints and morrow; It judges the thought and attitudes of the Heart!” “My sword is the sword of the spirit and my word!” I am about to come and judge the hearts of Men!”

“When I come, the thought of many hearts will be revealed. I didn’t come to bring peace when I walked on the earth before and when I come again it will be with a sword also!” “You will see me with it very soon riding on the clouds!”

Me: “Lord I pray this is soon!”

HIM: “Come!” 

Again He carefully helps me down the risers and across the small bridge over the River of Life. There the angels are still over the balustrade; the angel with the plumb bob to the left and the angel with the scales to the right. Over the balustrade, I saw horrible things coming. I saw four canisters or scroll shaped tube containers. They were being carried. The orders were granted from the city with the highest tower. The canisters were carried under the white flag.

HIM: “What do you see?”

Me: “I see these large canisters being moved during a time of peace. False Peace!” “When will this occur?” “I thought this didn’t happen until the end?”

HIM: “Again, read the word ask for illumination like never before. Seek me!” “Erin, your sword is the Spirit of Truth – the Word of GOD!”

Me: “Lord, I’m confused by this”

HIM: “The spirit of truth, my word when it is illuminated, will make a well lit path in the dark. A lamp. Remember the canopy and the dome?”

Me: “Every time, I wanted to come to you, my desire to see your face gave me the strength to overcome my fear of the enemy!”

HIM: “As you increased in knowledge so too did the battle increase!” “The enemy sought to destroy you!” “In advance of this, and knowing his plans, I sent droves of angels to guard your path. I sent Breakthrough to make sure you came up to see me without being harmed.” “I sent special warriors to make sure you would keep safe on your journey!”

Me: “But I thought the dome and path also symbolized Israel

HIM: “Are you not both my beloved?”

Me: “Yes, but….

HIM: “The same principles apply. When you increase in your knowledge and love for me, the enemy will seek you to destroy you. The enemy knows how much I love Israel and you, so it seeks to destroy all that I hold dear!” “Right now with Israel, this is occurring in both the spiritual and physical realm. I have sent extra reinforcements to protect your sister!” Please continue to pray that she be blessed!” “She is in the middle of a Hate Zone, a zone so evil that no one chooses to see truth and recognize the evil!!” ”The world will be amazed at what I am about to do!” “Have you been preparing you Households?”

Me: “yes, I believe so!”

HIM: “I am coming for you soon!!” “Do not be discouraged when things don’t seem to go according to plans!” “Know that everything is scripted and exactly the way the Father has chosen. “Do not be dismayed or discouraged!” I will continue to send signs and wonders.” Then He pointed to the plumb bob. “Remember, it starts here, form this vantage point. The stars and the sky will be a marker, and there are others too!!” “Seek me with your whole Heart and I will be found by You!!”” I love YOU!! 

Alarm…………..4:30 am!! 

I thought this might be my last visit, but I believe now that I might have a couple more!! Please use discernment. Seek answers in Prayer and the word of the Lord!! I am not a prophet nor have I ever been given a date!! Be blessed by the nuggets!! May these enrich your walk and deepen your relationship with Jesus along with the Illuminated Holy Script via the Holy Spirit!! 

Love and Blessings………sparrow

Dream XXX - Heaven Comes Down!

December 13th, 2012 Dream, written in journal 4:00 am PST 12.14.12D

Iʼm now seeing things so clearly, Iʼm having difficulty with the physical reality of this place. The Lord knows how much I can bear, so Iʼll continue to post as He reveals. I pray as always that these dreams come as a blessing. They are not given so that we become afraid because fear is not of the Lord. These are given so that we understand that the Lord, our Savior, our Creator, and our Warrior is faithful. He wonʼt leave us in the dark. He is concerned and Loves us. He tells us in His word that in these last days, He will pour out His spirit upon us, we will dream dreams, we will prophesy. All for His

Glory not our own!! It is for our sake that He focuses our attentions to Him and the Finish Line....the Goal, Not the battle raging against us in these final days. 

The enemy wonʼt sit back and let us have comfort. He is working over-time to deceive, discourage,discredit, and destroy... the list continues. My Mind is making this transition now from this world. It had a few years ago, based on His promise of the Rapture, but now I walk here like an alien. I feel like a foreigner in this land. I know that there are angels around us everywhere. After last night, I know now that they are working tirelessly toward our safety. I pray for Him to come. I am petitioning for His Coming now as I can barely wrap my head around what I am seeing.

One bright light, at work yesterday, I witnessed to a co-worker about making certain his house is in order. I told him about biblical prophesy, about my beliefs, and told him the story or why we need to. I told him he needs to accept Christ now... there is no more time. He didnʼt argue...he agreed. We were interrupted and never came back to the conversation, but I knew he was going to research it. WOW... 

 I thought that the last call had been issued about a month ago. As I prayed about this last night before bed, the Lord showed me a broom, I saw an Angel sweeping up over the Earth. I saw him sweep small lights like dust, not very bright into a dust pan held by another angel. The other angel collected these dust particles and shot up to Heaven. I knew this was an open vision. It was from the vantage point of the Balustrade in Heaven. Lord, Thank you for the opportunity to shout our one more time!! Thank you for those little lights. Lord send them to all of us right now...today...the grocery store, the mall, the coffee houses.....anywhere, everywhere! Bring them to us, so that we can be part of this final sweep. Father, I still donʼt know when You are coming. I take comfort in knowing the season. I take comfort that I am an end-time warrior along with my sisters and brothers in Christ around the world. Lord, like never before, send them our way...send the lost in droves as one last sweep occurs. Father, if we know this is what You are going to do with us, then We can bear the final wait of the Countdown. We can tolerate the agony of this place so that Your Will be Done through us!! May our hearts be ready to See the Opportunity. May our Faces show the Joy of the Lord. Let my Face Shine Like One of these Angels of the Lord. Let the lost come in the final sweep. Let them come before You!! You love your sheep!!

Dream begins...

The Dome today was completely Illuminated. I saw lights shooting into the dome with more angels. Another coating was added to the dome making the dome walls approximately 18” in thickness. There were archers with a type of flaming arrow for weapons. There were some very large woven metal weapons -- hard to describe -- but very lethal. There was one very Large Beautiful Warrior Angel. He was extremely strong. He wore red and blue undergarments and and armor of gold. His breastplate was a replica of his chest. He had a huge sword that he moved around the air like a feather moves in the wind. He had an amazing shield -- a type of metal that nothing could penetrate it (this reminded me of Captain Americaʼs shield in a recent movie). It was also a weapon. I knew that this was one of the Seven Archangels. When I stood on the balustrade I saw 7 riding in a V formation after the red dragon. This angel was the one I saw in the lead position on the V formation. Could it be Michael??? I had better study some more. With him in command here at the dome, the formations were incredible. Angels were streaming down from Heaven and others that were tired? or served their purposes were going back up.....Descending and Ascending right before my eyes.

The last week or so, there hadnʼt been much happening. There had been been things going on behind the scenes just not in the physical realm that we saw on earth. What I was seeing now is a build-up to an epic battle. I canʼt imagine it getting even more ramped up.....Michael was here...right?? Outside the dome I saw the red and black dragons. Their tails were locked and entwined. They were in opposite directions and seemed to wrap the dome by itʼs outside foundation. Then I saw a large spider. It was a black widow 6ʼ wide and 6ʼ long itʼs sack alone must have been 6ʼ thick. Gave me the chills --very frightening. It shot a web up over the dome. The lead angel --Michael?- went straight up and clipped the web with his sword. The spider screeched and began to attack. Several archer angels shot flaming arrows at it, wounding it but not fatally. The red dragon reached up and placed the spider on the black dragon's shoulder. The black dragon and the spider were joined together. The spider was a host to the black dragon. Several large angels cut down the remaining web over the dome and the commanding angel (I will call him Michael, but I could stand corrected later...disclaimer).

 Michael lifted his sword, all of the angels gave a mighty shout. I didnʼt understand what was said in this shout. It was a Heavenly language. Just then a million lights shot down from Heaven!! Steams of these canisters came in and around the perimeter of the dome. The angels all around me cheered even the ones on the path -- that were more serious. The angels came through the 5 columns supporting the dome in the center. The 5 columns formed a type of portal for the angels of the Lord to come. Now, I understood why the dragon was trying to shatter the glass ceiling of the dome at the portal door! Now I see why!!

 I stood there, my mouth just dropped as I watched this amazing light show in front of me. 

 It was a Heavenly Asteroid Shower of Epic Proportion! Iʼll never look at the stars the same again! It was incredible! These angels of the Lord are incredible! I saw Michael turn to look at me. He motioned Breakthrough. Breakthrough then waived for me to hurry to the path! As I began to move to the path, I saw the dragons & spider summon the opposite of light..............Oh no!!.......... I saw a thick black, gray, red and orange mass coming toward the 4 column points at the base of the 4 openings of the dome. Right toward the foundation. It was completely around me 360 degrees. It looked like a giant firestorm & a dust storm all at the same time. I saw what I thought were black crows but as they moved closer I saw they were demons. Michael motioned again. Breakthrough whistled and a beautiful angel put his sword down from the path canopy and came right over to me. He had to bend down to look me in the eyes. He stood 9ʼ tall to my 5ʼ2” frame. 

He said, “The Lord is requesting your presence, this is not your battle but His... Come!” He had absolutely one of the most beautiful and kind faces... other than Jesus of course... that I had ever seen! I melted in submission to the love and trust that his guardianship gave me. He took my hand and put my head toward his hip away from the visuals. This shielded my eyes from the horror I was about to see. He took me onto the path. Another coat of fresh snow dusted the path. There was 5” of crusty snow and 2” of fresh powder. e continued to guide me on this path. As we walked the ground shook but I

couldnʼt hear the battle. I heard the chirping of these birds -- still not sure of what they represent. There were 3 little fat fluffy white birds. I didnʼt like them much after I saw how they had pecked the other 4 now dead. When I looked at them, I had this sickening ominous feeling in my stomach like I would experience betrayal if I were to even get attracted to their cuteness. It was seduction and deception combined....YUK! The mother popped up onto the path. She was pregnant again. I didnʼt understand this. The angel, my guardian, moved me quickly to Breakthrough at the base of the ladder. The guardian stayed with me and guarded me. The other seven were there also as I climbed. I looked out over the horizon during my climb, I saw this epic battle beyond my ability to describe! I even saw dark horses, dark lords and evil of every kind! The Heavenly angels had swords that cut through and cut down the darkness. The good guys, Godʼs Army would prevail....darkness is out numbered by two thirds from my vantage point! Still it was difficult to watch. No human would venture into a battle like this!!  As I climbed my body felt like jello. I was witnessing this and I was growing weak in my capacity to bear witness to it! Just as I was nearing the Portal, the angel stopped me again!

The angel said: “Stop Erin, re-read Ezekiel, Haggai, and the three Psalms that hold clues...examine these. The Lord is wanting you to understand the current battle and the events that are leading to it. Pray He will Illuminate the script!! In the midst of the sorrow comes joy - Psalm 23 will Bless You! He has a gift for You!”

 Dog Barking Suddenly at nothing..... Up 3:00 am PST Friday 12.14.12 - Went to computer -- to Global incident Map of Earthquakes. California just had a large one. I then went to communion and prayer. Holy Spirit was prompting me to fast starting today. Wrote everything down!! Need to go back to the word again - praying for Illumination!! Lord Help us In this Coming Battle! Bless Us!!

Love and blessings........Sparrow

The Lord is the Shepherd of His People

Psalm 23 - A Psalm of David.

The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; He leads me beside the still waters.  He restores my soul; He leads me in the paths of righteousness For His name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You anoint my head with oil; My cup runs over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me All the days of my life; And I will dwell in the house of the Lord Forever.

PART 2 Dream continues...

The angel pulled me up through the portal. My heart was heavy and racing. I lay there breathing in fresh air -- the air of Heaven. The guardian had come through the portal with me along with Breakthrough. My guardian held me up as another angel gave me a drink of water from the River of Life. Another angel poured this gold liquid or jelly over my eyes so I could see with clarity. The guardian put the small linen cloth over my head and he brought me up from the ground turning me around at the same time.

There He was! Amazing! Stop-your-heart Amazing! He stood in front of His throne. His wings were fully spanned. He had His armor of gold still. His beautiful etched sword on His left side. His hair was white as snow - like silk. He wore this amazing crown of crowns. His skin was like the sun. He had a rich tan color to His face and with His white hair and sea green eyes, He was stunning!! His garment under the armor was white and red. In His right Hand He held a scepter. I had never really noticed this before. He smiled at me. His teeth were like His hair - white as snow and like pearls. He waved. I smiled and waved back. I began to drop to the ground and both the angels kept me up.

To my right was this mystery of the Nile river and these children, the layers of children, saints, and angels. I noticed that the angels had thinned out a bit. There were still millions here...so not really a dent in the Army of the Lord! As I looked at the children to the right bank of the Nile, I noticed they were in groups or tribes. I saw again the one group that was called “tooki” I somehow knew they were from Korea. There were others. I saw a group of Amish girls who waived. I saw a group of African boys and girls from an entire village in Rwanda. I saw many children grouped as well as some individual. I noticed the groups were either by, regions, time periods, events or wars, or complete genocide. There were beautiful lush greens around the Nile river and tall beautiful reeds of grass that shimmered with gold! The choir of children began to sing. “My Deliverer is Calling, my Deliverer is Standing by, My Deliverer is Coming, My Deliverer is Standing by....” Tears streamed down my face. These children were worshiping the Lord as their Father and Deliverer! He has so many children!

There were still two very large mounds of Palm Branches to my right and to my left. I saw on the other side of the Sea the River of Life. The trees perfectly shaped with all the different fruit. I saw the Lion and the Lamb laying together as well. This was a difficult thing to see and really comprehend. A small lamb with this Huge Regal Lion. On earth, this lamb would be a small morsel....just not use to seeing this. There were other animals together as well as domestic animals gathered together near the right side of the River of Life.

The song finished. I wiped my tears. Then everyone bowed down to Jesus and so did I! I heard the 3 shofars blow... tada...... tada........ tada... then one long ground rumbling blow! Then silence for 3 minutes. Then the angel announced:

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty. The King of Righteousness. The Fair and Just Judge, and the Creator of Eternity. Glory be to the Lamb of God! Holy is HE!” And the rest of Heaven said: “Glory be to the Lamb of God, Holy is He!”

The angels smiled and turned, “The Lord is upon the Bema Seat today!” As the greeter angel and now my guardian began to step on the Sapphire Sea, my robe immediately appeared. The Same Beautiful one that matched the Childrenʼs. As we not moved along this vast Sea, the processional music played again, it was glorious!” We approached the risers. At the risers my Guardian dropped to his knees. I then bowed before my King at the risers. I got a nudge fro my Guardian angel to my right. I looked up and Jesus had extended His scepter. I didnʼt know what it meant but, for the first time I was well aware of protocol. Jesus immediately knew I was worried, so He came to me reaching His hand out and chuckled. I was immediately relieved and I took a deep breath.

HIM: “So, why worry?”

me: “Everything seems so formal now, your crown, the scepter. Now I am remembering things from the Bible. You have me in the word now! To approach unannounced to the throne is death or something to that effect.”

HIM: He was laughing, “Oh, you are thinking about Esther. Havenʼt I shown you that am no ordinary King?” 

me: “Iʼm certainly no ordinary bride!”

HIM: He was laughing, “Come up here!” He sat me down next to His throne again below and to His left. “What do you think about all of this today?”

me: “I wish I were here, earth is getting worse!”

HIM: “Soon you will be! Do you have a question for me?” He must have known of course.

me: “Well yes, who are the ʻtookieʼ?”” Who are these others and why the Nile?”

HIM: “Remember, history originated here somewhat (He was pointing to the Nile), There have been many cultures, tribes or even countries that have sacrificed their children. Many have been thrown away. Remember who Fatherʼs the Orphans?”

me: “You do, I have seen this is Isaiah.”

HIM: “Yes, it is there and a few other places. What you are seeing are innocent children. Many never received justice, they are waiting on the day when I will come down and judge those who have wronged them and correct the wrongs!”

me: “Who are these?” (I was pointing to the tooki)

HIM: “You can research the name, I donʼt like to give reverence to such things here, but these children were rejected and treated worse than dogs!” He then lifted a veil temporarily so I could see. It upset me, I couldnʼt look.

me: “How can a 3 year old survive by themselves?”

HIM: “Watch.” He showed me an abandoned little girl and angels surrounding her. They fed her and sheltered her. She survived and grew up as an adult.”

me: “Lord what about these?”

HIM: “They are here on very joyful assignments. Have I not shown you these children as well as infants on the banks of the Nile for sometime now?”

me: “Yes, it just seems contrary to what I know of you!”

HIM: “Erin, death was not the original plan, only life abundantly, as it is here!” “Where are these children?”

me: “Safe and in Paradise

HIM: “Is this not where you long to be?”

me: “Yes, of course!”

He then stood up and said, “Are all of you glad to be here?” Just then a giant roar filled Heaven! There was cheering like nothing I had heard before! The kids were dancing and playing, they were all smiling, laughing and without pain!

me: I sat and wept. “Of course this is better, forgive me Lord, forgive me!”

HIM: “Erin these children have hearts that are righteous and pure!”

me: “Lord, please tell me about Your scepter.”

HIM: “Oh you noticed! What do you think it means?”

me: “Rulers carry them”

HIM: Chuckling, “This is true, but it is much more. Letʼs remember back to the sheep in Albania.” He took me back there with a wave of His hand. “What does this shepherd do? He takes his hook and staff and gently corrects the little sheep and brings them back into the fold - did the angel say to study Psalm 23?”

me: “Yes, but what does this mean as a scepter?”

HIM: “The scepter stands for righteousness. It symbolizes right and holy living. It is a standard of measure.”

me: “Iʼm unclear.”

HIM: “When I return, I will rule with righteousness, truth, justice and love.”

me: “Lord, but we are not saved by works but, by grace. Right?”

HIM: “Yes, of sorts, but think of this, you are my lights. You shine with my light correct?”

me: “Yes!”

HIM: “How can people see Me in you without a humble heart and righteous living?”

me: “They canʼt, I am not a Godly example sometimes!”

HIM: “Exactly, striving for right living, a humble heart, and acts of Love and service to others, allows others to see Me Visibly in you!”

me: “Oh, I fail at this!”

HIM: “Paul recognized this too, but understand that you strive for this so that you may show your light! The Very Lights of Heaven!” “Remember, where do My lights lead!” I then saw a dark path, as I walked small lights illuminated my path.

me: “They lead to you !”

HIM: “Yes, donʼt run from correction. I correct those I love! It is the greatest form of Love. It brings you closer to Me! Closer to hearing My voice....and closer like them!” He was pointing to the children...still celebrating!

me: I cried when I realized how I stopped striving as a Christian to be good. I became lazy with the concept of saved by grace! “Oh Lord, please forgive me, I didnʼt know!”

HIM: “It is a common misunderstanding of the original text... again a veil of confusion that the enemy has planted. You can die spiritually without righteous behavior! You can snuff out the Holy Spirit, My Voice in You! Remember, when you didnʼt strive for Holiness you did not Hear from Me clearly. You are royalty. You are the Bride of Christ! You are Mine! You come to me White as Snow! I love YOU!”

me: He looked at me and I saw my life again form the time I was a baby up to now. Some things as a Christian I wished I could erase! “Lord, what can I do?”

HIM: “Start today! There isnʼt much time!” He turned and showed me the banquet table. The menorahs were almost all lit. I then saw a dining cart with more place settings ready but not on the table.

me: “Lord what are those?”

HIM: “You can still be a light. You can point the way HOME! It is not too late!”

me: “But clearly You will come any day now!”

HIM: “Yes, but again what do I require of you? A lesson in Hebrews 12! Also, what is a good example of a faithful leader?”

me: “Someone who is a righteous judge, truthful, and loves us --Just like YOU!”

HIM: He reached over and hugged me! “I donʼt stand in condemnation that is the tool of the enemy a measure and weapon of judgement by him. I rule by the heart! I judge the Hearts of men! I can tell you that Heaven if for the Righteous, there can be no unrighteousness in the Kingdom of Heaven! Practice righteousness, strive to shine like a light! Let My Light Shine in You!”

me: “Itʼs the Festival of Lights right now!”

HIM: “Very good observation! Good job...come!”

He took me over the bridge that crossed the River of Life. I stood at the balustrade. I saw the angel with the plumb bob to my left. The heaven-lies or stars had so much activity in the sky. I looked over the balustrade and saw events all over the world, so many things and not just wars!

me: “When is this!”

HIM: “Now!”

me: “What do we do?”

HIM: “Shine like lights. Others will be attracted to this!”

me: “We havenʼt any time!”

HIM: Calmly...”Yes, we do. There are things that must occur first. Focus on Israel. This is still the center. The enemyʼs target but also MY Land! Just remember the order, it is not as it seems. Even in Romans concerning righteousness, things were taken out of context, away from the woven tapestry of the Divine Scripture!”

me: “Lord, why tell us so late?”

HIM: “It has been there the whole time...and many do know, Erin!” “The script has been and will continue to be as long as you seek me first. Remember, as long as you seek me, you will be found by me, as long as you seek me with your whole heart! What did I see in David? What the world did not see, the Heart of a King!! A man after my own Heart!” “Erin My Bride is Royalty! Study the Heart, study righteousness! Draw closer to me in everything. Put on your armor. You are in an Epic Battle! I love you! Heaven is about to Come Down!” 

He then reached over and gave me a kiss on the forehead. He sent me off with my Guardian. I turned and saw Him gather with the elders and review the events over the earth. He turned and pounded His heart twice and smiled, I turned and bowed to Him with my hand over my heart. He smiled.

At the portal I saw His white horse. WoW! It was beautiful in full war horse pageantry; Braided mane and tail and beautiful head dress. I reached over and kissed itʼs nose. It turned and kissed me back..I laughed!

The angel at the portal said: “Study the scepter. You have been given a great gift, an open door! This is a key right in scripture. Understand this concept it is part of the wellspring of life... the heart! He is not requiring your perfection but, obedience and holiness. Look at 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, Romans 6 - has much information. He spoke a lesson in Hebrews 12. Isaiah 61 has this and is it not also referenced in your special Psalm 45?? This also contains much information! Revelation 2 speaks of His scepter. There is so much more. The Holy Spirit will Ignite a new passion in You like never before! It is the Festival of Lights -- Let it shine! Let Christ Shine Through YOU!!” This is a gift!”

My Guardian took me through! HE said, “Erin, I have been with you since before your birth. Please follow these instructions, take the time.... there isnʼt much time left. This is a lamp for your feet and a light to your path!”

UP...........Dog barking at nothing....slept in 8:30 AM 

Communion, Prayer, the Revelation Song repeating in my head over and over!!

Everyone, I pray that this blesses you! This was a difficult dream to transcribe. It had some difficult subject matter. Perhaps the Lord knew how grieved my spirit was and He wanted to comfort me. I pray that no one is offended. The concept of His Scepter needs further study. This is a brand new element to me. I could use your help. If what I saw coming is in real time, then we donʼt have much time left to make an impact. There are still settings left in the dining cart next to the banquet table in my dream! Anyone with knowledge about these topics that the Lord has shown you please,

consider helping. Again, there are things that must have been translated from the original script and down that some how got transcribed incorrectly. Anyone with knowledge of Aramaic or Hebrew, this would be appreciated too. Help!! IF others have already had the scripture illuminated in these areas by the Lord, then please help us with your knowledge. Again, I am a dreamer, and now a writer because it is easier to write than to draw this. I am not a prophet, but these dreams do have some prophetic references. Please use discernment! Seek Christ first in Prayer, the Holy Spirit will Illuminate as it applies to The Bible, The Word of God!!

Love and Blessings......Sparrow

Dream XXXI – Last Call!

Sunday, December 16th 2012

 There was an epic wind storm here on Sunday, 12/16/12. Winds up to 65 mph pounded the desert valley we live in. At times the entire roof sounded like it was going to come off and every window rattled like it was about to implode. I kept hearing sounds as loud as a freight train which kept me, my children and our dog up most of the night. During the night for about two hours, the Lord granted me another dream. At 3:30 am I woke up to the sounds of construction debris hitting the house. Just as I went out to the living room the lights flickered and a pop sound came from my computer. My Mac computer’s power source was fried!  An enemy attack. He had nailed my laptop right after the dream series had begun and now my Mac with my entire design portfolio, family photos and all of my dream entries. I realize now how dependent I am on technology. I imagine so does the enemy. This was a key attack. God knew in advance and He pointed this out to me on a few occasions during my dreams.

So far Jesus has been 100% accurate with everything that I have been shown. During the course of these dreams He has always taken care of all of my needs and has never once let me stay down too long. When I have, He has sent in the right people at the right time to make everything work for His Glory. With this computer issue, He sent the miracle of a new computer and I didn’t even ask for it. I was praying for divine healing over the old one but, He lavished me, so I could continue on this amazing journey of loving Him more and sharing His love with everyone here. Time is so short now. Maybe this journey was an awesome love letter to leave behind. Maybe there will be a time soon when Bibles will need to be turned in for food. Maybe there will no longer be any access for those left. So maybe, just maybe testimonies, word of mouth, or stories will be the final light to lead some home. I personally believe that the access to the internet will be rare or so closely monitored that no one will dare speak of Jesus. Hard to say but, if there are any letters or anything that we might be able to leave behind as a road map to Heaven, then I say let’s do what we can.

While the storm raged, I dozed off momentarily, I heard Jesus say, “I am showing you great mysteries and I am revealing deeper things. Your knowledge and depth of the word will increase and you will share with each other like never before. Be strong, take courage, I am here with you but you must call on Me!!” I knew it was Him and it was a message for all of us. It was crystal clear and it kept repeating through out the night until I wrote it down on paper.

Dream begins...

 I stood at the dome. The outside was like an epic rage of movement. I saw fire like a giant explosion. I saw red liquid like lava being hurled at the dome. There were screeches as if the gates of Hades had been unleashed. The sound was deafening like a locomotive was running over the top of the dome. It pounded the dome in waves. The four pillar points of gates were being hammered! Angels of light from God’s Army were cutting through the darkness with swords, 

flaming arrows and other weapons that were like catapults but more massive. The howling of the demons and the wails were spine tingling. 

My Guardian Angel met me right where I was. He bent down, “Erin, this is an epic battle. The Lord requests your presence. This battle is the Lord’s. Be strong. Take Courage. Come”. He had the most calm face as if the Lord himself were right there speaking to me. As I approached the path, the entire dome was illuminated. I’m not sure how there could be tens of thousands of angels here, but there were. There was so much activity inside. I saw Michael giving commands and the angels shouting and cheering every time this catapult was launched. The angels fighting outside the dome had a type of wall erected around the perimeter of the dome. They had built a type of trench. Angels from Heaven were streaming down and filling the trench with what looked like golden oil. The angels would bring it down and ascend back-up for more. It was fascinating to watch. I noticed that the Heavenly angels were acting defensively rather than offensively. They were protecting the dome and the path. They were not aggressively going after this demonic army. I kept praying that Jesus would come down now and remove us so we could just let these things take over. My Guardian angel stayed with me and Breakthrough was waiting at the base of the ladder. Breakthrough and my Guardian surrounded me. There were angels lining the ladder.

The snow from yesterday formed a crusty pack of about 6”. The dome was not cold but not hot like the exterior of the dome. The temperature in the dome felt like about 60 degrees. The 3 small little grotesque birds still had their flag pieces in their mouths. One stood out in particular and I noticed a red and white flag. I didn’t see the pregnant mother this morning. 

Breakthrough whistled reminding me to hurry! As we climbed the ladder I saw the red & black dragons and the spider at the top of the dome. They were staring directly at me. My Guardian said, “Don’t look evil in the eyes!” I realized that when I looked my eyes locked into their stare. They could see weakness in me and they became stronger by my fear. I could tell that if they had a chance they would take the opportunity to kill me immediately. Breakthrough whistled at me as Michael yelled a shout. Michael must have sensed that my fear was causing a breech right near the portal. 

Thousands of angels swarmed the area. Swords were penetrating out of the dome. The light was so bright I could no longer see the evil outside waiting to devour me. My Guardian leaned over and said, “He is looking forward to seeing you today, stay focused on your destination.”  He pointed to the top of the portal and motioned for me to continue. My Guardian and Breakthrough came through the portal with me today. The greeter angel gave me a drink from the chalice, another poured the gold liquid over my eyes and my Guardian put the beautiful linen cloth over my head. I could breath finally after coming through that dense air of the dome!

I turned to look for Him! There He was! The most amazing and glorious sight! This amazing King! My King! His wings were pearlescent but like fur in texture. The wings were white like His hair and spanned beyond the length of the platform area. 

His crown with those seven spire crowns caught the light of His Presence. He smiled and my heart stopped. He was smiling at me! His skin and His face shone like the sun! His armor was brilliant Gold. His sword girded His side and this long iron (or like iron but with illumination) scepter of righteousness was in His right hand. If I hadn’t had that golden substance over my eyes, I wouldn’t have been able to see and behold the details of His beauty. From this long distance I could see the depth of His eyes. His eyes had anticipation and the longing like an actual groom on His wedding day! He seemed to long for me! How is this possible? As I stood looking at Him I realized that there is not one created being on earth, or in Heaven, not even the stars nor the sun, that could even hold up to one ounce of His Majesty and Radiance. His love for someone like me is beyond words. He knows the depths of me. He knows my inner most being. He knows all things. He knit me in My Mother’s womb and He chose me!!

 I buckled as my body, my obedient cellular structure dropped! I lay there again in tears kissing these golden cobblestones of the perimeter streets around the sea. There was a great rumbling as the ground shook with everybody dropping to bow before Him, Then silence for 10 seconds. I heard  a group of children on the Nile begin to sing “My Deliverer is Coming”, Then another group of children began, “My Deliverer is Coming,” and then another one began…and it continued. I could hear the difference between the young voices that were new to Heaven and the children that have waited for a few thousand years. When these older children sang, they had the knowledge of so many things – the mysteries of the ages, yet they still sang with innocence. When the young children sang, they sounded sweet and so grateful to be in the King’s presence – probably more like me. This song became so layered that I never thought a song could be like this. When the song finished there was silence for 10 seconds.

My Guardian brought me up to my feet. He actually seemed proud of me. I thought to myself other than Jesus, this angel knew absolutely everything about me. He had been there from the beginning. He was also a very strong warrior. He had to be guarding me. The fights he must have fought on my behalf….amazing! He could tell I was studying him and he quickly turned my attentions away, as he was not comfortable with me focusing on him. I turned back around to my right and there were now 5 Angels with Shofars. The angel in the center had a very large shofar. Then at once I heard…. Tada….. tada….. tada and one long blow! The sounds of these Heavenly trumpets reached out to the perimeter mountains, then the sound came back and echoed through my veins for the entire 3 minutes of silence.

The angels of the Lord announced, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty! Behold the Lamb of God. He is above all the Universe in Honor and Glory. He reigns in Justice, Righteousness and Love! Holy is He!  Then the beautiful Divine Processional Music began—Bittersweet Symphony & Cannon D. I stood at the edge of this vast glass sea. He had been sitting on His throne but when the music commenced He stood for me!! I saw these 4 creatures behind and up where His emerald light reflects. These creatures began to move off to the sides and away from the area…as to not draw attention to themselves. The thing that I realize with these Heavenly Beings is, they act in Humility and reverence to Jesus, not because He requires it (like an abusive King) but because He is so Holy that everything submits to His Divine Presence and Glory!

 I moved along this Sea and my dressed changed into the beautiful white robe with the 12 bracelets on my arms. Once again, I felt this jeweled drop over my forehead with my braided hair. When we arrived at the risers, my Guardian dropped down, bowing to Jesus at the lower riser. Jesus then stepped down and extended His scepter. I chuckled and He smiled and reached out to take my left hand. He brought me up next to His throne.

HIM: “What do you think?”

me: “There are no words! Everything here is significant. Everything here has depth!’

HIM: “Yes, there is nothing shallow here!”

Me: “Every single element here is a parable. Everything has life and breathes. Everything has purpose!”

HIM: “Yes, everything has purpose under Heaven and in Heaven!” He smiled.

Me; “No Lord, I mean everything from the cup I drink out of to the Dreidel on the scales of Justice, to the roses. There is so much to take in so much to discover!”

HIM: “Did you not think, that this was Paradise?” He smiled and chuckled

Me: “I guess my idea of paradise was limited by my scope of understanding. Here….this is beyond words. Now when I read my Bible, it comes alive for me like never before! It’s a Miracle.

HIM: “This is why I don’t grant you all of the answers with my lips, or you would only understand with your ears. When I tell you go seek this – does this not also become a passion?” “Do you not also then pursue it?”

Me: Finally I had a huge light bulb moment. “Oh yes!’

HIM: “When you desire me with your heart and pursue me, I will unfold layers upon layers of meaning in everyday things. The deeper you desire the mysteries of me, the greater your reward will be! Have I not presented an open door?”

Me: “Yes – this is wisdom”

HIM: “Remember also that darkness on earth operates in the same manner. It too is in parable. This is also written. There are signs everywhere that the ruler of darkness is increasing his strategy and is expanding his tents!”

Me: “It is getting worse!”

HIM: “These are also signs of my soon return. Evil increases. Remember that everything you see happening on earth is the exact opposite of here – Paradise.” Then He opened up a veil with His arm very briefly. I saw orders of darkness, an army with different ranks. I saw different ranks of darkness controlling regions, cities, and homes. I saw them controlling media, communication lines, food sources, water, pharmacies, schools, even churches…and especially churches. They were highly organized. Highly evil!

Me: “Lord, I guess I always knew this because it is written about powers, principalities in Romans and Ephesians.”

HIM: “Yes, but again, these scriptures have also been veiled by the enemy to lessen the exposure of the unseen realm. Even some of my elect have fallen under this dark veil at times.”

Me: “Lord, I have fallen under this trap or veil!”

HIM: “Yes, but now more than anytime in History, I am requiring this of you; you must go beyond your limited understanding and seek me like never before. There isn’t much time!”

Me: He showed me areas in the world where there are so few lights that the ocean is as void as the land of light. I was being shown the earth’s view at night. Whole grid areas were black except for tiny twinkling lights. “Lord, these lights are alone in the dark!”

HIM: “No”, He then showed me whole wars in the Heavenlies over one small light in a village in Western Africa. A closer view with a zoom and I saw a small dwelling with an African family all praying. I saw a small Bible stored away in a hole and the family reading it. Around them I saw a witch doctor just 3 dwellings down cursing them and plotting their death. I literally saw a war against light and dark!

Me:  “Lord, this upsets me – go down there and wipe this evil out right now please….in the Name of Jesus!

HIM: He smiled and reached over to hug me. “It’s hard for you to understand my ways, I realize, but remember I wait on My Father’s commands. I am coming soon! Everything is almost in Place!”

Me: “After seeing what You have just showed me how can I go back there and make a difference?”

HIM: “Because all of my lights that were appointed for this time have a Divine Purpose! Just as evil has its earthly soldiers that spread darkness like a plague, so too, do I have Heavenly Warriors that spread light into the world!” “Did I not show you in the beginning of these visits with me how important your prayers are?” Just then He showed me simple prayers by even small children and especially small children actually forming swords of light that cut down the darkness creating portals in which Heavenly Angels could swarm down form Heaven to Help!

Me: “Oh just like in the dome!”

HIM: “Yes” He nodded approvingly.

Me: “Lord, it looks like evil is winning down there!”

HIM:  “Yes, it appears so but this is an illusion, a temporary cloak or strategy of the enemy for my children to believe that I have turned my back on what is happening  --thus causing a loss of Hope!” “Remember, that these evil entities at one time were part of God’s Armies. They were high ranking heavenly angels. They were highly skilled in the arts of war and wise in their understanding of the order of Creation. They are now against Heaven and anything Holy! They are the opposite of all things good because they have fallen.”

Me: “When I see the size of these and the increase in violence and chaos….it is scary!”

HIM: “Yes, this too is written in Daniel and Revelation. Upon reading through the prophecies

 now, Heavenly illumination will occur, your understanding will triple! This will bring you peace knowing that I will too be coming very soon!” He then showed me the banquet table. I saw angels adding a few more settings to the table. “This is part of why evil seems to be winning --- as these dark events unfold, the last few shouts are given…calls to the lost. A last shout to those that still have a chance to come Home! Some will drop to their knees and proclaim that I am their Lord and Savior and some will turn to the darkness. It is the last call! The last of those I take now! The dross is rising to the top!”

Me: “So is this why the events are getting more gruesome?”

HIM: “Yes, I know this seems difficult and unfair but remember my ways are not yours. I protect the ones that are mine and not one will be lost ---not one!! Do not worry! Continue to pray. Focus on Me and My devotion to you! My Divine Love for My Bride!! I do not tarry but, come at the appointed time!! Remember!”

 He then walked me down to my Guardian angel. He kissed me on my hands, gave me a hug and said, “Erin, Be strong, take Courage, I am coming soon My Love!!”

ME: I reached over and hugged Him. I didn’t want to go back there, but I did want to rescue my kids and friends. “I love you!!’

HIM: He pounded His chest over His heart twice, “I love you too!”

ME; I bowed with my hand over my heart. He chuckled and went off to the balustrade with the 24 elders and some angels.

My Guardian fixed the linen cloth over my head at the portal as the White Horse nudged me. I bent over to kiss the horse and almost lost my covering. My Guardian kept it from falling.

 He said to me, “Erin, there is much to study. Now it is time to go to the Book of Revelation. There is an open door walk through this. Look in the prophecies of the lesser – Amos has a key to this door. Look again at Haggai, remember the order. Zechariah has a mystery to unveil. Then go to Daniel and Ezekiel. There is little time. Upon your understanding He will increase your wisdom past those of scholars. Just seek Him and He will Be found by You! There are lessons in standing against fear. Did you read Psalm 23, did you remember, Psalm 45? Take another glance at 83 now…a key!! You are loved by the King there is a door open!!”

 Alarm 4:15 am……..rough night!!

Communion this morning and my prayer:

 Lord, I feel very powerless to what is going on around me, but I feel strong in knowing that You are with us and there isn’t much time left. Lord, please have grace over me and my household. I am still a sinner but aspire for Holiness. I aspire for Righteousness! I want so much to do Your will Father, there is none like you! You have taken this once self-sufficient person and You have granted me humility. You have given me honor as a King in these last months. You have gifted me and granted me the hands of a skillful writer – something divinely appointed not earthly made. You have granted me perfect peace during my afflictions. Your rod and your staff have comforted me as I learn through your corrections that this comes from the great love you have for me and the desire that I lack no good thing! You have given me the greatest gift of all, The Honor of Your Presence! Bless all of my brothers and sisters in Christ as we put on our armor daily and become Your Warriors in this Epic Battle!! 



Dream XXXII - He is Coming!

Dream XXXII - He is Coming!

December 20, 2012...

Prior to falling asleep this evening I agonized about what I had seen in the last dream. I kept thinking about the police officers that were standing outside my daughter’s elementary school this morning. This really bothered me. I found myself talking to the Lord:  “Please come for us now before it gets any worse, don’t allow darkness to overtake us. I don’t want to be here for this.” I prayed right from my pillow and I asked for answers directly. Eventually, I fell asleep.

Dream begins...

His hand pulled me through the portal today. I was on the ladder but I hadn’t seen the battle conditions today. He saw that I was surprised. He had a big smile and gave me a hug.

HIM: “I’m glad you came to me with these questions! I take it you are ready for answers?”

Me:  “Yes, please I need help!”

HIM:  “Come, let’s see what I can show you.” He walked me over to the balustrade.  As I looked over I saw the first and second Heavens from the moon’s vantage point. There was earth in 3D. 

The angel stood to my left with the plumb line. I saw the plumb line rotating counterclockwise. I saw the order of the events the media has focused on. Egypt, was the starting point. I saw the ancients. I saw the deep history of the area.  I saw several fallen angels fall to this point. They erected shrines to themselves, they taught the natives of the land the deeper secrets of Heaven. One had deep knowledge of the stars. I saw him mapping these stars with lines and registering these as markers. I saw him marking a peculiar event.

Me: “Lord he is marking the time of your birth – but now. I don’t understand. Why am I being shown this?”

HIM: “So you understand the root of these fallen. They had wonderful talent. They had skills far more advanced than the culture in the land could comprehend. They became self-edifying erecting monuments to themselves therefore mocking God.” “My  Father created them and He was grieved by their arrogance. When my Father would no longer tolerate them, He confined some to the pit and the others to roam to and fro throughout the land.”

Me: “They have changed, they are no longer beautiful!”

HIM: “Yes, you saw them in the beginning just now and then when My Father was no longer going to put up with them, they became the darkest of entities. No longer from Heaven but of the way of the earth.”

Then He waved at the angel and the angel switched the direction of the plumb line. The line was moving across the equator and to the west. I saw more temples. The Mayan, the Aztec and two more temples were closely situated on or near the equator.

Me: “Lord, help me to understand.”

HIM: “These were the areas they chose to claim”

Me: “So all of these pyramid-like structures were created by the Fallen?”

HIM: “Yes, to further provoke my Father, they sacrificed innocents, preformed blood rituals, displayed perversion of every kind and they cursed the land.  Further they cursed my Father!”

I then saw lines drawn upon a grid pattern across the earth. These grids formed territories. These territories were divided amongst them and they remain the rulers over these areas today.

ME: “Why is this important now?”

He then showed me this complex type of calendar – and angel with a scroll stood there I saw a different date from the 21st of December. The date was closer to Christmas. Then He opened the veil so I could see. From all of these points evil of every kind began to unleash punishment over the land. I saw these fallen commanding earthly armies to invade North America. “Lord is this real time?”

HIM: “Yes remember the 3 day rule I taught you in the dome?”

ME: “Yes, but we need to be out of here. We can’t be here for this. Remember when You told me that you would not allow your bride to be bruised and battered at the wedding. Correct?”

HIM: “Yes this is what I said but it doesn’t mean you will be immune to the suffering of others.”

He showed me missiles being launched in the night hours. These missiles were being launched on a day we would be off-guard. I saw all of the perimeter cities of the North American continent being destroyed. I saw communication knocked out and whole power grids being obliterated. I saw darkness and cold. I saw mourning and wailing like nothing before. I saw invading armies warring with the remnant of the armed forces inland. I saw swarms of people like locusts fleeing to the center of the country. I saw citizens of other countries in our own cities turning away people at gas stations and grocery stores.  I saw most of the food being contaminated. It happened so quickly. It came like a flood, like a thief, millions were gone. People were cursing God!

Me: “Lord, are you coming on a different kind of cloud?” “Are we part of the missing millions or so?” Please Father?” “This is a very difficult thing to see.” “Am I dreaming wrong?”

HIM: “I will come on the clouds” But, do you not see that this date was a marker? This was a time that a certain permission had been granted to the rulers of this earth. This was the beginning of a new time for the earth.” “This was foretold and is written”. “The signs are also in the stars.” 

Because of my lack of knowledge, I didn’t understand what I was seeing. I just saw the bright star. I also saw a satellite controlling the programming around the world of the event….it was manipulating the truth about what was really happening.

ME: “But I thought that everything was based on Israel?” “I thought it was all based on WWIII”?

HIM: “Yes, it is! You are correct!”

Me: “Lord, this is right now, December 21st is right now!”

HIM: “Take heart, take courage. Did you not think that this was coming? Did you not think that you would be in need of a Divine rescue?”

Me: “Yes, but I don’t want to experience this horror. I want my children home when this happens.”

HIM: “Remember, much of what I am showing you is hidden. The executors of this war sit in the city with tall building.”

ME: “But the invaders are not from this area.”

HIM: “No, they are from the East and North”.

Me: “Why are we hated so much?”

HIM: “Because of me originally, then it became a matter of vanity but really the reasons are much deeper and more significant”.

Me: “So what can I do?” “What good can come from me seeing something like this?”

HIM: “I have sent others around the globe the same vision. The warning is coming from many Heavenly sources. I am appearing in areas all over the world right now. I am calling a shout out to all those that had thought about me but, never made the final heart commitment to Me!”

Me: “Father, You are standing right here, I am safe with You, but if You send me back down there how will I endure this. This is frightening!!”

HIM: “Erin, Behold I am coming on the clouds. I will rescue you. You will come to me when you hear the call –Remember the Shofars? You will hear this and you will be elated. It will happen so quickly. There will be no time to react!!” “The enemy knows this day is approaching, this is why you are under attack. So many are under attack right now.”

ME: “Lord, this is the first time You have ever given me something so graphic. Do I know the date based on what I am seeing?

HIM: “No, you are not being given a date. Let me make this very clear. These events will occur. It is not for you to know when, nor is it my business to know the exact day and time. Again, only my Father in Heaven knows this. However, you can tell that the season is near based on Israel, the Prophecies in the Bible, and the signs of this age. It is a rebellious age!”

I dropped to my knees at His feet. I began to weep and beg. I could not ever erase what I know is coming. HE bent down and grabbed my hands bringing me up to HIM.

HIM: “Child, I have seen all the pain, all the tears, the bloodshed and the destruction. I am not a passive Father, I do not sit here idly and turn away when I see what is happening. I tell you the truth I am about to avenge the blood of the innocent and descend from Heaven to rescue those whose hearts are pure….those who seek me will be found by me!” “Am I not a Warrior, that I would save those that I am assigned to protect!” “Where you not assigned to ME and reside under my Wings?”

“Today marks a day that the spirits of this world are being given access to fulfill a portion of the prophecies. Remember I am coming as a thief in the night to rescue the broken hearted. Have I not told you to ready your houses?”

“Ready means to not entertain the enemy and allow the enemy to kill or destroy my temple, your bodies. A willing vessel is one whom is ready to receive the outpouring of the Holy Spirit  -- Also a drink from the River of Life! When I offer this chalice, drink deeply for this cup is never empty. When you take in this portion, remember that to do so comes at a cost, the cost of correction from my scepter. The correction provides a fence in which the wolves are not able to enter in to devour you. Accepting correction is the portion that leads to humility. Humility leads to greater gifts of understanding and wisdom from the Holy Spirit.”

“Accepting this drink of correction from the chalice means that you have been called to a higher order, a higher place. Do not turn from correction, but in Humility seek me for understanding. This leads to repentance, which then opens the door in which I can be heard by you!”

Have I not also reminded you to forgive others as you too have been excused by me for your transgressions? Why then would you refuse others this gift of forgiveness? Have I not asked that you come to me as a child? Erin, I am on the other side of this door. This is an open invitation to walk through!”

“Lay down your burdens today. Lay them down at the foot of the cross. Release them unto me for my shoulders can bear the weight. Ask if there is anything contrite in you or unholy. Anything that you might like to bring to me, I will gladly take it upon my shoulders! This will break the spirit of Pride, which is a wall that further hinders you from hearing from me.”

“There is an epic battle raging. You know this to be true from the signs of the age, the evil in this season and the things that I have shown you. Do not be like the virgins, caught unprepared! Ask for the oil of joy! This oil also lights your lanterns! This is free oil and burns a bright light!”

“The festival of lights has not ended; it is still ongoing until my return. Do not let the oil run out! Don’t let the Joy leave you! Do not leave your post and chase after the things of this world so soon before my return for my bride!”

“Remember, Put on your full armor! “ Review this. When fear creeps in note that fear is not birthed from Heaven but of the world! Don’t allow fear to keep you from coming directly to me! I will answer while I will be found by you!” “I love you and I will come down, moving and shaking both the Heavens and the Earth on that great and terrible day!”

He reached over and hugged me. He put a rose in my right ear. It began to sing, “My Deliverer is Coming, My Deliverer is Standing By!” I wept.

HE began to walk me back to the portal. At the top of the portal, He reached over and gave His horse some oats. HE turned to me and said, “Even my horse is in full dress awaiting my soon descent into the Valley of Decision. My sword is girded on my side. My scepter of righteousness is in my right hand. I am about to come and judge the Hearts of Man!! LOVE is Coming Down!!” He kissed me on the forehead and He said, “In all things, Love, is it not my greatest Commandment?”

“Remember, I am about to do something in your days that you would not even believe even if you were told!”

He placed the little cloth over my head and kissed my forehead. “You are Fair!”

He smiled and said, “It is still raining!”

“Remember to review all that your guardian angel gave you. He speaks on my behalf. Study this for greater illumination to your questions of time. There are keys here, take comfort in knowing that I will not leave you nor forsake you  I will not let one of you be lost! Remember to pray for your sister Israel! You are in an epic battle!”

Alarm………………..5:15 am.

Please use discernment when reading these. There is an ongoing message that is prophetic in nature! There are no dates given that are not common to the season.

Love and Blessings…………………….Sparrow!

Dream XXXIII - Home

December 21, 2012 This is my prayer today:

Lord, I love you so much. I have become very little so, You could become so much more than me. Lord, let everything that I write be a direct voice from you! You are my King, My Love and My Joy! You are my portion forever and ever. I thank you and I am so grateful for Your Divine love. You are the fulfiller of dreams, You are the Love of my Life, anything else is shifting sand!

The Dream Begins…

The dome today is a giant illumination of light. Ranks and orders of angels are defending it. Around it there is a perimeter circle or band of Golden oil in the trench that the angels had created. The angels were throwing buckets of oil out at the demonic wall heading for the dome. There was also a perimeter wall now built. This wall was a thick, non-penetrate able force that made it so not one lower demonic soldier could prevail against it. The higher ranked evil forces could go over it but they were then dowsed with this gold liquid oil that burned them to ashes. The highest order of darkness had protective armor that allowed them to move to the top of the dome. 

There Michael and his angels were waiting! I saw them move at these entities with such strength and force that no darkness would enter the dome. I saw overhead the red and black dragons circling the dome from the air. They were waiting for an opportunity to drop onto the dome and crush it. The black spider was on the shoulder of the black dragon.

Michael gave a mighty battle cry or shout and the entire force of God’s Army shouted to Heaven. Then the darkness parted in the sky. I saw blue skies and a stream of light. There was complete silence! Not one demon, not one angel gave a sound. Then I heard thundering! Breakthrough whistled, my guardian came up to me, because of his height he had to bend down. “Erin, the King requests your presence. You are witnessing the power of Heaven, the power of the Lord. Come with me!” 

The path had a fresh dusting of new snow, but as I walked through it the frozen sound was gone. It was 7” of fresh white powder! I saw the pregnant robin. She was shaking, her arrogance was gone – fear had replaced this! I saw the 3 little white birds rolling around on the ground trying to get my sympathy so I could take them up to the Father. They were treacherous. Their ribbons were spilled out on the ground. I saw a mix of ribbons; red and white, red, green, white and yellow, black and red. I couldn’t make out if they were together or in separate strips. The birds laid them on the snow as an offering to me. I realized that they had sold each other out to gain mercy. My guardian said, “Don’t be concerned with them, and don’t be deceived either. They too know they are out of time. They will stop at nothing now to beg forgiveness – they are hopeless and beyond repair!” “Come!” (I still was confused)

Breakthrough greeted me with a hug! He said without speaking, “I am glad that you prayed to our Lord for me to assist you. He granted me the honor of making sure you have breakthrough and access to His throne! I am so very glad that you came every day, so I could bring you Home to the Father!”

I said to him, “Thank you for keeping me focused on Him and the Portal!”

He said, “I am in His service always!”

I cried because I felt this was the last time I would be brought up this way. I cried. My guardian said, “Erin, do not cry. I am still assigned to you until He brings you home – as well as many others” He then pointed to several along the path, they all waved at me! I was overwhelmed and had so much comfort!

As I climbed the ladder, I cried... I looked out and the dragons, spider, and the other demonic entities gathered at the gates of a certain mountain, in the North. It was their portal area. I saw another Mountain – this was the Lord’s – I saw in 360 degrees the dark clouds over this area had retreated to this certain mountain where the dark forces gathered. 

We were in a valley. There were springs. There had just been a fresh rain, an outpouring. The light from Heaven parting through the clouds had created a rainbow, as the light streamed through the rain. 

It was breathtaking. It was the autumn rains!

The angels in the dome were celebrating. Michael stood next to his horse. He was on bended knee. The Lord was coming down.

I felt a hand pull me through at the top. I stood motionless. All of Heaven had gathered many had palm branches in their hands! The layers of saints from young to about 30 years of age lined the sides of the rivers. The streets of gold were lined with people; there was so much joy and celebration!

He sat on His throne. I saw Him in a Royal Robe of white. He had a purple sash. He had a type of cape that appeared to be blue velvet. He wore His crowns and He held His scepter in His Right Hand. He had an Emerald dome of light like a Halo around Him. His face was so radiant I was squinting. The angel next to me poured this golden substance over my eyes. My guardian put a new linen cloth with embroidery over my head. My Hair was long and braided with jewels. My hands had these delicate pearl rings with gold chains that draped over the tops of my hands. I was wearing this beautiful linen gown that illuminated with white light. I wore these beautiful bracelets that represented each of the 12 tribes. My feet were beautiful and these amazing sandals with ribbons were woven around my ankles up to my knees.

The Platform was larger now and the columns formed a temple. I saw the 24 elders and their thrones. I saw these unusual gentle spirits that were like angels and animals combined – they were humble and shy.

HE waved at me and my heart leap! I began to cry… I was overcome with His beauty and majesty. Then all of Heaven sang. “My Deliverer is Coming, my Deliverer is Standing by!” There was such joy. I saw an angel wave. Then there was silence. Jesus stood from His throne and everyone dropped to the ground – me included! There was silence and then 7 shofars sounded –7, it was sooo loud the ground shook. My heart melted. My body quaked! Tada…… tada……. tada…… and then one long blow. Then silence for exactly 3 minutes. The angel announced: “Holy, Holy, Holy is our Lord God Almighty! Holy is the Lamb of God, who sits on the throne in Majesty, who judges the hearts of men. Holy is HE!” Then the people proclaimed, “Holy is the Lamb of God, Holy is HE!”

The angel said, “Erin, He is on the Bema Seat today.”

Then the processional began. My angel brought me up. He stood there now in full armor again with His wings spread. I saw the linen gown just under His Armor. I was amazed that He had changed clothing so quickly. His sword appeared on His left side. His crowns were there also. He stood before me and locked His gaze on mine as if He were anticipating the wedding ceremony!

When my feet stepped onto the sea, my body moved toward Him. My guardian dropped at the base of the risers again. Jesus extended His scepter but this time I reached out to grab the top of it and He brought me up to Him. He grabbed both of my hands and asked, “What do you think today?”

Me: “Lord, It is breathtaking!” I turned to glance over at the banquet tables and I saw the angels placing a few more setting from the cart. The flowers are beautiful. The main course had not come out but there were plates of bread, fruit and cheese. There were also some cakes. So much to take in! I joked and said, “What’s for dinner? How could the main course be any more wonderful than what I see! Do you know how many will come hungry?”

HIM: He began to laugh and He had such a warm glow. “Do you realize what you just said?”

Me: “About what’s on the menu?”

HIM: Laughing, “No, Do I know how many will come hungry? All will come hungry and will celebrate the fact that they shall never be hungry again!” I cried, realizing that no one will ever be hungry. We will be full! “Remember too that your cups will never be empty!”

Me:  “Oh how glorious this day will be! How marvelous this will be! I cried as I said it because I thought of all the people around the world that not only had physical hunger and thirst but who also lack spiritual nutrients!

HIM: He read my thoughts, “This will be the greatest feast in all of history!”

Me: I was crying, “Lord, I won’t be here again until I am Home! I know it now in my heart!”

HIM: “Erin, the story is not finished there is no end! Please be encouraged this is just the beginning of the rest of your life not the end! I have shared these things with you so that you come to me with the right heart! You come to me out of the passion of knowing me and my business, despite the outcome and despite what others say! You then go back and share this knowledge so that others may experience more of me; so that they too will share with you about me and enrich your life too!”

Me: “Lord, I want so much to have the right heart (I can barely speak because I am blubbering at this point)”

HIM: He reaches out with a cloth and grabs a small linen towel and He wipes my tears away. A small angel comes to collect some tears and then goes to record them. “Now, don’t you want to see what you will be seeing up here?” He turned me around, and I saw cross sections of several places in Heaven all simultaneously – like at an electronics store. I just wept. I saw me in a perfected body jumping off the top of a waterfall and all the way down into the water. I was laughing and playing with my grown children. On the other, I was hand gliding across a valley; my arms almost seemed to have wings. It was technologically very advanced or I did have actual wings to fly. There was another where I was riding horse back – I rode fast like I was on a race horse. In yet another, I was a dancer again, a ballerina and an amazing one. I was teaching ballet. In another I was designing Homes, new mansions with items that were Divinely inspired and made with such skill. And in the last, I worshipped and walked with my Lord and I had so many friends. All of us were a having such joy and fellowship together. It was so amazing! I sat there with the biggest smile!

HIM: “There is so much more. You will have things to do here in Heaven. Ways to serve and bless others and you too will be blessed by others as you serve each other. You will live life abundantly!”

Me: “Oh, Father, How blessed am I and so thankful that I am here with my children! Thank you I will be forever grateful!!”

HIM: “It is my pleasure to be able to freely give to you. You have allowed me the pleasure of your company. You have put me first before anything else the last 32 dreams. Two years before that every night you asked for me!” He then waved His hand. I didn’t remember… I saw myself on my knees begging for Him to show Himself to me. I cried as I saw this because I remembered what a dark and lonely time it had been. I felt He had abandoned me. I felt like a failure. I was about to lose my children because I had no money to fight.

ME: “This is hard to see. I am leveled in this apartment; I don’t even have an appetite!”

HIM: “But, I heard your cries! I remembered you! I decided to give you the desires of your heart!”

Me: “How blessed am I Lord!”

HIM: “You haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of what I have waiting for those whose hearts are seeking me! There is so, so much!” Just then I saw special gifts, a place of honor instead of shame. Recompense for all that we endured for the Kingdom of Heaven! “Do you like what waits for you?”

Me: “Can I just start now and stay here?”

HIM: “You have a few more things that I ask of you. Are you prepared? Is your house ready?”

ME; “I suppose so!”

HIM: “I need you to keep watch and stay faithful, no matter what, it will be difficult at times but stay humble and show love right up until I come. This way when you are gone all of you will be considered like Elijah who never saw death. People will quickly search for answers. They will scan your records. They will look for clues as if it were a crime scene. Many will blame me and be angry. To the places that will have satellite service, they will go up and proclaim that I was an alien. There will be outrageous claims about the disappearances.  Many will mourn because they knew of me but were deceived. These people will be on their knees because my voice is no longer heard. The one calling in the desert has gone. After a while, I will reveal myself and take my position inIsrael”

Me: “This is so scary; I was still thinking all of this was a while off!”

HIM: “Did modern day prophets not say, “Woe the trials of 2012, woe to 2012?” “Well, how many days are still left?”

ME: “There are 10 days, Lord!”

HIM: “Correct. Be strong, take courage. Call on Me and I will answer. Not just one or two but whoever calls I will answer!”

Me: “How will others know it is You?”

HIM: “By My voice. It will bring peace to your bodies immediately, whereas the enemy will draft fear because he grows stronger when you are afraid, remember? He then took me to the balustrade; I saw several points around the globe. I saw the ring of fire. I saw the grid points of the fallen. I saw the mighty dome over Israel. I saw wars in the US and Canada. I saw earthquakes. I saw fire balls from Heaven. There were wars and riots breaking out as lawlessness swept through the earth from fear! I was tempted to stand and watch but I knew this wasn’t the right thing to do. I needed to keep my focus on My Father and my destination!”

Me: I turned and hugged Him! “I am so glad that you will come soon!” “I am honored to be in your presence and I long for you and home!” “Please don’t delay!”

HIM: He turned. “Erin, I have so much for you. All will be okay.”

He walked me over to my Guardian. I turned and said, “Why did you change clothes?”

HIM: Laughing, “I am about to come down to the valley of decision, I will be riding on the clouds, am I not a Warrior King? I am coming for my Bride. I will avenge the innocent blood of many! “He pulled His robe out from under His armor briefly, there was blood on it. I wear My robe stained with innocent blood!” He smiled – “It won’t be what they are expecting, they should have fear, darkness is gathered at its gates, they are terrified by me!!” He smiled again, “Erin, this is a good thing!” He waved and pounded His heart twice over His chest. I bowed down and looked up with my eyes and giggled. He laughed a wonderful laugh!! He went to the Balustrade where the elders and angels had gathered to look at all of the coming events.

My Guardian said, “I am with You at the Father’s request. There are seven others over your household. Please do not be afraid. I will make sure you are unharmed. Please go to Psalm 23, Psalm 34, and Psalm 103. When you pray, all of us are strengthened and our weapons become stronger. There is still time. You can review scripture and have banter but understand that you should spend time in Love, doing good until the day of His return!! He is With You and You are favored!! Do not be afraid! This is a good time to dive into Joshua for an illustration. Esther and Haggai still hold clues. Amos has a key. The door is open for you in Revelation. –Remember in all things love!! He is coming soon!!”

Dog barking ……8:45 am – Saturday December 22, 2012.

Communion. Prayer. I am stunned. I cried on and off all day!!

Please be blessed!!

Love and Blessings……….sparrow


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